30 Stunning Kitchen Splashback Ideas | Chic & Sleek

A stunning kitchen backsplash is enough for a budget kitchen facelift. It can transform your cooking zone and gives a jaw-dropping finishing touch. 

The irony is homeowners don’t give enough importance to their kitchen splashback. That’s why most people end up with average backsplash ideas even though they want to try something new.

But not anymore!

We’ve got incredible kitchen splashback ideas that are stunning, practical, and will surely inspire you.

So, hold on tight and keep on reading.

30 Best Kitchen Splashback Ideas For Stunning Transformation

When it comes to decor, literally, the sky is the limit. There are so many ideas that you can try. Whether you want to add colours or blend them, the right backsplash can do it all.


To guide you thoroughly, we have divided this article into several sections. So you won’t run out of inspiration.

From resin to vinyl images, there are a few ideas that are considered classic and timeless. Below are the 5 hottest backsplash trends of the decade.

1. Keep It Small And Basic

This idea is perfect for a narrow kitchen. You can choose the material of your choice.


All you need to do is either pick small prints or tiny white acrylic tiles to give an illusion of wide space.

2. A Bold Contrast

Try something new by opting for mix-matching the worktop and splashback.


From patterns to dark shades, there are countless possibilities that you can try.

3. A Touch Of Luxury

Create a contemporary look by opting for a marble backsplash.


It will give a royal touch to your cooking zone. A cherry on top is that you can clean it quickly using a paper towel.

4. Embrace Bare Brick Style

Barebrick is a great way to give your kitchen a retro barn feel. You can paint the wall in contrast to the kitchen cabinets.


Whether you opt for black or white paint, it will surely give a luxe touch.

5. Show Your Artistic Side

This is another popular idea that is extremely common in studio apartments.


All you need to do is pick a dark colorful laminate sheet and stick it on your kitchen’s splashback.

White Kitchen Splashback Ideas

White is ultimately the king of colors when it comes to decor. The best thing about it is that nothing can go wrong with it. From a bold statement to a calm look, there are many ideas that you can try.

1. Blend It With Sage Green

The sage green kitchen design is the hottest trend of 2023. It gives a calm and stylish vibe.


You can bring warmth and life to your white kitchen by opting for a sage green splashback.

2. Reflect Your Soul

All-white is a perfect combination that you can try.


You can go for a wooden floor with a pale-white kitchen. It will look stunning and enhance the aesthetics of your space.

3. Be Bold With Black

With black, you can blend and balance any shade.


A white splashback within a totally black kitchen (or vice versa) will be a bold statement that will surely look amazing.

4. Reimagining The Blue Hues

Blue cabinets and white backsplash are elegant and timeless.


This idea is perfect for you if you have a kitchen with blue cabinets. You can balance both shades of life by mix-matching.

5. Go With The Glass Backsplash

A glass splashback is a practical and unique idea. Lately, Birts has been very impressed with this idea.


Install a plain glass behind your cooking zone and have a ton of natural reflecting light.

Grey Kitchen Splashback Ideas

As per the Metro UK report, Brits are literally obsessed with the grey color. Well, the grey color gives serious vibes. That is delicate yet difficult to handle.

A bit extra will give a black look, while too less will be a bit blending. That’s why a right backsplash with a grey interior can bring life to your kitchen.

1. A Two Tone of Grey

Can’t decide the shade to use? Well, you can opt for lighter and darker shades of grey.


Eventually, it will look great as modern kitchen wall decor. Add mood light for a fairy touch.

2. A Splash Of Exotic Tiles

Exotic tiles are yet another popular choice if you want a contemporary look.


You can go with Moroccan or Mexican acrylic tiles. It is practical and gives you more opportunities to play with colors.

3. Combine Lively Patterns

Too much grey in a narrow space can be overpowering.


To avoid it, use ceramic or laminate patterns. You can also think outside the box and paint the back wall with your favorite color.

4. Think Inside The Box

A little touch of golden color will look royal and super cool.


You can also blend it with the cabinet knobs. The best thing is that gold goes well with both dark and light grey kitchen designs

5. A Personal Touch

This DIY idea is perfect for you if you’re on a budget. You can use a blackboard as a splashback.


This will be a fun idea for kids too. Make some hearts, and don’t forget to write down the daily menu there.

Blue Kitchen Splashback Ideas

It would not be wrong to say that blue is the most overused shade in kitchens. Even though it looks calm and airy, as they say, excess of everything is bad, and so does for a blue hue.

But worry not; here are some of the exceptional blue ideas that will surely inspire you.

1. Bring Out Your Quirky Side

Sea blue and royal blue are the two most incredible shades that you can use.


Usually, it goes well if you have a white kitchen and you’re looking for a way to add color to your cooking zone.

2. Play With Blue Pattern

You can opt for exotic-style blue splashback tiles.


Whether you’re trying to be elegant or modest, this shade has the ability to be both. Add a little metallic touch to enhance the edges.

3. Be Rough And Unique

Go for a textured wall and make a bold style statement.


It is a perfect idea if your kitchen is flooded with tons of natural light. To blend it perfectly, you can hang quirky kitchen wall art over it.

4. A Splash of Vibrant Denim

Denim is yet another perfect pick for blue splashback. It is best to go with acrylic tiles and create a calm look by opting for a white worktop.


It is best to use this idea for an open kitchen layout.

5. Use Blue In a Modern Style

This is going to be so interesting. You can keep the splashback plain and use the colored strip light.


It is cheap and perfect for a DIY project. Also, you can replace it easily, whenever you like it.

Black Kitchen Splashback Ideas

The beauty of the black shade is that it goes well with every color. A little touch of it is enough to create a modern and retro-style space. Here’re the top five ideas that our editors love.

1. A Minimalistic Approach

This idea is perfect for your kitchen with shaker-style cabinets.


Give a modern yet minimalist touch to your cooking area by opting for a plain black backsplash. 

2. Trendy Granite Back

Granite is a practical choice as it is heat-resistant and easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about the curry splashes.


For a bit of luxurious touch, you can style it with under cabinets strip light.

3. A Party Pop Reflection

Make the splashback the centerpiece attraction of your cooking zone.


Go with marble and add hanging pendants to enhance its aesthetics. This will give your kitchen retro and funky vibes.

4. A Match Made In Heaven

Brass and gold are two exceptional shades that go well with the black interior.


For an airy feel, go with a wooden floor while painting your kitchen cabinets black.

5. Reinvent The Classic Victorian Design

If you want a quick facelift, then this beautiful idea is for you.


All you need to do is match the kitchen wall color with the cabinets and opt for plain black splashback. For a stunning look, you can go with the golden cabinet handles.

Kitchen Splashback Tiles Ideas

In 2022, tile backsplashes made a huge comeback. Long rectangular and hexagonal acrylic tiles are quite in demand in London, Wales, and Scotland. 

Here’re the best kitchen splashback tiles ideas for you.

1. The Beauty Of Beige

Beige is an ideal color if you’re a fan of modern decor. Light hues have the ability to give an illusion of wide space.


And the cherry on top is you don’t have to add tons of light, which is a smart move.

2. Go With Heavenly Sage Green

Sage green is the hottest trend of 2023.


You can instantly add charm to your cooking zone by opting for a well-balanced backsplash. A little touch of gold and indoor plants will make it even more appealing. 

3. A Blend Of Gold And Grey

It is a unique and beautiful idea that will give your cooking zone a stunning look.


With a cashmere kitchen unit, it will look absolutely stunning. Go for an industrial-style silver faucet.

4. The Beauty Of White

The classic old-school white tiles are a perfect choice.

You can match them with any floor or cabinet color. Add a bit of golden touch to create a warm and modest look.

5. For The Love Of Black

To create an industrial and modern look, go with acrylic ash grey tiles. You can opt for any shape and pattern.


But it is best to keep them plain as it will be easy to clean them.

How To Choose The Right Backsplash For Your Kitchen?

The backsplash is an essential element of every kitchen. That’s why it is very important to choose it wisely.


Here’re five things you should consider before opting for the new splashback.

1. Your Daily Cooking Time

If you use your kitchen for a maximum of an hour daily, then a laminate sheet is the best fit for you. But if you love to cook frequently, then either opt for tiles or embrace the bare brick.

2. Your Cooker/Hob Type

Normally gas cookers release more heat compared to electric ones. That’s why the best splashback for gas hobs is either marble or wood. While electric hobs go well with the laminate sheets.

3. The Size Of Your Cooking Zone

The rule of thumb is that if your space is small and doesn’t have any direct light source, then keep the tone of the backsplash either white or a basic hue (and vice versa).

4. The Countertop Colour

Overusing the same color will ruin the appearance of your kitchen. That is why it is best to mix and match two different shades. The rule of thumb is to match the backsplash with the floor and cabinets to the wall paint.

5. The Material Of Your Splashback

Installing a backsplash will cost anywhere between £200 to £2500, depending on the type of material. While choosing the material, always keep the size, use and style in mind before choosing the material.

Kitchen Splashback Ideas FAQs

What type of splashback is best for the kitchen?

Laminate, stainless steel, and tile backsplashes are the best for the kitchen. If you don’t cook often, then you can go with bare brick with waterproof paint. 

Are kitchen splashbacks easy to fit?

Yes, splashbacks are easy to fit. If you do the basic DIY job, then you can do it by yourself without any professional help.

How high should a cooker splashback be?

The standard height is 600mm. But you can also go a bit lower to 400mm. It is worth mentioning that the four inches backsplash idea is now outdated.

What Type Of Backsplash Is Best For Gas Hob?

Stainless steel or acrylic tiles are the best material for gas hobs. They are easy to clean and don’t get damaged easily.

Wrapping It Up!

A kitchen backsplash is essential and practical. You can enhance your cooking zone with laminate, wooden, or tile splashback.

There are several ideas that you can try. Black, grey, and white are the most popular shades for kitchen splashback.

We hope that we were able to inspire you with our stunning splashback ideas. Well, in the meantime, be happy and keep on doing what you love!

I like to research and write about modern kitchen designs and kitchen appliances; Whether you are looking to design a perfect kitchen or want the best cooking experience, my writing will surely help you out!