What Worktop For Cashmere Kitchen | 2023 Hottest Trends

While scrolling Instagram or Pinterest, you may have seen hundreds of cashmere colour kitchens. No doubt, cashmere is the hottest trend of 2023.

An odd worktop can ruin the overall appearance of your kitchen. And with such a light shade colour, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. 

So, if you want to give your cooking zone a calm and soothing look, here’re the best worktop accents:

Black, White, Light Brown, and Sage Green worktop goes well with a cashmere accent. It is best to avoid red and dark blue hues to match it.

But doesn’t the white will give a “too dull” appearance? Well, it can be. But worry not; we’ve some great hacks that will transform your kitchen into a place full of life and warmth.

What Colours Go With Cashmere Kitchen?

There are several colours that you can max-match with. Denim blue, sage green, soft red and pale accents are mostly preferred. 

what worktop for cashmere kitchen

You can also pick basic shades like white, sky and black. But these should be preferred for worktops and backsplash.

Typically, interior designers opt for darker cabinets with a white marble worktop. In the same way, if your cashmere kitchen cabinets are painted dark, go for a light floor and vice versa.

Why Does The Colour Of Worktop Matter?

There are two main reasons. First, while in the kitchen, you’ll mostly use the worktop for several processes during cooking. If the colour is not up to mark, then it can distract you (an uncanny fact backed by science).

Second, it can ruin the aesthetics. Imagine spending your hard-earned money while fitting a kitchen and ending up with a disaster. Well, then either you have to replace or paint it, spending more money.

10 Eye Catchy Cashmere Kitchen Ideas You Must Try

Styling your cooking area can be hard. And honestly, there are so many things that you can’t unsee. Well, to save you from all the fuss, we have handpicked some of the hottest and perfect cashmere kitchens that will surely inspire you.

1. The Starry Night Combination

what worktop for cashmere kitchen

For this idea, you need to paint your cabinets either indigo blue or royal denim. It will give a fairy look with either a white or wooden floor. Keep the backsplash plain and skip the accessories for a more authentic feel.

2. A Sage Green Heaven

Both sage green and cashmere accents are calm and give welcoming vibes, which makes them a perfect combo to try. You can enhance the look by fitting a sage green colour backsplash and giving the essential glow using focus lights.

A Sage Green Heaven

3. Experience The Royalty

Experience The Royalty

Well, cashmere is not a new shade. In the Victorian era, It was widely used along with the dark brown accent. You can do a stunning experiment by opting for a wooden worktop and painting the kitchen cabinets off-white.

4. Cashmere Shaker Kitchen

Recently, there has been a huge buzz about Shaker style kitchens. And the fun fact is both this style and colour are known for keeping things minimalistic. So, why not combine them for the best outcome? Give a unique look by using golden cabinet knobs.

Cashmere Shaker Kitchen

5. A Splash Of Desire

A Splash Of Desire

Black is ultimately the king of colours. It is another easy-to-go colour that you can style in countless ways. If your kitchen has a direct sunlight source, then you can fit a jet-black marble worktop. We recommend finishing the look with blue accessories for a luxurious look.

6. Bare Brick Cashmere Delight

Bare brick is another popular style that is mostly used for barn homes. Well, now it’s time to embrace it. The white bare brick backsplash is both practical and beautiful. To add colour, you can opt for wooden flooring.

Bare Brick Cashmere Delight

7. A Touch Of Happiness

A touch of Happiness

Yellow is the colour that is associated with happiness and warmth. So, why not use it? You can paint the walls with a pale shade. To keep the theme authentic, you can also customise it with a few open kitchen shelves.

8. The Timeless Elegance

You can’t style your space without using the grey colour. It is cool and has an earthy feel. But keep in mind that a little overuse can make your kitchen a bit darker. That’s why interior designers prefer using golden light with this hue.

The Timeless Elegance

9. A Splash Of Pink

A Splash Of Pink

You may feel surprised to see the pink colour idea in our list. Well, a splash of it won’t hurt. If you want to keep the overall appearance cool and calm, then use baby pink. But if you feel that your kitchen is too dull, then use hot pink.

10. The Colour Of Life

Royal Green is ultimately the best colour that blends well with cashmere worktops and cabinets. To balance it properly, use a pattern or hexagonal backsplash. For a majestic touch, use dim lights with it.

The Colour Of Life

Cashmere Kitchen Worktop FAQs

What colour worktop with a cashmere kitchen?

Grey and brown are the two popular choices that go well with a cashmere kitchen unit. You can also use black or limestone to add a bit of colour.

What colour accessories go with a cashmere kitchen?

Use denim, blue, pink and orange accents for cashmere kitchen accessories. The dark hues will blend well and give you a more comfortable appearance.

What colour walls go with the cashmere kitchen?

Deep blue, sage green and dark grey wall paint go well with it. It is best to skip dark shades if your space has wooden or black flooring.

Wrapping It Up!

Cashmere is a delicate colour that gives calm and welcoming vibes. It has welcomed 2023 with a huge buzz. Typically, Brits prefer using light-coloured worktops and deep blue wall paint with it.

Apart from it, you can also combine it with denim, baby pink and sage green for a comfortable appearance. It is best to use wooden flooring with a cashmere kitchen unit.

Don’t over-rush and use a lot of accessories. It is best to test all the shades first before making your final decision.

We hope that this article helps you to choose the perfect worktop for your kitchen. Well, in the meantime, be happy and keep on fighting for your goals.

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