How Much To Fit a Kitchen in UK in 2022 (Quick Guide)

Planning to renovate your kitchen or build a new one? Wondering how much it costs to fit a kitchen living in the UK?. 

Kitchen fitting can be expensive, but with the right advice and knowledge about factors that determine the costs, you can save yourself a lot of money and get the kitchen space you always dreamed of!
This guide will help you determine the cost of building a kitchen space from scratch or renovating it. 

So read on, and let’s take a quick look at the factors that decide the kitchen fitting cost.

Factors Deciding The Cost Of Kitchen Fitting

There is no fixed price. The kitchen renovation cost depends on several factors;

  • Number of appliances
  • Worktop material
  • Quantity of tabs
  • Sink size
  • No of cabinets
  • Wall tiles and flooring
  • Labor cost

It will cost around £4,000 to £7,000 to fit a medium-sized kitchen without any sink and appliances. With completely fitted new cabinets, appliances, and a premium look, the renovation can cost £30,000.

Speaking of my own experience, be mentally prepared to spend a little over budget. In the end, it is worth every penny. After all, it is a place where all the great ideas are discussed. 

How Much Does It Will Cost To Fit A New Kitchen?

In a nutshell, it actually depends on your budget. There are several deciding factors concluding the actual price.

Fixing TypeAverage Cost
Basic£4,000 – £7,000
Mid-Range£7,000 – £12,000
High-End Premium£14,000 – £20,000

Remember, these charges don’t include any plumber cost as they can vary from £250 to £500. High-end appliances will also add up more.

What Does Kitchen Fitting Includes?

Kitchen fitting includes replacing the worktop, changing taps, and upgrading the flooring.

If you want to modernize it entirely, you can add recent appliances and invest in more modern taps.

Main Components – Building From Scratch

It may sound a little exaggerated to you, but it is not cheap to uplift an old kitchen. 

A minor renovation will cost you around £1700, but building from scratch will surely cost much more.

Sink Cost

The sink is the most used component in any house. So, the cost of replacing a kitchen sink is somewhere between £60 to £200, depending on the material.

MaterialMid RangePremium
Stainless £50£250
  • Installation Charges: £50 – £80
  • Job Time: Maximum 2 Hours

Ceramic is a timeless material for sinks. But, recently, there has been an uplift in the sales of stainless sinks across the U.K.

Kitchen Taps Price

The second most important things are taps to supply water. Usually, at least one fixture is crucial for every kitchen. 

TypeMid RangePremium
Single Lever£20£100
  • Installation Cost: £10 per tap
  • Job Time: 30 – 40 minutes

Monobloc tap kits are in high demand. But, speaking of myself, I am a fan of old-school classic pullout tap. So, taps will cost you around £30.

Worktop Cost 

Be ready to spend per square meter for your new kitchen worktops. Professionally, installing a worktop requires 1-2 full days, depending on the space size. 

  • It will cost you around £120 – £300 as installation charges.  
Worktop Material TypeMid RangePremium
Wood £50/m2£120/m2

If you’re from south London, be ready to pay at least 10% more. Of the components, the shelf is the most costly part. 

A perfect worktop will engulf around 35% of your total budget.

Base Unit And Cabinets 

Base units support and carry the worktop. The average 500mm base unit price range is between £50 to £60 per cabin.

Base UnitLow-EndMid-RangeHigh-End
Small (500mm)£35£40£60
Large (1000mm)£40£60£80

If you already have some cabinets, these are crooked or not even. Then, you can still use them. You need to adjust the cabinet doors evenly.

Wall Plaster Cost

Changing the plaster of the walls of your kitchen will entirely change its overall look.

  • Price of Wall Plastering: £40 to £50 per square meter
  • Job Time: 5 Hours to 3 Days

You can select from a pattern to a plain white color. If the size of your kitchen is small, then we recommend you choose light colors.

New Appliances Cost

To install a new kitchen, you need separate money to buy new appliances. Appliances can add up to around 55% of the total budget. 



Cooking hobs are the main highlight of any kitchen. With multiple types of hobs, you can pick according to your need and convenience.

Hob TypeMid RangePremium

Most professional chefs prefer the gas hobs, but they can erupt fire. We recommend buying induction hobs as they are cheaper to run. 

Check the wire loop induction symbol while buying the new hob for your kitchen.

  • Hob Installation Cost: £100
  • Job Time: Maximum 2 Hours


Owning an entire convection oven is always a good idea, even though it is a bit expensive to buy but comes in handy in the preparation of several dishes.

  • Electric Oven Price

An electric oven can cost around a minimum of £200 to a maximum of £550. You can select from multiple ranges suitable to your needs and budget.

  • If you need professional help installing an electric oven, prepare to spend an additional £30. It will take only 20 minutes to fit a new range. 

You will cook unique dishes with your new oven, and it may smell nasty. So, try to clean your electric oven with vinegar for better results.

Dish Washer

A dishwasher is a must-have appliance in every house. With it, you can be worry-free, and within 20 minutes, all the dirty dishes will be clean. 

  • Average Dishwasher Price: £150 to £1000
  • Installation Cost: £25 to £50


As I mentioned earlier, the kitchen is the hub of any home. From making food to laundry, we list things we get done here. A washer and wall-mounted dryer come in handy every day. 

Laundry Appliance Mid RangePremium
Washing Machine£250£1500

Fridge, Freezer

If you’re a party bird, you may need an ice maker for the unlimited supply. Otherwise, a regular fridge can do the job perfectly fine.

Smart Fridge£1800£7000
Fridge Freezer£200£1500
Ice Maker £300£1000
  • Fridge Fitting Cost: £50 – £100

If you’re renovating and upgrading your old appliance, we strongly advise you to have a skilled fitting service included. 

At the moment, it may feel a little going over budget, but you’re saving yourself from a lot of trouble in the long run.

Decoration Cost 

A kitchen unit fitting also includes decorating the coziest part of your home.


With many different available patterns and colors, you can upgrade the overall look of your kitchen while on budget.

Wall Tiles

Kitchen wall tiles give a more sleek look and work as an insulator. Most experts recommend always choosing small pattern tiles for a great look.

L(mm) x W(mm)
Minimum CostMaximum Cost
Ceramic200 x 200
600 x 600
Porcelain200 x 200
600 x 600
Granite300 x 300
600 x 300
Slate300 x 300
600 x 300
Acrylic800 x 800
1000 x 1000
Glass Splash Back800 x 800
1000 x 1000
Glossy500 x 500
800 x 800
  • If you want a modern-looking open space kitchen, then we recommend you to use large tiles.
  • If you have a medium size kitchen, then small size tiles with floral patterns will be ideal for you.

Tiling Cost: £65 per square meter

Job Time: 1 to 5 days


Having a new kitchen is a dream of everyone. New flooring will give an overall fresh look. It will take around 20% to 25% of your total budget.

The average flooring fitting price may depend on the thickness and tile size.

MaterialThicknessMinimum CostMaximum Cost
Laminate8 mm
14 mm
Porcelain8 mm
10 mm
Granite10 mm
12 mm
Stone10 mm
12 mm
Vinyl02 mm
04 mm
Wood14 mm
20 mm

If you don’t have wooden under-counter cabinets, make sure you also install proper flooring there.

  • Flooring Installation Cost: £10 – £20 per square meter
  • Job Time: 1 day to 5 days, depending on the size 

If you want an underfloor heating system, it can cost around £300 to £1000. 

Extractor Fans

A kitchen extractor takes out all the smell from the air. It keeps your kitchen fresh, and with a venting system, you don’t have to worry about a bad smell.


If you have a window, you can save some money here. A window will not only work as a ventilator but also brings fresh air.

Is It Necessary By-Law To Have An Extractor Fan In The Kitchen?

Since April 2006, it has been a law to have an extractor fan installed. All the extractor fans need to vent outside to suck out all the cooking smells.
The extractor fan costs around £100 to £250. The installation charges can be much higher if you live in a complex housing unit.

We are almost done with the renovation and upgrading of the kitchen. If you still have some money left, you can choose to hang a chandelier in the middle of the roof. It is not necessary, but it will give a luxurious look.

How Long Does It Take To Fit A Kitchen?

It will take 5 to 10 days to fully renovate your kitchen. If you want to upgrade the flooring only, any professional can probably do it within 1 to 2 days.

Upgrading your kitchen from scratch will cost more and also take more time. Properly fitting all appliances will take a full day.

Do I Really Need To Hire A Professional For My Kitchen Fitting?

Yes, for better fitting, you may need to hire kitchen professionals. If you try to do all the work by yourself, it will take longer, but you can also end up with more mess.

Labour Rate

Well, if you want to shift your kitchen from one corner to another corner of your home, you need a separate budget for the labor only.

How Much Will It Cost To Fit A Kitchen Labour Only?

£30 to £40 per hour
You’ll spend around £200 per day on labor costs while fitting your new kitchen.
The labor rates are most expensive in Central London, Winchester, and Cambridge.

When Should I Pay To Kitchen Fitter?

It is highly advised never to pay the full amount in advance. 20% of the total amount is enough to pay the fitter in advance.
You should pay the remaining amount once the work is done and you are delighted.

Average Cost Of Setting Up A Kitchen

In a nutshell, the actual cost depends on you and your personal preference. Here’s a quick comparison for a better understanding.

Kitchen TypeUnit StyleSizeComponents Average Cost
Small 1 Wall10m x 10m8 cabinets + 4 appliances£5000
Medium2 Walls15m x 15m10 cabinets + 5 appliances£8000
Large3 Walls25m x 25m16 cabinets + 6 appliances£12000
Extra Large3 Wall + Island35m x 35m25 cabinets + 7 appliances£20000+

The luxury does come with a price tag. Some people also like adding additional appliances like air fryers and water dispensers with essentials. 

3 Best Kitchen Fitters Companies in the U.K

Now, we are done with the cost and appliances. Have a quick side-to-side comparison of the top three kitchen brands in the U.K.

1. Wickes – Best Kitchen Fitted Company

Wickes offers fitting services with high standards. You can pick a suitable design from 44 designs with over 100 different fitting options.

Wickes Fitted Kitchen Options

  1. Showroom
  2. Ready To Fit

Wickes Fitted Style Options

  • Intelliga
  • Shaker
  • J-pull
  • Slab

How Much Does Wickes Charge For A Kitchen?

The charges depend on the slab style and the number of appliances. With 35 nationwide stores, you can pick any design with complimentary design services.
The average price of a Wickes fitted kitchen is £10,000 to £30,000. Click here to compare side by side prices by material type.

Wickes Warranty

Wickes Showroom Kitchens

  • Twenty years for cabinets
  • Ten years for doors

Ready To Fit

  • Ten years for cabinets
  • Five years for doors

Editor’s Review On Wickes

Wickes is the one-stop shop for your perfect kitchen. For the additional peace of mind peace, it also gives two years of workmanship guarantee. The one thing I don’t like is that some of the colors are not the best suited for certain styles.

2. B&Q – Luxury At an Affordable Price

If you are on a budget and looking for a £1000 kitchen, then B&Q fitting is the best alternative to Wickes. 

B&Q Fitted Kitchen Design

  • Twelve different fittings are available in multiple colors. 
  • Separate tap sinks and ceramic buying options are available.
  • Finance is available.
  • Three fitting styles

Is B&Q Expensive?

B&Q is second to know when it comes to providing low-budget kitchen solutions. In the U.K B&Q, fitted kitchens are known as pocket-friendly solutions.

Overall, it is much cheaper compared to Wickes. With add-ons, you can check the price and decide for yourself.

Editor’s Review On B&Q

The one thing that I like the most is virtual showrooms. It is much cheaper compared to other brands. The quality of the material is also top-notch. B&Q is a luxury at a reasonable rate.

3. Howdens – All You Can imagine

With three styles and nine different ranges, Howden has the most diverse collection. The one that may bother you is Howden only sells to trade. So, you need to hire a carpenter, which is a significant drawback.

Howdens Kitchen Price Range

Low End: £5000

Mid-Range: £8000

High End: £15000+

Is Howdens Kitchen Worth It?

It is the best retailer for a fitted kitchen if you’re looking for value for money. Many color options are very convenient. 
The sliding doors and add-ons allow you to flourish your kitchen with positive vibes.

Editor’s Review On Howdens

After going through multiple customer reviews, I won’t recommend it. 

The prices are not cleared on the website. No information about appliances is available.

Which One Is the Best Kitchen Supplier? Wickes v/s B&Q v/s Howden

Wickes is the best-fitted kitchen across the U.K. it has a much-prolonged warranty. Even though you may find it expensive, the quality of the material used is second to none.

Want to renovate while staying on a budget, then B&Q is the ideal place to go. The best part is you can pick from multiple options. The starting price range is £1000.

Do I Require Permission To Upgrade My Kitchen in UK.?

Yes, if upgrading your kitchen includes gas or electricity work. If you’re relocating it, you need to provide structural safety, electric, fire, and gas leakage safety

Minor work doesn’t require any permission. If your kitchen is according to building regulations, you don’t need permission for a little uplift.

Tips For Kitchen Kitting Planning 

It is crucial to talk with your partner before hiring a specialist. We highly recommend writing all the details and changes you need.

  • Pick a specific design, color, and theme already to save time.
  • Choose a place where you want to install a new sink.
  • Pick the material, cabinets pattern, and type of wall plaster.
  • If you’re dealing with leakage, hire a plumber first and fix all the leakages.
  • Ensure you have enough power sockets because most modern kitchens have more electric appliances.

Preparing ahead will save your time and money because you already know what you want. We recommend always hiring a professional leakage fix before renovating the wall plaster.

Wrapping It Up!

Most people prefer to renovate their kitchen every ten years. Fitting it after a long period will cost more. On average, it takes £12000 to do a medium-sized kitchen.

Building a new kitchen from scratch requires the building regulation office U.K permission. It is vital to plan and decide how much work you need to be done.

I like to research and write about modern kitchen designs and kitchen appliances; Whether you are looking to design a perfect kitchen or want the best cooking experience, my writing will surely help you out!