Cooker Vs Hob – What’s the Difference? QUICK Answer!

Being a passionate chef, most of the time, people ask me what’s the difference between a cooker and a hob. 

It is a common mistake that sometimes even professionals use these terms interchangeably. But both are not the same.

So, if you’re struggling to find the difference between a cooker and a hob. We got you covered. Here’s your quick answer if you’re in a hurry:

A hob is the cooking zone of a cooker. Usually, it is the spot where you place pans and pots. While a cooker is a freestanding appliance which includes an oven and hob.


Hobs are also known as cooktops or cooking plates. But what about the induction cooking plates? Are they also a component of freestanding cookers? 

Read on to learn the difference between a hob and a cooker range.

What Is A Freestanding Cooker?

A freestanding cooker is a regular kitchen appliance. Most of the time, it consists of a cooking zone and oven.

Mostly, freestanding gas cookers have a cooktop where you put the saucepans and another rustic crockery.

In the case of electric types of hob, it has a double oven with a 5-ring halogen hob

What Is Meant By Hob In The UK?


A hob is a part of cookers. Usually, it is installed on top. Now, some manufacturers have recently introduced a mini oven with an induction hob

But, usually, induction hobs come as a separate cooking plate. In electric ranges, mostly ceramic hobs are installed.

Is A Cooker A Hob Or Oven?

A cooker is a combination of both a hob and an oven. Hob is the top part, while an oven is the bottom part. Hob is used for regular daily cooking, while the oven is mainly utilised for baking and grilling.

What Is An Induction Hob, And How Does It Work?

An induction hob is a magnetic plate that is energy efficient. It uses magnetic energy to create heat.


The heat is directly transferred to food rather than heating the pan first. Induction hobs don’t come with any gas or eclectic range as cooktop installation.

All other types of hobs, apart from it, usually come pre-installed on electric cookers.

What Is the Difference Between Hob And A Cooker?

In a nutshell, both are different sides of the same coin. The key difference is the cooking style and versatility.

A hob is the top “cooking surface” of cookers. While a cooker is the “oven” part. You can use the oven for baking and grilling.

Hob + Oven = Cooker

The cooktop, aka hob, is just one component of the cooker range. 

Cooker Vs Hob – Wrapping It Up!

Both cooker and hob are two different components of the same appliance. When we use the word cooker, it is generally categorized as an oven with a cooking range.

But a hob is just an upper cooktop of a cooker. Induction plates came separate. In general, the difference between both entities is minor but vital.

We hope that by now, you’re able to differentiate between both entities. In the meantime, keep on cooking and aim for the stars!

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