Best Gas Cookers in the UK – Review of Top Picks in 2022

Best Gas Cookers in the UK
Beko KA52NEW Gas Cooker
Beko KA52NEW Gas Cooker
Beko KA52NEW Gas Cooker
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It entirely depends on your needs that which model you find the best suitable for you from our list for the best gas cookers in the UK. However, if you’re confused and need our experts’ opinion, then they have concluded the Beko KA51NEW Gas Cooker to be the best at the moment.

There are many reasons to love this exceptional model, including its great appearance, sturdy construction, and excellent performance features that will surely attract professionals and beginners.

Gas cookers are popular among professionals and beginners as the open flame offers high cooking flexibility while completely controlling the heat.

However, you don’t buy a new gas cooker often, so that it can be a serious investment. It can be pretty hard to look for a suitable model in the market as there are so many choices varying in sizes, capacity, build quality, cooking features, etc.

Therefore, in this article, we have researched and tested a wide range of appliances to short-list the best gas cookers in the UK for you. We have also provided a helpful buying guide which you should consider for buying the most efficient model according to your needs. But first, let’s discuss various types of gas cookers.

Different Types of Gas Cookers

Every gas cooker in the market is freestanding, meaning that they’re stand-alone cooking appliances that can either be put on the ground or installed between the kitchen units. However, there is quite a range in the gas cooker type, including:

  • Single Gas Cooker

Single gas cookers are most commonly available in 60cm width and 80cm height and can be installed inside a 60cm gap. These cookers have an oven and an additional grill inside the same single cavity, while this cavity can vary in size in different models.

  • Double Gas Cooker

Double gas cookers are hands-down the best type of gas cookers available in the market because of their great flexibility for cooking and more capacity. You can bake a cake while your main course is being cooked inside the main oven.

  • Eye level Gas Cooker

Eye-level gas cookers are so handy for those who experience back pains or those who love experimenting with new dishes and like to stay in the kitchen for hours. This cooker is installed at eye level, but it’s such a shame that these cookers aren’t as ordinary as they used to be.

  • Range Gas Cooker

Range gas cookers are much bigger than the freestanding ones, and you can find them in widths from 70 cm to 120 cm. This size means that you have a larger cooking capacity and some additional compartments so you can cook for larger crowds simultaneously.

  • Dual Fuel Cooker

Lastly, we have dual fuel cookers for those who don’t have a gas supply at their homes. Dual fuel means that your main oven can be electric that can also offer an electric grill.

Comparing Best Gas Cookers in the UK

Best Overall
Beko KA52NEW Gas Cooker

Beko KA52NEW Gas Cooker

  •    Perfect for Beginners
  •    Has an Eye-Level Grill
  •    Cheaper to Run
Best design with lid
Indesit 50cm Double Cavity Gas Cooker

Indesit 50cm Double Cavity Gas Cooker

  •    Comes With a Lid
  •    Large Viewing Windows
  •    Double-Glazed Doors
Best Versatile cooker
Zanussi ZCG43250XA 55cm Gas Cooker

Zanussi ZCG43250XA 55cm Gas Cooker

  •    Full-Width Electric Grill 
  •    Stylish Glass Lid
  •    Safety Device
Best cooking capacity
Zanussi 55cm Double Oven Gas Cooker

Zanussi 55cm Double Oven Gas Cooker

  •    Fan-Assisted Main Oven
  •    Ceramic Hob
  •    Clock and Timer Minder
Best Energy Efficiency
Hotpoint HAG60P 60cm Gas Cooker

Hotpoint HAG60P 60cm Gas Cooker

  •    Variable gas grill
  •    A+ Energy Efficiency Rating
  •    Electronic Clock and Minute Minder
Best Construction quality
Hotpoint Carrick 60cm Double Oven Gas Cooker

Hotpoint Carrick 60cm Double Oven Gas Cooker

  •    High-Grade Construction Quality
  •    Slow-Cooking
  •    Instant Heat
Best Wide Burners
Montpellier MDG600LK 60cm Gas Cooker

Montpellier MDG600LK 60cm Gas Cooker

  •    Integrated Grill
  •    Side Opening the Main Oven Door
  •    Flame Failure Device

Gas Cooker 50cm

1. Beko KA52NEW Gas Cooker Eye Level Grill- Best Overall

If you’re on the outlook for an aesthetic addition to your kitchen, then the Beko KA52NEW Gas Cooker should be your priority. This excellent model isn’t only stylish and provides its users with great functionalities and highly durable construction.


The first thing to mention about this product is that it’s a 3-in-1 appliance with the main oven chamber, a grill placed at eye level, and a gas hob. It offers you a total cooking capacity of 62 litres which is enough for medium-sized families.

You can conveniently cook your meal on the gas hob, bake your sweet dish in the oven, and have some snacks on the grill simultaneously. It comes with user-friendly rotary dials for you to have complete control over the heat as your food cooks.

Thanks to its energy efficiency rating of A, you’ll save quite some pounds on your gas bills while also caring for the environment. In addition, there’s a storage compartment at the bottom of the oven where you can store your favourite cooking utensils.

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Moreover, this model also has some pretty nifty features, such as the Flame Safety Device. Whenever the fire has been extinguished by itself, this device turns the gas supply off to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.


Conclusion146 x 50 x 60 cm
Power consumptionHob: 1 to 2.9 kWh, Main Cavity: 1.39 kWh
Oven Capacity62 Litres
Weight51.1 kg
Warranty1-year manufacturer warranty
Reasons to Buy
  • Stylish appearance with a handy eye-level grill.
  • Energy efficiency ensures less consumption of energy.
  • Adjustable heat settings with user-friendly rotary dials.
  • The Flame Failure Safety Device automatically turns the gas supply off.
  • Handy storage compartment for keeping cooking utensils.
  • It doesn’t offer any timer
  • The oven doesn’t come with a fan

2. Indesit 50cm Double Cavity Gas Cooker with Lid- Best design with lid

With a classic design, excellent performance, and cost-effectiveness, the Indesit Double Cavity Gas Cooker will meet all of your cooking needs. The main feature that attracts most customers is its double cavity and a four-zoned hob containing different burner sizes to accommodate any pan or pot.


You can be assured of quick and consistent heating as the oven has been double-glazed at all sides. It means that no heat will escape through the sides of the doors, thus resulting in no heat wastage and perfectly cooked meals.

Apart from being double-glazed, the oven doors also have large viewing windows so you can effectively check how well your food is progressing. This way, the oven will maintain a consistent temperature because you won’t be opening the door while your food is cooking. 

This gas cooker model is perfect for medium-sized families as the main oven and upper grill provides 65 litres of capacity. It means that it can easily accommodate entire meals for four to six family members simultaneously.

Another notable feature is the control panel having a light button that can illuminate the lower oven. Last but not least, this appliance comes with a lid that covers the gas hob to protect it from any dust while not in use.


Dimensions60 x 50 x 90 cm
Power consumptionHob: 1.9 to 3 kWh, Main Cavity: 1.37 kWh
Oven Capacity65 Litres
Weight44 kg
Warranty1-year manufacturer warranty
Reasons to Buy
  • Two separate cavities and a four-zoned hob.
  • Double-glazed oven to prevent heat from escaping from the sides.
  • It comes with a lid to cover the cooker when not in use.
  • Large viewing windows to monitor the food’s progression.
  • The Control panel has a light button to illuminate the lower oven..
  • It doesn’t offer any digital display
  • No timer function to program your cooking

Gas Cooker 55cm

3. Zanussi ZCG43250XA 55cm Gas Cooker with Full Width Electric Grill- Best versatile cooker

The Zanussi ZCG53250XA Gas Cooker has been explicitly designed to provide its users with versatile cooking options. It comes with a four-zone gas hob consisting of four burners; one rapid burner, two semi-rapid burners, and one simmer burner to fulfil your every need.


The gas hob drastically cuts down on the cooking time as the burners and knobs are highly responsive. It means that as soon as you ignite the fire, you won’t be waiting for a while to get your cooking started.

With the regular single ovens, you won’t have the luxury of cooking different dishes simultaneously. But thanks to this model with two oven cavities, you can conveniently bake your apple pie while grilling the perfect snacks on the grill simultaneously.

You also won’t have to worry about inconsistent temperatures inside the ovens as the doors have triple-glazed protection. It means that the heat won’t escape, and there will be no under or overcooked foods.

For straightforward cleaning, both the ovens have catalytic liners inside them, which will absorb all the grease and food spills so you can easily wipe them. In addition, there’s a minute minder feature that will notify you when your food is ready to be served.


Dimensions90 x 55 x 60.9 cm
Power consumptionHob: 1 to 3 kWh, Main Cavity: 1.73 kWh
Oven CapacityMain: 79 litres, Secondary: 34 litres
Weight56.6 kg
Warranty1-year manufacturer warranty
Reasons to Buy
  • Highly responsive hobs provide instant heat.
  • The catalytic liners in both ovens make cleaning effortless.
  • Four burners allow you to have versatile cooking options.
  • The gas cut-off safety device turns the supply off automatically.
  • Triple-glazed doors ensure no heat escape or wastage.
  • Some users may find this product slight over-priced
  • No timer function

4. Zanussi 55cm Double Oven Gas Cooker with Catalytic Liners- Best cooking capacity

For those looking for a model with massive capacity that suits their large family, Zanussi Double Oven Gas Cooker might be the best one to put your hands on. It offers double ovens with the main oven providing a capacity of 77 litres and a secondary one of 39 litres so you can cook all kinds and more significant sized meals.


When a model has a large capacity inside its oven, consistent heat can be a problem because of the more considerable volume. But not with this model as it comes with a Thermaflow fan-operated main oven that excels in distributing consistent heat throughout the cooking area.

Another highlight worth mentioning is the fast-heating ceramic hob that is far more rapid than the regular solid hot plates. They provide instant heat to cook your meals at a much faster rate, thus saving on some energy.

The large glass viewing windows in the cooker’s oven allows you to see your food at a glance so you can effectively monitor it. Also, the interior of both the ovens has been lined using catalytic liners so you can experience effortless cleaning every time.

There are grid runners that prevent the shelves from entirely getting out and drop your dish. Also, there is a clock and minute minder that keeps track of the progress of your food and notifies you when it has cooked to perfection.


Dimensions60.9 x 55 x 89.4 cm
Power consumptionHob: 1.2 to 1.7 kWh, Main Cavity: 0.83 kWh
Oven CapacityMain: 77 litres, Secondary: 39 litres
Weight56 kg
Warranty1-year manufacturer warranty
Reasons to Buy
  • The ceramic hob allows for much rapid heat.
  • A built-in fan distributes even heat for precise coverage.
  • The large glass viewing windows allows you for easy monitoring of the food.
  • It has a 25% larger capacity than the standard oven sizes.
  • The clock and minute minder help keeping track of your meals.
  • No grill handle with the cooker

Gas Cooker 60cm

5. Hotpoint HAG60P 60cm Gas Cooker with Variable Gas Grill- Best Energy Efficiency

If you’re tired of your high gas bills due to the many appliances running in your home, then you should opt for the Hotpoint HAG60P Gas Cooker for sure. This model comes with an Energy Efficiency Rating of A+, which ensures that your appliance runs on minimum gas, thus reducing your bills to a great extent.


The manufacturers have constructed this unit using high-grade construction materials, which you won’t usually find in cost-effective models. It makes sure that your appliance will remain working exceptionally in your kitchen for extended periods.

Another notable feature is the catalytic liners inside the ovens, which offer easier cleaning than other models. This liner absorbs all the grease and fat that may accumulate during the cooking process and doesn’t allow it to get stuck to the surface.

An electronic clock and timer are included in the oven, so you won’t have to keep track of how long the cooking session has been going. This feature will make noise once your meal is ready to be taken out, so you won’t ever fear burning your food.

To ensure the safety of your loved ones, it also offers an automatic shut-off feature. Thanks to this feature, your oven will automatically turn off the gas supply if the fire is accidentally extinguished.


Dimensions60 x 60 x 90 cm
Power consumptionHob: 2 to 3 kWh, Main Cavity: 0.83 kWh
Oven CapacityMain: 65 litres, Secondary: 35 litres
Weight54 kg
Warranty1-year manufacturer warranty
Reasons to Buy
  • The energy efficiency rating of A+ ensures optimal gas saving.
  • High-grade construction so your unit will last years.
  • Automatic ignition for an instant start-up.
  • The electronic clock and timer allow for precise cooking results.
  • Automatic shut-off feature to ensure the safety of your loved ones
  • You won’t get any grill handle
  • The unit is available only in one colour

6. Hotpoint Carrick 60cm Double Oven Gas Cooker- Best Construction quality

If high-grade construction quality is your priority and you want your model to run for years, then you should consider buying the Hotpoint Carrick Double Oven Gas Cooker. It offers an overall high-quality construction and some unique performance features to go with.


Split across two cavities; this gas cooker provides 108 litres of cooking capacity having 76 in the main and 32 litres in the second cavity. Also, you get a four-burner hob, which makes it ideal for a large family.

The burners are available in two different sizes and support enamelled pans and pots without scratches. In addition, they are easy to lift, so you can conveniently clean and the spills and splashes after each use.

With its energy efficiency rating of A+, you can be assured that your model will consume less energy and won’t waste it in any way. Moreover, Hotpoint has kept beginners in mind and added quickly to use dials with auto-ignition to provide ultimate convenience.

There’s an electronic programmable timer and display through which you can program your cooking and set the start and duration of your cook. This way, you can perfectly relish the feature of slow cooking.


Dimensions60 x 60 x 90 cm
Power consumptionHob: 1.2 to 1.7 kWh, Main Cavity: 0.83 kWh
Oven CapacityMain: 76 litres, Secondary: 35 litres
Weight64.3 kg
Warranty1-year manufacturer warranty
Reasons to Buy
  • Includes the functions of slow cooking, conventional oven, grill, and hob.
  • Easy to use dial controls with auto-ignition feature.
  • It comes with a programmable timer and displays to program your cooking.
  • Toughened glass lid included to cover the hob when not in use.
  • The burners support enamelled pans and pots without damaging them.
  • The burner grids can slip and slide easily.

7. Montpellier MDG600LK 60cm Double Oven Gas Cooker- Best Wide Burners

If you want to cook several dishes on the go, Montpellier MDG600LK Double Oven Gas Cooker is another excellent option to consider. You get double ovens with 63 litres and 36 litres of capacity in which the upper range comes with an integrated grill with a drop-down to have easy access to the meal.


On the top, you get a four-zone gas hob that effectively supports enamel pans. This hob has been lidded with a glass lid to protect it from dirt while not in use, and it also turns the gas supply off if you’ve forgotten to do it by yourself.

The burners are pretty large and are in different sizes so that you can put pot or pan of any size, and the burners would still fit them. It also has a flame failure device that smartly turns the gas supply off whenever you’ve accidentally extinguished the fire so that there won’t be any gas leakage.

The oven doors have been double-glazed, so you won’t have to worry about any heat leakage. All the heat will remain inside the oven and thus, resulting in perfectly cooked meals every time.

There are large and clear viewing windows fitted inside the oven doors for you to have a clear vision on what’s the condition of your food. This way, you can avoid burning your food without even having to open the door to check its progress.


Dimensions60 x 60 x 90 cm
Power consumptionHob: 1.2 to 1.7 kWh, Main Cavity: 0.83 kWh
Oven CapacityMain: 63 litres, Secondary: 36 litres
Weight100 kg
Warranty1-year manufacturer warranty
Reasons to Buy
  • The burners are large enough to accommodate any pan or pot.
  • The glass lid turns the gas supply off when closed.
  • The top oven features an integrated grill with a drop-down door.
  • The four-zone gas hob supports enamel pans.
  • The flame failure device turns the gas supply off if you’ve accidentally extinguished it.
  • It consumes more cooking time
  • The knobs’ placement isn’t that convenient

Short Buyer Guide (Things to Consider)


The first thing to remember is to buy a gas cooker with capacity that will help you prepare an entire meal for your family at once. If you have a large family or like hosting family gatherings, then look for a massive capacity of more than 70 litres. On the other hand, if you’re just a couple or have a small family, then you shouldn’t waste money on a unit with huge capacity.


The size of your gas cooker is crucial to consider before buying as you can end up wasting money on a bigger unit that won’t even fit in your kitchen. That’s why always remember to measure the dimensions of the space where you’ll keep the new cooker.

Cooking Power

Cooking power in a gas cooker is measured in BTUs, and the unit you’re buying should have a good range of BTUs so that you can quickly sear a steak to perfection. But remember that your appliance should provide you with complete control over the heat so you can also simmer at low temperatures.


We don’t buy a gas cooker very often and, therefore, want it to last for years without its materials wearing out. Hence, spending a few more pounds on a high-grade model with durable construction quality and a good warranty would be wise.

Cooking Features

Gas cookers can offer exceptional cooking features to make your culinary experience as enjoyable and easy as possible. They can have easy to control knobs, digital displays, touch controls, automatic features for low or hot simmering, or some models can even have Wi-Fi controls. Therefore, when you’re spending a hefty amount, make sure that you also get your hands on some handy features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Which Gas Cooker Brand is the best?

It isn’t easy to narrate a single brand as the best gas cooker manufacturing company because all the brands offer different products with varying top qualities. Some brands will offer high capacities and great cooking functions, while some companies would provide their users with highly durable models. But still, we’d prefer Hotpoint models as they construct reliable and cost-effective products that everyone will love.

  • Can I fit a Gas Cooker myself?

You can fit a gas cooker by yourself as your appliance will come with all the instructions you’ll need. It would be best to measure the gap’s dimensions and your appliance’s dimensions before installing it. However, you’ll have to get a Gas Safe registered engineer to check if you have correctly installed your unit after the installation process.

  • Is a Gas Cooker or Electric Cooker cheaper to run?

Electric cookers mostly come with energy efficiency technologies, which means they’ll consume less energy, but monthly, it would still cost you more. If you’re using a gas cooker at an average rate of 5 hours per week, it will cost you around £17, while you’ll have to pay around £40 for an electric one.

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  • How much does it Cost to install a Gas Cooker in the UK?

The average installation cost for a gas cooker in the UK is around £150, including the fitting and labour charges. Additionally, the daily rate for a Gas Safe registered engineer can range from £30 to £100 per hour, excluding the call-out fee.


We certainly hope that you found our article helpful in what you needed as it represents some of the best gas cookers in the market at the moment. However, your choice depends entirely upon your preference or needs, so don’t forget to list out all the features you’ll require before buying your appliance.

I like to research and write about modern kitchen designs and kitchen appliances; Whether you are looking to design a perfect kitchen or want the best cooking experience, my writing will surely help you out!