Tom Howley Kitchen Cost in 2023 (Read this for Exact Costs)

If you’re looking for the utmost luxury and an exquisite bespoke kitchen, there’s no better designer in the UK than Tom Howley. All of their 6 designer collections are second to none.

But luxury does come with a price tag. And truth to tell, this high street retailer is quite expensive. Here’s how much a tom howley kitchen will cost you:

Tom Howley kitchens can cost up to £50K. The price can skyrocket to £80K with more customization and bespoke cooking zones. They use the finest wood, and master craftsmanship adds up the price.


Well, this pretty much explains why they are considered an expensive high-street brand. But there are several factors that lead to this much high expense. 

So, if you’re planning a new kitchen, it is going to be a rough ride for you. But worry not! We’ve got you covered. Let’s debunk myths and facts.

Why Is Tom Howley So Expensive?

Tom Howley is a proudly made-in-UK brand, and they use top-quality material for manufacturing cabinets, worktops, and islands. Apart from it, the paint is also non-toxic and finished by a professional craftsman.

Here’re 3 main reasons for the high price tag.

1. Unique Tom Howley Kitchen Handles


Undoubtedly, they have the best and most exquisite handles, even with shaker-style cabinets.

Fine finishing is guaranteed with quality craftsmanship. A wide range of 24 styles is available, from chrome to matt black.

2. Exclusive Kitchen Paint Colours

From Marjoram to Lithodra, there are countless shades of every colour. All cabinets are hand painted to perfection. The paint is specially formulated to withstand high heat and humidity so that it won’t tear.

Apart from it, you can also order a custom shade to match the overall theme of your kitchen. Be assured that the end result is flawless, and you’ll get the best value for money.

3. Tom Howley Kitchen Islands

All the signature kitchens do have an island, which is the main attention grabber. It is crafted with the finest wood and ensures durability, longevity, and an overall aseptic look. 

Generally, the cost of a kitchen island is quite high. But with Tom Howley, perfection is guaranteed with a refined granite worktop.

The cherry on top is that you can get a bespoke one to maximise the storage.

Tom Howley Kitchen Designs Collection


There are 6 designer collections that are ready to be fitted if you don’t want to opt for a bespoke option.

Even though these collections are ready to fit, you can still order bespoke adjustments at any time. 

CollectionStyleUnique Features
HartfordClassic Shaker StyleCott beading around cabinetsFlawless corner pilasters
KavanaghModern Shaker StyleDeep bevelled panel detailingModern square frame doors
ButlerContemporary DetailingChamfered square island pilastersTraditional ideas with contemporary detailing
DevineClassic Embellished StyleExquisite detailing with modern appliancesGrand cornices and elegant corner pillars
HarringtonContemporary StyleFlat panel doors with a minimal look, unique island shapes, and striking finishing
SummervilleCountry Style KitchenFinesse and a smooth flowGlazing bars in the upper cabinets

It is worth mentioning that Tom Howley’s kitchen does come with properly fitted appliances. The brand mainly works with top-notch retailers like Neff and Wolf. 

The appliance also adds up the expense. You can cut the cost by option with budget-friendly appliances. 

How Much Is A Tom Howley Kitchen – The Big Question

Usually, there is no fixed price as you ought to make customization, and it impacts the cost.  Overall, all 6 collections come within the price range of £50K to £60K.

Tom Howley Kitchen Warranty


All the designer and bespoke kitchens do come with a warranty of 10 years. The appliance warranty is separate based on the brand.

Be assured that the kitchen cabinets, cupboards, and islands are made of the finest quality that lasts for years.

Eventually, the warranty is quite limited as compared to Ikea kitchen cabinets, which come with a lifetime guarantee. Even with a high price tag, the limited warranty is quite a drawback.

Is A Tom Howley Kitchen Worth It?

Yes, the quality is second to none. Cabinets are flawless, hand painted, and come with metallic knobs. From the flooring to the worktop, everything is made to perfection.

That’s why it is safe to conclude that Tom Howley is the best option for luxury and bespoke kitchens if budget is not an issue.

Wrapping It Up!

Tom Howley is your one-stop for luxury, flawless design, and perfection.  Their kitchen handles are the most exquisite, with 24 styles to choose from. And their exclusive paint colours are specially formulated to withstand high heat and humidity.

Let’s not forget about their signature kitchen islands, crafted with refined granite worktops and the finest wood for a seamless finish. Their attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship are simply unmatched.

In a nutshell, if budget is not an issue, there is no better brand for your dream kitchen!

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