How Much Does A Kitchen Island Cost In UK | 2023 Prices

A kitchen island looks absolutely gorgeous in a kitchen. Not only it enhance the aesthetics, but it also provides additional space and a second worktop.

But luxury does come with a price tag. So, if you’re searching for a cost to build a kitchen island, here’s your quick answer:

The average cost of a kitchen island is £4500. The cost mainly depends on your preference and the material used. A bespoke island may cost you over £10,000. You also need to pay £65 to £80 per hour as labour costs.


So, one thing is clear whether you’re planning a quick kitchen facelift or fitting a new unit, you’ll need a budget of over £5000 to £10,000. 

If you’re planning to build a new kitchen island, then this guide is going to be very helpful for you. So, sit back and keep on reading for essential information.

How Much Do Kitchen Islands Cost?

You’ll need a budget of £4500 to £6000 to add a kitchen island. There are several factors that can add up to the cost.

Depending on the material and customization, a bespoke island may cost you over £10,000.

Do Kitchen Islands Add Value?

Yes, it definitely adds value to your property. Right now, it is one of the much-demanded kitchen features. It can add anywhere between 5% to 7% value while selling the property.

Kitchen Island Cost In UK

Three factors mainly decide the total cost i.e. construction material, cabinets under the island, and worktop material. Overall, the size matters the most. Here’s a quick table to get an estimate for the total budget;

Work TypeMaterialAverage CostLabour Cost
WorktopLaminate£200 – £850£40 per sqm
Quartz£700 – £1800£80 per sqm
Wood£650 – £2100£95 per sqm
Granite£900 – £1900£60 per sqm
Corian£950 – £2600£60 per sqm
Marble£1500 – £2500£80 per sqm
Cabinets Doors4 front + 4 back£500 – £1500£60 per hour
6 front + 6 back£700 – £1800£60 per hour
Size4 ft X 4 ft£1000 – £1500£60 – £70 per hour
6 ft X 6 ft£1500 – £1900£60 – £70 per hour
6 ft X 4 ft£1300 – £1700£60 – £70 per hour
  • Usually, the worktop material can engulf 50% of your budget. The cost of a kitchen island with granite is £85 – £200 per sq. ft.
  • Quartz is another popular choice that usually costs £70 – £180 per sq. ft.
  • The cost of a kitchen island with sink and dishwasher is normally between £4500 to £7000.

4 Cost Deciding Factors For Kitchen Island

Apart from the labour cost and material, there are a few other things that can pile up the expense. Have a quick look at each one below;

1. Size Of Kitchen Island

Usually, a normal kitchen island is 6ft x 4ft. But some people love a smaller square design while others opt for the wide design.


It mainly depends on the total area of your cooking zone. If you’re planning to use it as a breakfast table, then certainly, you’ll need a large island.

Remember that the bigger the island, the more you are expected to pay. The labour cost will also double with the size increment.

2. Design Of The Island

The general rule of thumb is that more cuts, bends, and styles cost more. If you pick a complex design, then be ready to pay a few hundred extra as labour costs.


That is why it’s best to keep the simple square design. As it is practical and can be used as a breakfast table.

Furthermore, if you ever opt for a kitchen renovation project, it would be easy to replace the worktop and fix cabinets.

3. The Type Of Material

Your material preference will decide the cost. On average, the material will engulf at least 50% of your budget.


Marble is the popular choice for the worktop. But it is expensive and costs anywhere between £15000 to £25000.

That’s why most Brits prefer to opt for Corian and laminate. It is cheap but looks aesthetic. But, these materials can be damaged quite easily.

4. Additional Features

Some people prefer to add a dishwasher and hob to their kitchen island. This is totally optional and adds up to the cost.


So, if you’re planning to add a dishwasher, be ready to pay £150 to £200 as labour costs.

Adding a sink requires a proper plumbing job. So, be ready to pay for pipe fixing, plumbing, and appliance costs.

How much does a kitchen island cost to make bespoke?

It mainly depends on you. With a custom kitchen island, you can either cut or pile up the cost. You can get it done even for £3000 by keeping the design simple.

With more customizations and cabinets, you’ll need over a budget of £10,000.

Can you buy a kitchen island on its own?

Yes, you can buy a separate island on its own. You can also install them after fitting your kitchen. Now, there is even a concept of “island on wheels,” where you can buy an island directly from the supplier.

Do you put flooring under kitchen island?

Yes, you can lay flooring under your kitchen island. But you’ve already installed the island.

How long does it take to install a kitchen island?

It takes 2 to 5 days to install a kitchen island. The duration may vary depending on the size and customization.


A simple 4×4 framed island with seating can take 3 days for proper fitting.

How is a kitchen island attached to the floor?

Normally, Four French cleats, one at each corner, are used to attach the island to the floor. If you’re planning for a bespoke kitchen island, you can add more support depending on the size.

Wrapping It Up!

The cost of fitting a kitchen island varies depending on the size and customization. Generally, it costs around £3500 to £10,000. You can also buy an island unit separately. 

Mainly, the worktop material will engulf 50% of your total budget. The rule of thumb is that you’ll need more cabinets in large sizes, which will also pile up the expenses.

Now, there is also a huge buzz of islands with wheels that you can move and convert into a dining or breakfast table.

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