Kitchen Unit Sizes UK – Quick Guide to Clear Your Confusions!

There’s a lot of confusion about standard kitchen unit sizes in the UK. Some Brits include the corner cupboard and base in a unit, while some stick only to cabinets.

That’s why it’s essential to understand what is meant by a kitchen unit before you rush toward measuring the size.

Well, this is where we came in!


With all the research and essential information, we’re here to guide you properly. So you won’t deal with any fuss while doing a kitchen makeover

Kitchen Cabinets VS Kitchen Units | The Big Debate

Technically, cabinets are part of a kitchen unit. But commonly, both terms are used interchangeably. 

So, what includes in a kitchen unit?

  1. Base unit
  2. Wall Cabinets
  3. Cupboard(s)
  4. Kitchen door

One way or another, both the base unit and cupboards are just cabinets. That’s why commonly everyone considers that “kitchen cabinets” make up a unit.

Standard Kitchen Unit Size UK | Detailed Guide

There are a lot of combinations that you can try. If you’re opting for a DIY job, then ultimately, the size will depend on the available space.

On the contrary, if you’re hiring a fitter, then you have to choose from several styles and types of kitchen units and cabinets.

So, hold the plunge, and let’s discuss each in detail.

1. Standard Kitchen Cabinet Size Chart

This is the most crucial thing. One small miscalculation can ruin the aesthetics of your space. 


Ultimately, this debate narrows down to three types;

TypeHeight (inches)Width (inches)Depth (inches)
Wall Cabinets30 ‘’, 36 ‘’, 42 ‘’12 ’’ – 36 ’’12 ’’, 24 ’’
Base Cabinets33 ’’, 34 ’’, 36 ’’10 ‘’ – 40 ‘’18 ‘’, 24 ‘’
Tall/ Side Cabinets80 ‘’, 90 ’’, 96 ’’18 ’’ – 24 ’’12 ’’, 24 ’’
  • Standard Kitchen Cabinet Width: The standard size is 24 inches (60 cm). But it can be narrowed down to a minimum of 10 inches (25 cm).
  • Standard Kitchen Cabinet Depth: Usually, cabinets are 24 inches (60 cm) deep. But, the depth can be adjusted up to 35 inches (90 cm).
  • Standard Kitchen Cabinet Height: The height limit depends on the type. The standard height limit is 36 inches (91 cm) for wall and base cabinets and 90 inches (228 cm) for tall cabinets.

It is worth mentioning that the type and style of cabinet, i.e. Shaker style, can also impact the dimensions. That’s the reason there are no one fix measurements. 

How Far Should Upper Cabinets Be From Countertop?

Upper cabinets must be at least 18 inches high from the countertop. You can add a few extra inches to adjust microwave or toaster ovens easily. 

Generally, it also depends on your height, floor-to-ceiling height, and worktop depth.

But under any circumstances, never narrow down the height difference under 15 inches.

Are Kitchen Cabinets Supposed To Go To The Ceiling?

No, kitchen cabinets are not supposed to touch the ceiling. There must be a suitable gap between the ceiling rims and the cabinet top. 

Overall, it is better not to reach up to the ceiling. For aesthetics, you can cover the gap with trims.

How Far Should Kitchen Cabinets Be From The Ceiling?

The cabinets must be at least 2 feet away from the ceiling. Depending on the height and style of your ceiling, you can adjust the space.

Keep in mind that there must be space between the ceiling and cabinets. 

2. Standard Kitchen Cupboard Sizes

Often, tall cabinets are considered kitchen cupboards. Well, somehow, it’s not wrong, but it is also not accurate.


Usually, cupboards are installed in L-shaped kitchens. A cupboard looks like a tall cabinet but is wide and deep. 

Standard Height: 96 inches to 100 inches

Standard Width: 35 inches to 45 inches

Standard Depth: minimum 24 inches, maximum 40 inches

In DIY projects, you can adjust the height and width depending on the available space and budget. 

What Size Is A Standard Kitchen Cupboard Door Thickness?

The standard thickness for a cupboard door is ¾ inch or 19mm. It is best to stick to the standard thickness as then you can use the door easily.

3. Standard Kitchen Door Size

The status of including a kitchen door within the unit is controversial. Few kitchen fitters consider it when fitting a new kitchen in UK. 


On the contrary, others skip it, as they opt for the open kitchen layout.

But in both cases, it is best to know the standard size. As you never know when you’ll need to buy a new door.

Standard Height: 80 inches to 85 inches

Standard Width: 35 inches to 38 inches

Door Thickness: 20 mm

Are All Kitchen Doors The Same Size?

No, the size differs depending on the material and style of the kitchen door. Glass doors are usually 78 inches in height, while there are several variants available for wooden doors.

Kitchen Unit Sizes | Ikea, Wren, Howdens

There are many kitchen fitters and showrooms in the UK. Mostly, in big and central cities, there are such stores where you can buy ready-to-fit kitchen units.

1. Ikea Kitchen Unit Sizes

There are plenty of options available when it comes to Ikea cabinets. You can find wall, base, high, corner, and tall cabinets in Ikea.

Here’s everything about Ikea kitchen unit sizes.

TypeHeight (inches)Depth (inches)Width (inches)
Ikea Base Cabinets30’’15’’ or 24’’12’’, 15’’, 18’’, 21’’, 24’’, 30’’, 36’’, 38’’
Ikea Upper Wall Cabinets15’’, 20’’, 30’’15 ‘’12’’, 15’’, 18’’, 21’’, 24’’, 30’’, 36’’
Ikea Top Cabinets10’’, 15’’, 20’’15’’ or 24’’15’’, 20’’, 24’’, 30’’, 36’’
Ikea High Cabinets80’’ or 90’’15’’ or 24’’5’’, 18’’, 21’’, 24’’, 30’’
Ikea Corner Cabinets20’’ 26’’24’’, 26’’

2. Wren Kitchen Unit Sizes

Wren is yet another famous brand that is known for its quality and high standards. There are many size variants available at the Wren showroom.

TypeHeight (inches)Depth (inches)Width (inches)
Wren Base Cabinets25’’ to 30’’15’’, 24’’, 30’’12’’, 15’’, 18’’, 21’’, 24’’, 30’’, 36’’, 38’’
Wren Upper Wall Cabinets15’’, 20’’, 30’’, 32’’15 ‘’24’’, 30’’12’’, 15’’, 18’’, 21’’, 24’’, 30’’, 36’’
Wren Top Cabinets10’’, 15’’, 20’’15’’, 24’’, 30’’15’’, 20’’, 24’’, 30’’, 36’’
Wren High Cabinets80’’ or 90’’15’’ or 24’’5’’, 18’’, 21’’, 24’’, 30’’

3. Howden Kitchen Unit Sizes

When it comes to durability and minimalism, no kitchen brand in the UK is ahead of Howden. Their ready-to-fit cabinet range is quite impressive and wide. 

TypeHeight (inches)Depth (inches)Width (inches)
Wren Base Cabinets28’’22’’23’’ or 39’’
Wren Upper Wall Cabinets28’’, 30’’11’’, 13’’, 18’’23’’ or 39’’
Wren Tower Cabinets76’’, 80’’22’’23’’, 26’’
Blum Drawer Cabinets28’’, 30’’22’’23’’, 26’’

Kitchen Unit Sizes UK FAQs

Are all kitchen units the same size?

No, every kitchen cabinet unit varies in size. Mostly, base cabinets are shallow and deep while wall cabinets are tall and have a narrow width.

What height should kitchen cabinets be?

Base and wall cabinets must be 36 inches in height. The height of tall cabinets varies between 76 inches to 96 inches.

Should kitchen cupboards go to the ceiling?

Cupboards up to the ceiling can provide additional storage. But it is best to keep the cupboard height at least 1 foot low from the ceiling to prevent damp walls or ceiling.

What is the standard height of a kitchen base unit?

The standard height for a base unit in the UK is 36 inches. Usually, the height varies depending on the material and brand. But overall, it is always between 34 to 36 inches.

Wrapping It Up!

Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes. So, do the kitchen units.

Regardless of the units vs cabinets debate, mostly the base, wall, and high cabinets are considered the “kitchen units.”

There is no one fixed size for a unit. Usually, it depends on the size of your kitchen and layout style.

So, don’t worry. It all comes down to your style and brand preference.

I like to research and write about modern kitchen designs and kitchen appliances; Whether you are looking to design a perfect kitchen or want the best cooking experience, my writing will surely help you out!