Kitchen Facelift Cost In UK | Facts & Figures Explained

A kitchen facelift can save your day if you want to give your cooking zone a new look. From floor to cabinets, there are multiple options that you can try.

But what about the cost? How much does it cost for a kitchen facelift? Well, if you’re planning to remodel your space soon, here’s the information we don’t want you to miss:

Unfortunately, there is no fixed answer. The cost mainly depends on how many things you want to upgrade. But on average, a small facelift will cost around £3500 to £5000. 

While a full remodelling can cost up to £20,000. Usually, a 12×12 kitchen remodels costs about £15,000.

In this article, we will give you insights about the average cost of a kitchen facelift. So, sit back and keep on reading for detailed information.

Average Cost Of Small Kitchen Remodel

If you’re planning to give your kitchen a makeover, then be ready to spend at least £15,000 to £35,000. The rule of thumb is that the more fixes you do, the more you have to pay.

Size Of Kitchen In FeetAverage Facelift Cost 
  • 10×10 is the most common kitchen layout in the UK. This size covers 100 square feet.
  • Normally, there are 12 cabinets and 4 to 6 drawers in an average household kitchen.

It is worth mentioning that fitting a new kitchen and facelifting it are two different things. Usually, the fitting cost more as compared to a quick little makeover.

9 Quick Kitchen Makeover Ideas

While doing the cooking zone facelift, many things can go wrong. A dull colour scheme can ruin the overall appearance of your space. So, here’s your inspiration dose:

1. Hang A Wall Painting


It is the cheapest way to facelift your kitchen. You can hang any metallic or quirky wall art for an airy feel. Ensure to hang it away from any heat source to prevent any mishaps.

2. Mismatch Flooring And Wall

This idea is perfect for you if you’re on a budget. If the flooring is dark, then paint the walls accent colours and vice versa. You can also add some DIY patterns to boost your kitchen wall decor.


3. Change The Sink And Taps


The pure white sink is timeless and elegant. It is one of the best small kitchen makeover ideas. Go for the golden and bronze taps, as they will increase the aesthetic of your cooking zone.

4. Replace The Worktop

Fitting a new worktop can cost up to £4000 or more, depending on the material type. But you can save your hard-earned money by painting the kitchen worktop.


5. Add On Some Extra Shelves


The problem with the kitchen space is that we always run out of space. By adding a few hanging wall shelves, you can easily change the overall appearance. The cherry on top is that you’ll also have extra space.

6. Door And Cabinets Fixing

Over time, the oil fumes stick to the door and cabinets, which make them sticky and crooked due to excess steam. You can paint your kitchen cabinets, or if budget is not an issue, you can reinstall them.


7. Refreshen Backsplash


In the UK, white is the most common colour that is used for the backsplash. Changing its colour will facelift the kitchen cabinets as well as the worktop. It is best to go with a dark-shaded marble backsplash with a light colour worktop.

8. Add Pendent For Extra Light

If your cooking zone doesn’t have any direct light source, then this low ceiling lighting idea is perfect for you. Get a modern and stylish pendant and hand it in the corner. It is best to skip a heavy chandelier for a small kitchen.


9. Time To Add A Few Accessories


Small details can make a huge impact. To execute this idea, you don’t have to fix a budget. You can buy a few elegant glass jars and put some flowers in them. Or you also get some inspiration from latte-infused candles.

Calculating The Facelift Cost

As mentioned earlier, the actual cost may depend on several factors. There is no one fixed answer. You may end up with a £50,000 bill if you plan to add a small kitchen extension

Apart from it, you also have to spare some money for the workers and plumbers. Be ready to pay 20% more in the big cities as these services tend to be more expensive there.

For your easiness, we have breakdown the cost:

Required MakeoverNo Of DaysAverage Facelift Cost
Floor Refinishing2 days£500 – £1500
Wall Painting3 days£300 – £500
16 Cabinet Fixing1 day£800 – £1200
Installing New Cabinets1 day£3000
Redoing Backsplash1 day£200 – £300
Fixing Taps and Sink0.5 day£200
Adding Pendant45 minutes£200 – £2000
3 Open Shelving45 minutes£200
Fixing Leaks1 day£1000
  • Apart from flooring and leak fixing, you can do most of the mentioned tasks by yourself by watching a few tutorials.
  • Usually, it takes 2 days to reset the floor, and technically it is the most expensive part of a kitchen facelift.
  • You can fix the cabinet’s hinges and give them a makeover by painting them.
  • Adding a pendant depends on your budget. If you have enough sunlight in your cooking area, then you can skip it.

Kitchen Facelift Labour Cost

If you manage some easy DIY jobs during the whole makeover, you can save around 35% of the labour cost. Here’s the average figure to keep in mind:

Service TypeCost Per Hour
Electrician£37 – £45
Plumber£20 – £25
Carpenter£10 – £12
Construction £10 – £15

The electrician services are the most expensive, while a painter and plumber come at a budget of £10 to £15 per hour. It is highly recommended to follow the safety guidelines if you’re planning to do the DIY jobs by yourself.

Wrapping It Up!

In a nutshell, the facelift cost depends on the size of your kitchen and the number of fixes you want to do. Normally, a small makeover can sum up to £10,000. 

While calculating, don’t forget to add up around 35% as labour cost. Whether you’re looking for a small or a full-fledged facelift, a small DIY job can save your day.

We hope that this article inspires you. While in the meantime, be happy and keep on living your dream.

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