Best Kitchen Lighting Ideas in the UK 2022

Ensuring the right kitchen lighting ideas is the most crucial step of renovation. With so many ideas, things can become a little confusing. So if you are looking for the best kitchen lighting ideas while staying on budget, or want to know what type of lighting is best for a kitchen in the U.K? Well, we got you covered!

The best time to decide about the lightning layout is before remodelling or fitting a kitchen. Once you build one, the possibilities become limited. But after a lot of research, we have picked the best ideas to fill your kitchen with all the colours of life!

Types Of Lighting In The U.K – Enchanting And Unique 

If you search for the kitchen ceiling lights or island lighting ideas, tons of results will pop up repeating the same old statements. But, in a nutshell, there are only eight suitable types.

We at the Kitchen Magician provide stunning solutions to your kitchen renovation. Try our ideas, or you can also hire us to transform your living space.

1. Hanging Pendant – Taking Care Of High Ceiling

Hanging pendants are the best fit for kitchens with high ceilings. They provide an aesthetic appearance. 

You can experiment with round pendants. Or, for an authentic English touch, try spotlight pendants.

While installing sparkling pendants, ensure you keep an equal distance from each other. If you prefer wall-mounted lights, then suggest metallic material.

Is Pendant Lighting Enough For A Kitchen In the U.K?

Pendant lighting is enough for a kitchen, providing overall brilliance and creating a style statement. Pendent defines the focal point of the room.

How Many Pendants Lights do I Need For Kitchen Island?

Three aligned pendant lights are enough for an island kitchen. You can increase the numbers according to size and convenience.

What Is The Cost Of Kitchen Pendant Light?

Installing a single pendant light can cost up to £30 in the U.K. The price may vary depending on the size and material.

2. Kitchen Wall Lights – Keeping It Simple

If you need light in your kitchen, then probably the best idea is to invest in some wall lights. They are classy and common. During the cosy gathering, you can also give a casual look to your dining area.

While designing your space, leave virtual space for wall lights. On average, keep the 12″ distance of one wall light to another.  

The ceramic lights are expensive, while the white plastic outer layer can also serve the purpose.

How Far Should Kitchen Wall Lights Be?

The rule of thumb is to install a wall light at least 6 ft above the ground level. And at least 8 ft apart from one to another.

What Is The Working Mechanism Of Kitchen Wall Lights?

It follows the mechanism of the lighting circuit—junction boxes or loop-in ceiling roses as the current pass through it. 

Then, the current ignite the bulb, and it glows.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Wall Lights In The U.K?

It costs £50 to install a kitchen wall light in the U.K. The technician or repairman can charge up to £10 per hour.

3. Kitchen Spot Lights – Flexible And Chic

The best part about spotlights is that they are flexible. You can adjust them to any corner without removing or reinstalling them.

With cooking, you may have to move around cooktops and worktops simultaneously, and the spotlight comes in handy in such situations.

With movements and flexibility, you can focus more on your specific worktop. As compared to the hanging pendants, the spotlights are more common.

How Many Spot Lights Do You Need In A Kitchen?

Three to four spotlights are enough for a 4x4m kitchen. A spotlight after every 4 feet is essential for the bright and warm light.

How Can You Change A Kitchen Spotlight?

Most spotlights have a holding coil. Once you pinch the two pongs together, the bulb will quickly come down. It will be held in a bulb holder. 

Move the light clockwise. Once the bulb gets free, you can replace the bulb. Before fitting a spotlight, make sure you find the joints.

What Is The Cost Of Spot Light Fitting?

It cost £50 to install a spotlight for the kitchen. Central London is overall an expensive place when it comes to labour rates. Be ready to spend over £20 on labour fees.

4. Making A Cluster – The More, The Better

These compact types of small chandeliers can be adjusted to ceilings or walls. Most people prefer it for low ceiling spaces.

If you have a Victorian-era showcase or a large cabinet in your kitchen, then a cluster light will greatly reflect most of the light.

In a modern kitchen, if you have a centre art piece displayed on a wall, you might want to invest in neon lights.

5. Kitchen Chandelier – Royal, Rustic, And Retro!

This light source was a benchmark in many early 19th century and Victorian-era. Most people with ample space used to hang a wide round chandelier in the right middle of the kitchen.

The position to hang a round chandelier is proper in the middle of the dining table. In the case of rectangular or square shapes, it is best to place them on the breakfast bar.

Chandeliers are not suitable for low ceiling and small-size kitchens. As compared to the spotlights, it is expensive.

6. Cabinets Lights – The Best Of Both Worlds

Cabinets lights are placed under the cupboards or kitchen cabinets. This kitchen lighting comes in handy if you don’t want to use open-source light.

Some people prefer to install these lights within the cabinets. So when they open the drawer or cupboard, the light ignites itself.

But due to the rugged use of kitchen cabinets, the lights can also get faulty or uneven in the case of a stripe.

How To Light A Kitchen Cabinets?

Use down spotlight to install under kitchen cabinets. The glow should be bright and horizontal. The light should be placed at the middle edge of countertop cabinets.

How Far Should Be Recessed Lights Be Away From Cabinets?

The rule of thumb to remember is the light should be placed precisely center of cabinets. And at least after two cabinets, there must be a cabinet kitchen light.

How Many Undercounter Cabinets Do You Need?

You’llYou’ll need four cabinet lights if you have 12 cabinets. One spotlight can cover two adjacent cabinets. But, you can also adjust the actual figure according to your needs and budget.

Where Should I Position Mine Under Cabinet Light? 

The best position is to place an under-cabinet light in the front center of cabinets. In the case of LED or spot light, ensure the edges are clean and the position is front center.

7. Kitchen Island Light – Best For Island Worktop

Since the 1980s, island-style kitchens have been second to none. The only problem is that sometimes, the island is not near the worktop. In this situation, hanging island lights save the day with their accurate angle.

For a heavenly experience, place them across the different lengths and adjust them according to the worktop height.

Many types of kitchen island lights are available. Most People prefer to hand them in a line, but if your worktop is just a slab, you can also fix them in a round shape.

How Should High Be Kitchen Island Lighting Be?

The ideal height is 35 inches between the worktop and the lighting base. The general rule to remember is to ensure the kitchen island doesn’t touch any person’s head.

8. Retro Kitchen Lighting – Be Bold!

Revive all the 70s vibe and invest in some antique bulbs. For a more vintage look, opt for a brass or nickel pendant.

Be bold with pear-shaped, longtail, and teardrop shape lamps. Nowadays, stainless steel frames with halogen bulbs are in demand in the U.K.

Small Kitchen Lighting Ideas – Picking The Best

You can mix and match the lighting ideas with the types mentioned above. Get inspiration from some of our budget-friendly kitchen renovation ideas.

1. Experiment With Optical Illusion – Rewrite The Rules

Try the optical illusion for a small space. Place a mirror on the walls that will reflect light. Give contemporary touch with urban gravity-defying caged style pendants.

2. Get Stylish With Neon Lights – Bring It On!

Bring the party vibes to your dull space. Add the glowing neon lights and have an experience of a lifetime. You can also use the neon strips under the cabinets or shelf.

3. Add Painting With Spot Lights – Asseccorize It

Design your kitchen the way you like the overall vibe of your home. Hang abstract wall paintings on the walls and use an appealing spotlight to showcase them.

4. Invest In Windows – Nature Is Your Best Friend

There is a substitute for natural light. Try to add an extension with direct sunlight. With a window, you can also have a few ceiling lights. A window will also be great for ventilation purposes.

5. Glass Roof – Light From The Above

Add a rear kitchen extension and place the plain glass roof on it. It will also give a modern look and bring light for most of the day.

6. Play With Materials – Pendants In Style

Don’tDon’t stick with the typical porcelain pendants. Experiment with the pendant hanging style. You can use brass or steel as the outer surface of the lamp.

7. Small Bar Lights – You Deserve It

Make the next move by installing the small twinkle lights in your kitchen. These will not only look aesthetically but also modern and classy.

8. Include The Wooden Lights – The Wellness Cure

Reconnect to nature and place the two wooden pendants at equal distance. This style also suits the mid-range cooking space.

9. Light On The Sink – First Step To Narnia

It is the most common mistake most people make. They don’t leave a wire connection for the bulb on the sink. Get the essential light by adding a source to the washing area.

10. Use The Old Side Lamps – Reuse The Old

Got any old lamps piling up? But don’t know how to use them/ Well, now you can use your old lamps beside the dining tables and even in the kitchen corner.

Big Kitchen Lighting Ideas – Wise And Bold Designs

If you have a big kitchen but still facing the low lighting issue. You may need more bulbs or the right strategy to add more light to the room.

1. The Glass Jar – Simply Magic

In a most modern large kitchen, the use of glass is more. To combine the accurate texture and overall energy, buy at least a single glass pendant.

2. Tiny Little Globes – Fairy Life

Everyone loves the fairy lights, So why not take the next step and place them in the mason jar. With a lid on it, it will be a just right for any architecture.

3. The Big Look – Accept The Experts

If you own a big kitchen, try to have windows on both sides. The artistic look will be vibrant. And the chendalier will be acheerry on tio..

4. Mix And Match – Bring lT Own!

If you’ve got a mixed interior, You can make a random layout and mix the dark and light colours according to your needs. 

5. Under The Stairs – More Like An Extension

Got any additional space under the staircase? Add this space as an extension to your kitchen. Adding it will provide roam for the inner dining table.

6. Going Continental – Leaving The Room For Betterment

Mix spot and wall-mounted lights for the central display kitchen. And, for the separate dirty cooking space, any light can serve its purpose. But it is always recommended to use cluster lights.

7. Rose Gold – The Luxury Wins!

Rose gold is always a great idea. It is chic and timeless. Install a perfectly well- rose gold chandelier in the middle of your kitchen or living space.

8. Breakfast Table Lighting – Energize The Day

The centrepiece of any kitchen is the breakfast table. Enlight it by riveting the upper glass frame. You can also install the islander lights.

How Many Lights Do I Need In My Kitchen U.K?

The rule of thumb is to have a ceiling light every 2 feet. You can choose to install it nearby. But two feet distance between the two ends is ideal.

Which Colour Of Light Is Best For A Kitchen In the U.K?

Regardless of the size, warm white light is always best for a house kitchen. The white colour is more relaxed and reflects heat and temperature. 

How To Light A Dark Kitchen In The U.K?

There are many ways to enlighten a dark kitchen, but here are some of my tested tips to add more life colours into your dull space.

  • Used Mixed material with natural light.
  • If the size of your kitchen is small, stick to the basic white and beige.
  • Make sure to have a window for ventilation and direct sunlight.
  • Install the wall and under cabinets kitchen lights 

It is highly recommended to go for light colours. You can use dark or a combination of patterns if you have a wide kitchen.

Does The Lighting Colour Effect The Temperature Of the Kitchen?

Yes, the colours can affect the temperature and may cost a few extra bucks. The temperature of colour is measured in Kelvin (K). Natural daylight measures at 6500k while the white LED light is 2700k.

Kitchen Lighting Design Tips – Steps To Bright Space

  • Don’tDon’t install too many wall or ceiling lights in a small kitchen.
  • To control the light level, use spotlight dimmers.
  • Don’tDon’t mix too many colours under the ceiling.
  • Ensure that you can switch the lighting according to recent trends.

As promised, we at Kitchen magician are dedicated to making your kitchen renovation a stunning transformation. It is strongly advised to measure all the safety precautions while dealing with electricity. To have your dream kitchen, feel free to contact us!

Kitchen Lightning Ideas – Wrapping It Up!

We hope that you get inspired by our kitchen lighting ideas. On average, you need to install a light every 4 feet. Be very gentle while hanging a pendant or chandelier. No one rule applies to every idea. Be bold, bring all the imagined colours to your kitchen, and transform it into an oasis.

I like to research and write about modern kitchen designs and kitchen appliances; Whether you are looking to design a perfect kitchen or want the best cooking experience, my writing will surely help you out!