How High Should a Kitchen Worktop Be? [Quick Answer]

A comfortable worktop is very crucial for every kitchen. Are you redesigning your kitchen and wondering how high a kitchen worktop should be? Or want to know the ideal dimensions? Well, then we got you covered!

Wondering How High Should a Kitchen Worktop Be?

Here is your quick answer:

The standard kitchen worktops height is 900 mm or 35 inches from the ground. There is no hard rule. It can vary depending on the depth of the worktop and a person’s height. The general rule of thumb is that it should be around 3 feet high. So, a person doesn’t have to bow while working. 

Before jumping to conclusions, we have added detailed information about worktop dimensions and optimal length based on your height. So, you can pick the best option for yourself.

How High Should A Kitchen Worktop Be?

A worktop must be at least somewhere between 870mm to 940mm high. Depending on your particular needs, you can adjust according to your preference.

Worktop MinimumMid-RangeMaximum

There is no one size fits all. You can change the length and depth according to your needs and height.

How To Choose A Kitchen Worktop Height?

The best way to determine the kitchen countertop height is to determine the size of the person who will use it frequently.

Here’s your quick guide:

Person Height
(cm x cm)
Kitchen Worktops Height
138 x 15076 – 82
160 x 17588 – 90
176 x 18794 – 100
189 x 210198 – 210
  • The standard height is 90 to 94 cm. 
  • The top of the worktop must be 2.5 to 3cm.

Standard Kitchen Dimensions in the UK 

Knowing the dimensions of your worktop is very crucial. The depth also matters. Typically, while fitting a kitchen, we neglect the width dimensions that may cause some issues during food preparation.

  1. Worktop Width

The dimension of your kitchen decides how much worktop depth is perfect.

Distance Between Bottom Of Upper Cabinets To Worktop SurfaceDepth / Width In Cm
54 cm60 – 62
48 cm65 – 68
42 cm 80 – 85
No Cabinets90 – 92
  • The traditional 60cm depth is not considered ergonomic and healthy. As you have to look down continuously.
  • The 65cm depth gives more space to move around and better visibility.
  • With 80cm width, the recommended distance from the wall unit is 42 cm.
  1. Kitchen Worktop Thickness 

It may sound exaggerated to you, but to some extent, the thickness of the worktop material also determines the height.

MaterialMinimum ThicknessMaximum Thickness

Apart from it, you can also use oak wood for a more aesthetic look. Laminate with reflecting any lighting in your kitchen and make it brighter.

Apart from it, you can also use oak wood for a more aesthetic look—laminate with reflecting any lighting in your kitchen and make it brighter.

  1. Island Depth

An island must have a minimum 60cm depth.

If the size of your kitchen is significant, you can add 30cm more. It is advised not to have crooked cabinets directly placed on the island.

The base units should be at least 40cm above the ground.

Tips To Consider – Make A Right Move

  1. Always measure your height before choosing your kitchen.
  2. Small size worktop is only suitable for a minimalist shaker kitchen. 
  3. A countertop must be at least 940mm above the ground.
  4. Never put too much pressure on the worktop.
  5. The depth of a countertop matters the same as the height.

Wrapping It Up – Kitchen Worktop Dimensions In The U.K

The average height of a kitchen countertop is 900mm. 

There is no hard rule. You can adjust it depending on the height of a person.

The thickness of a worktop must be at least 20mm. 

A minimum of 60cm to 120cm is the ideal space between a worktop and an island. 

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