IKEA Kitchen Costs | Must Read Before Buying Anything (2023)

Over 57% of Brits prefer to buy furniture from Ikea. Well, this market share speaks for its trustworthiness and unique style. No doubt, Ikea is the land of true architecture with countless possibilities.

But have you ever noticed that Ikea never really disclose its kitchen unit prices? But why is that? And most importantly, how much does an Ikea kitchen cost?

Well, if you’re in search of that, here’s the information you shouldn’t miss:

Ikea kitchen will cost between £6K to £15K. It is an affordable option compared to other designer brands in the UK. If you’re tight on budget, then it is the best option as the worktop starts at £99, cabinets at £100. 


With all the perks, there are some flaws too. The installation cost can be quite high if you can pull out a DIY project. So, let’s dig deeper and know the whole process to understand the whole expenditure.

Knowing The Process Flow – The Plethora Of Variety

First thing first, you need to understand that Ikea is a marvellous land where you’ll find anything and everything, just on your budget. Here’re 5 key points to remember:

Exploring The Ikea Fitted Kitchens Possibilities


You may feel surprised to know that Ikea does have fitted kitchen ranges and collections. You can order one or mix and match it with another collection. These collections are named:


Be assured that each collection has countless options for you to choose from. No matter which style, colour or shape you want. Ikea just got it right!

Each Component Is Priced Individually

This is the best part. Each and every single part comes with a separate price tag. Due to this, you can fit a new kitchen on a budget easily. The base cabinets start at £55, and then it depends on you.

That’s why you’ll spend a lot of time in the Ikea store (what’s new in it). So, you better start making a list of all the things you’ll need.

Start Measuring Your Kitchen Area


Now is the time to take things to the next level. You’ll need to measure your cooking zone. Well, worry not because Ikea has a proper guide on how to measure your kitchen. Click here to download the guide. 

With the help of this guide, you’ll be able to measure the worktop size and door and cabinet measurements. But if you’re not feeling up to this or don’t want to take any risks, order the Ikea measuring service by filing an online form. Professional service will cost you an additional £35. 

Time For Shopping

Once you’re done with all layout and planning, go ahead and start buying all the essential stuff you need. It is best to keep a slow pace at the start. So, you won’t end up with one type of cabinet or base unit.

You can also purchase an appointment to review and finalise your dream kitchen equipment. Book your appointment and be one step closer to your lively cooking zone.

The One Big Installation


This is the most crucial step. Even though the furniture comes with instructions, still it’s quite hard to Screwfix it. If you can pull out a DIY job successfully, then it is best to leave the task to professionals.

During your free planning service, you can book an installation appointment too. It is worth mentioning that professional installation can cost up to £1500 to £2000, depending on the size of your kitchen.

Ikea Kitchen Prices – The One Big Question

After discussing all the processes and factors, still, the one big question is how much Ikea kitchen installation costs. Here’s the information for the basic unit price:

Collection Average CostGuarantee
METOD£880 – £123025 Years
ENHET£780 – £160010 Years
KNOXHULT£990 – £18905 Years
SUNNERSTA£1010 – £21005 Years

The cost mainly varies depending on the style and number of cabinets. Overall, METOD and ENHET are the two most affordable options. As their cabinet collection starts at £90.

Average Cost Of Ikea Kitchen FAQs

How much does an Ikea kitchen cost?

An Ikea kitchen can cost anywhere between £6K to £16K, depending on the customization and your cooking zone size.

Are Ikea kitchens expensive?

Not at all. Ikea is one of the most affordable brands for fitting or facelifting your old kitchen without spending a fortune. Compared to other brands in the UK, Ikea costs 50% less for cabinets and other materials.

Who fits Ikea kitchens?

Ikea kitchens come in flat packs. You need to install them yourself. Although you can also hire a professional Ikea installation service for around £1500 to £2000. Usually, the amount is a fraction of the total cost of supplies.

How much are Ikea cabinets?

Cabinets at Ikea start at £90. With the increase in size and style, the cost can skyrocket up to £250 per cabinet unit.

How to clean Ikea cabinets?

As per Ikea cleaning guidelines, it is safe to apply a water and soap mixture for cleaning the fiberboard cabinet and leave it for 5 minutes. Then clean it all using a soft dry cloth.

How good are Ikea cabinets?

Ikea cabinets are made of fiberboard and suitable for rugged use. They feel hard and heavy. Usually, Ikea kitchen cabinets have a 2 years warranty.

Does Ikea have 12-inch cabinets?

Yes, Ikea does have 12-inch cabinets. It is actually considered one of the standard cabinet sizes.

Wrapping It Up!

Ikea is an affordable brand where all the fun and magic happen. Unlike its competitors, it dominates the UK’s market due to its low cost, vast variety and durable materials. 

Basic Ikea kitchen essentials cost between £6K to £15K. You can cut the expense by opting for mix-and-match cabinets. It is worth mentioning that you have to pay a separate installation price if you opt for professional installation services.

So, what’s your back? Book your appointment right now and prepare for your dream kitchen.

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