Kitchen With Bifold Doors – Size, Cost, And Amazing Ideas!

Opting for a Kitchen with bifold doors offers various benefits, your kitchen looks spacious, it brings functionality and all in all bifold doors give an amazing look to your kitchen!

Read on as we discuss the size, costs and some amazing ideas for this kind of door so you install one for your kitchen easily!

Bifold doors can be stacked together to one side. It can cost up to £1000 to install a small bifold door in the U.K. With a strong bounce in sales since 2020, a foldable kitchen door works well for natural light and a feeling of more space.

This article will provide detailed information on cost, style, design, and how you can transform your kitchen interior with a glass bifold door.

What Is A Bifold Door?

Doors that can be open and stacked to panels are known as bi-fold doors.

Double glazing material is mainly used to make them. Typically, they are installed as a kitchen extension or to lightning up the space.

What Material Is Used To Make Bifold Doors In The U.K?

Glass, Wood, Composite, and Aluminum are the most commonly used materials for foldable doors due to their durability and long life span.

Generally, glass is most preferred with the central panel.

Kitchen Concertina Doors – All You Need To Know!

The history of concertina or bi-fold doors can be traced back to the Roman era. Things have certainly improved over time. Here’s a quick overview:

MaterialLife SpanAverage GuaranteeAverage Cost
Wood15 Years6 Years£1000 – £1300
Glass18 Years5 Years£1800 – £2200
Composite18 Years5 Years£2000 – £2500
Aluminium 45 Years15 Years£3500  – £4000

The cost can vary depending on the size, location, and preferred material.

Kitchen With Bifold Door Ideas

To save yourself from all the hustle, we have gathered some of the best ideas. So, you can give your kitchen a modern and elegant look with bifold doors.

  1. Bring In The Natural Light With Timber bi-fold Door

For a contemporary style kitchen, a three-panel wooden bifold door is the best idea to bring in the natural light. 

This style is also perfect for a small-size kitchen. With it, you can set up a little patio and store additional cookware by opening the door.

  1. Intermix Internal And External Space

To make your home look more suspicious, Installing a Glass bifold door is the most suitable idea. 

If you don’t have any garden view or rear extension, you can blend your kitchen with another part of your home.

  1. Ensure Chic Look With Bifold Closet Doors

Give your old kitchen a new look while staying on budget. Replace or install a new bi-fold pantry door. 

With it, you don’t have to worry about less space. You can drag the door to one side and store all the essentials effortlessly.

  1. Go Floor To Ceiling For Modern Style

Enjoy the stunning transformation of your kitchen by installing a full-sized aluminium bifold door. 

Let the panoramic view take over and start your day with a yummy breakfast and view while sitting there. 

  1. Save On Energy Bills By Installing A Thermal Bifold Extension

With a 20mm thermal glass bifold door, you don’t have to worry about any cool breeze getting into your home.

Bifold Doors vs Sliding Doors – What’s The Difference?

Don’t get confused between both, as it can be tricky. Both types are far different from each other, with few similarities. 

Bifold DoorsSliding Doors
Stored neatly on top of each other when opened.Only Open to one pane. It can’t be stacked.
Can increase the property value by up to 10%.Don’t add any value to the property.
Lightweight and easy to move.UPVC frames are easy to move. 
Expensive and need maintenance. ,Inexpensive as compared to bifold.
Required Space either inside or outside to stack up.Less convenient and can shatter easily.
Due to weather, wooden frames can expand.The frame can be heavy depending on the size.

The best part of bifold doors is that you can use them to add or divide space within the interior. Both types are the best solution for adding light to your kitchen

How Far Do Bifold Doors Stick Out?

External bifold doors can stick out up to 1.5 m or 59 inches. The stick-out space may vary depending on the height and width of the door.

What Is The Average Size Of Bifold Doors In The U.K?

Average Height Of Internal Foldable: 6 ft to 6.8 ft

Average Height Of External Foldable: 6.10ft

There is no average width size. It is customizable depending on how many panes or panels you prefer.

How Many Bifold Doors Do I Need?

There is no hard rule here. It totally depends on your needs and style preferences. 

The general rule is that a track can never be more than 20m long. Most people order to install three foldable doors. But, with customization, you can have as many as you want.

How Much Do Bifold Doors Cost In The U.K?

A set of medium-sized bifold doors cost around £2500, while a large size can cost about £7000 depending on the size.

To install a foldable or French door, you may need to pay £250 – £600 depending on the location and fitting size.

Pros And Cons Of Bifold Doors – Are They Any Good?

A small French door can provide patio access if you have an island kitchen. Have a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of the foldable doors for the kitchen.

Pros Of Installing Foldable Doors In Kitchen

  1. The interior will be shined with direct sunlight.
  2. With a great view of your garden or patio, you can open the panels and use them as extensions.
  3. Blend the indoor space with your garden in case of a rear home extension.
  4. Bifold doors can increase the property value.
  5. You don’t have to worry about the dirt getting in, as they are correctly sealed.
  6. A bifold door for the pantry is a great way to divide space while keeping the aesthetic look.

Cons Of Bifold Doors

  1. They can take a lot of space while opening or stacking up.
  2. Large panels can be expensive.
  3. Excess water can get in and damage the interior.

Why Are Bifold Doors Expensive In The U.K?

Compared to the other types, complex manufacturing is involved in bifold or french doors.

Kitchen bifold doors are more compatible, making customization a bit more expensive.

Smart vs Origin Bifold Doors – Which One Is Better?

Smart or Vesofold doors are currently trending across the U.K. They are made of aluminium and the thinnest glass.

Compared to the smart foldable doors, the origin has more material options, but it can be less effective.

(mm x mm)
Average Cost For Origin Average Cost For Vestfold
Two Panel1900×2200£1500 – £2000£2200
Three Panel3600×2100£2000 – £2200£3600
Five Panel4500×2100£6000£6600

Many professionals are currently providing services to install the bifold doors in your kitchen across the U.K. You may also contact us to have a stunning renovation while staying on budget.

Can You Have Two Bifold Doors In Your Home?

A two-panel bifold door is a basic design that can be installed easily. It can be opened inward or outward, left to right or right to left, according to your preference.

Do Bifold Doors Come With Hardware In The U.K?

No, mostly, you need to buy hardware separately. A pivot guide book may come with Vesifold or french doors, but hardware, including brackets and screws, are sold separately.

What Can I Use Instead Of A Bifold Door?

While fitting a kitchen, you can also use sliding or pocket doors to cut the expenses. 

Louvre doors are quite in demand as a replacement for french doors.

Wrapping It Up – Are Bifold Doors Any Good?

Bifold doors have a simple and sleek design. It may be a little expensive, but they are best to add an aesthetic look.

Aluminium is the most commonly used material for bifold doors. It can cost £5000 to £6000 to install a medium-sized Vestfold door. 

I like to research and write about modern kitchen designs and kitchen appliances; Whether you are looking to design a perfect kitchen or want the best cooking experience, my writing will surely help you out!