How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Cost? (Quick Guide 2022)

Planning to renovate your kitchen? Wondering how much a kitchen renovation costs in the UK? After detailed research and analysis by our experts, we have got all the answers so you can relax and enjoy a stunning transformation while staying on budget!

A budget kitchen renovation will cost around £6000 to £12000. The price will increase with the number of changes or fixes you need. For a complete new fancy look with an extension, the redo cost can be up to £15,000.

It can be expensive to remodel a kitchen. But, with the right advice and guidance, you can save a lot of your hard-earned money and get the space you always want.

So, before jumping to the kitchen refurbishment cost, let me assure you that we will also guide you on factors affecting the cost. And step-by-step information on how you can properly renovate your kitchen in the UK.

Factors Deciding The Cost Of Kitchen Renovation

There is no fixed cost to redo a kitchen. As the number of fixes or improvements increases, the price to refit will also increase.

Following are the factors that usually decide the total kitchen renovation cost:

  • Wall Paint
  • Floor Tile Cleaning
  • Plumbing And Leak Fixing
  • Fixing The Cabinets
  • Interior Decoration
  • Adding An Extension
  • Door Replacement

How Much Does A Kitchen Renovation Cost In the UK?

In a nutshell, it depends on your budget. But the average cost to remodel a kitchen is less compared to fitting a new kitchen.

Renovation TypeAverage Costs
Mid-Range£2500 – £3500
High-End Premium£4000 – £8000

The labour rate is not included yet. In central London, the labour rates are usually high compared to other parts of the UK.

Kitchen Renovation Cost In the UK

Usually, a renovation includes fixing the leaks and regular plumbing work. But in this guide, we will cover all the basics of remodelling and transformation.

1. Wall Paint 

Painting an interior is the most essential part of the transformation. Paint can cost around £200 to £800 depending on the size of the kitchen and the labour cost.

Interior Paint For KitchenAverage Cost
(70 square metres)
£150 – £200
Medium Sized kitchen
(100 square metres)
£200 – £400
Large/Full Size
(200 square feet)
£450 – £800

The Labour will charge around £16 per hour. The charges will pile up with more design and patterns in paint.

2. Floor Tile Cleaning 

It can be hard to clean kitchen tiles. You can hire a professional to do the job. Refitting new tiles can be very expensive and engulf the whole budget.

But if you want to redo the floor tiling, here is the list of options to choose from:

  • Laminate with 8mm thickness will cost around £10 to £20 per sqm2.
  • Porcelain with 8mm thickness will cost £25 per sqm2.
  • Solid wood flooring will cost £40 per square metre.
  • Remodelling your kitchen floor with stone will cost £80 sqm2.

Labour Rate: £25 – £30 per hour.

3. Plumbing And Leak Fixing

This is the most expensive part of remodelling your kitchen. Fixing the leaks can cost around 25% to 45% of your total budget.

Leak RepairingAverage CostsLabour Costs Per Hour
£150 – £200£15 – £20
£200 – £400£15 – £20
Swear Leakage
(Replacement Of Pipes)
£1000 – £1500£25 – £30

It is strongly recommended to check the drainage pipes regularly. Worn-out washers can damage the flooring and wall plaster.

4. Cabinets

Over time with rugged use, your kitchen cabinets can get crooked. The cabinet repair can vary depending on the condition and number of units.

Adjusting the kitchen cabinets can cost around £50 – £60. The base units are cheaper to renovate, while the countertops are expensive, with an average repair price of £70 to £100.

5. Interior Decoration

For a cheap kitchen renovation, you can add a few decoration pieces and replace the worktop for a new look. 

If the plaster or theme is light, you can enrich it with a vibrant dark-cloured painting. Furthermore, you can give a natural touch with green plants that blend well with the overall existing space. 

You can add a pendant or Victorian-era chandelier for kitchen lighting on a budget.

6. Adding An Extension

Make a significant impact by adding a small rear extension. This will provide additional space and a modern look.

Extension TypeAverage CostNew Added Area
Small Rear£4000 – £50002m X 2m
Side Return £4500 – £65002m X 3m
Wrap Around£6000 – £8000All-Around / L-Shaped

A kitchen extension may sound like a lot of remodelling, but it will provide essential space and an aesthetic look. 

7. Door Replacement

You need to replace a wood door after ten years. While calculating the average-sized kitchen cost to remodel it, you can include the £1000 for a new bifold door.

MaterialAverage CostLabour Costs Per Hour
(2 Panels)
£800 – £1000£20
(3 Panels)
£1000 – £1200£20
£1500 – £1600£25 – £30
£2000 –  £2500£25 – £30

Glass and aluminium bifold doors can also increase the property value by up to 20%

Kitchen Renovation Cost Estimator UK

We at kitchen magicians transform your kitchen into a stunning space you dream for. Here’s the typical renovation cost for a better understanding.

Renovation TypeServices IncludedOverall CostLabour Rate

Paint And Plaster
Plumbing Work And Leakage Fix (minor)
Fixing kitchen cabinetry



Mid Range Kitchen
Leakage Fix
Cabinet Fixing
Interior Decor



Wall Painting
Solid wood flooring
Leaks Fix
Cabinets And Interior



Paint And Plaster
All Leak Fix
Small Extension
Installing New Door



Several businesses are providing refit and remodelling services across the UK. We are also here to help you relax and enjoy your space’s beautiful transformation.

Kitchen Renovation Cost – Wrapping It Up!

If you want to save your hard-earned money, you should renovate your kitchen every 5 to 7 years.

Over time, the drain pipe clogged and caused damage to the floor and plaster on the walls. It is highly advised to hire a professional to fix leaks.

It costs around £3300 to remodel a typical 70 square metre kitchen without any appliances.

I like to research and write about modern kitchen designs and kitchen appliances; Whether you are looking to design a perfect kitchen or want the best cooking experience, my writing will surely help you out!