8 Colors That’ll Look Super Cool With Your Grey Kitchen Unit

Lately, the grey kitchen is a trend that everyone is gushing over. But the problem is that it’s a very delicate colour. Too much grey will give the dark vibes, while too light will seem a misfit.

So, how to add colour to a grey kitchen? Well, certainly, you can go for wall art or open shelving for a budget-friendly touchup. But here is the list of colours that will facelift your grey kitchen unit:

Denim, Silver, Green, Yellow, Gold, Basic White, Brown and Teal are the best colours that go well with grey kitchen units. You can also add a splash of pink for a retro feel.

But worry not; we have got some great ideas that will surely inspire you and give you an airy feel. So, hook up with us!

8 Best Colours That Goes Well With Grey Kitchen

There are literally more than 50 shades of grey, and most importantly, the right mix-and-match shade can ruin the whole interior. But not anymore! Blend these accents with your kitchen and enhance the aesthetics.

1. A Little Touch Of Gold

Gold is undoubtedly the royal shade, and it will give a luxurious look.


The best part is you can play with this colour as you like it.

We recommend you give it a splash of gold rather than painting your walls or cabinets with it.

2. Add The Colours Of Nature

White and Brown are undoubtedly two perfect accents that go hand in hand with dove grey units. 

You can keep the interior dark with a shiny light source.


Keep the wall basics and go for a modern brown worktop for a contemporary look.

3. Metallic Touch For Dove Grey Unit

Metallic touch is the perfect way to facelift your kitchen’s overall look.


Paint your old cabinet handles either black or gold for a unique look.

This accent mainly suits if you keep the worktop basic white. Put a cool splash painting to show your artistic side.

4. Go For Yellow To Ensure Airy Feel

A blend of yellow is the perfect colour to give a modern look to your grey kitchen unit.

It will look funky and unique.

Apart from the yellow, you can also go for light orange or rustic touch. Place indoor plants to boost the aesthetics of your living space.


5. Denim Accent For White And Grey Kitchen

As they say, blue is the warmest colour, and our editors are here to approve that.


This combination looks straight out of a fairy tale.

You can also add a splash of navy blue if your cooking space is divided into two sections or has a skylight kitchen extension.

6. Blend Sage Green With Light Grey

Want to keep things simple and classic?

Then you’re going to fall into the spell of this combination.

It is simple, clean and ideal for small kitchens with an intact ventilation system. Keep the floor plan basic brown to boost the overall look.


7. Experiment With Grey On Grey


This colour combination is most popular in Scandinavia. All you need to do is mix dark shades of grey with either dove or silver grey.

Use a marble sheet for the backsplash of your worktop.

If there is no direct light source, then add fairy lights to uplift its beauty.

8. Ensure A Mygistic Barn Style Vibes

If your kitchen is a bit eclectic, then brown is your go-to shade. It will give a fair and balanced look.

Don’t overdo things by adding multiple open shelves or fancy wall decor, as it will ruin the overall appearance.


What colour walls go with grey flooring?

White or sage green colour walls go well with grey flooring. It is best to avoid brown or other dark shades as they will give a dim appearance.

If you want to ensure a retro look, try adding metallic kitchen wall art or fake green plants rather than bright colours.

What colour of furniture goes with grey flooring?

what colour goes with grey kitchen units

Oak, Ivory and Pattern furniture goes well with grey kitchen flooring. If a natural light source is available, it is only suitable to use green or maroon shades.

What colour walls go with grey kitchen cabinets?

It mainly depends on the shade of grey you’re using. If it’s dark, then it’s best to stick with basic colours like white, beige, sage green or sky blue.

what colour goes with grey kitchen units

But if you have kept the cabinets of dove grey, then you can experiment with the appearance look with royal green, denim and pink accents.

5 Things That Will Make Your Grey Kitchen Look Warmer

You don’t have to do full-fledged decor makeup to make things shine. You can also do it by adding little details along with a few decoration accessories:

  1. Add a hanging pendant
  2. Place natural indoor plants
  3. Make a matching fridge cabinet 
  4. Give a party touch using either pink or yellow
  5. Keep the flooring simple and plain
what colour goes with grey kitchen units

Don’t over-rush things by mixing a lot of dark colours. Keep in mind that it is best to be minimalist as it suits more for modern kitchens more.

Wrapping It Up!

The kitchen is that corner of the home where the whole family spends most of the time. That’s why it has to be full of warmth and life.

White, silver, beige and denim are some colours that go well with grey kitchen units, while sage green is a perfect fit for dove grey units.

It is worth mentioning that you can uplift your kitchen decor by giving it a metallic touch and by adding a direct light source.

We hope that this article helps you to find the best inspiration that will bring life to your grey kitchen unit.

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