Design Your Perfect Sage Green Kitchen | Inspiring Ideas 2023

Sage green is one of the hottest kitchen trends of 2023. It’s like we Brits fall into the spell of this modest and soothing colour.

Whether you’re planning a small kitchen makeover on a budget or just want to redo the cabinets, sage accent can add a spark and royal touch to your cooking zone.

That’s why our editors have done detailed research and have handpicked some exceptional ideas that will surely inspire you.

17 Best Modern Sage Green Kitchen Ideas You Must Know

The beauty of sage shade is that it has many similar variants and gives a really calm and cool, airy feel. The plus point is you can combine it with any type of kitchen accessory without giving the cost a second thought.

1. Classic Sage And Brown Combination

This combination is ideal for kitchens with natural light and air ventilation. You can mix and match both colours and create a unique appearance enhancing the aesthetics.

2. Straight Out Of Emiley In Paris

We are assured that you’ll fall into the spell of this perfect combination. The darker shade is easy to clean and won’t get any finger stains quickly. The plus point is it will make your space look wider.

3. Try The Little Tokyo Style

Sage green is only popular in the UK. It is also the hottest trend in Japan, so why not execute it the same way? It is perfect for your space if you’re an indoor plant lover. You can add a gold shade for an authentic feel.

4. Love Conquer The All

As soon as I saw this pic, I knew it was going to be viral. The overall look and the small details are just on the spot. The basic hexagonal floor and golden cabinet handles blend well and enhance the appearance.

5. The Contemporary Sage Worktop

Sometimes, flexing a bit is not a bad idea. The sage green kitchen worktop looks super hot with a classic brown. I personally love the fancy wall light, which gives a warm look.

6. The Timeless Shaker Elegance

Shaker style cabinets are also another hit that interior designers just love. The minimalist beauty of a shaker kitchen with the simplicity of sage colour will combine and surely give a nice facelift to your cooking space.

7. Adoring The Love For Bare Brick

There are literally infinite combinations that you can try. From the backsplash to the designated cooking space, this kitchen layout is handy and practical. 

8. The Right And Left Combination

The opposite match is very trendy for a kitchen island setup. You can go for a bit of dark green shade, keeping the side cabinets in the sage accent. To balance both shades, go for a black marble worktop.

9. The Luxurious Aroma

This setting is perfect for a wide space. All you need to do is to stick with the basic plain accent white picking the granite or white worktop. The hanging pendant is going to be the centre attraction of your cooking zone.

10. Styling L-Shaped Kitchen

Most of the flats in Central London have an L-shaped narrow kitchen. Utilise your space wisely and paint the wall white to reflect light. Both dull colours will give an illusion of a bigger space.

11. The Party Must Go On

If your cooking zone is open and combined with the living room, then this sage green kitchen idea is for you. Colour the upper cabinets white for a fresh look. I love the way how golden handles are just combining both opposite shades nicely.

12. A Gem From Honey Dew Collection

Let’s be honest; most of the time, our kitchens are messy. But with this unique layout style, you can do the dishes and place them on shelves in no time. The open-top shelf is also providing tons of extra space.

13. Extension To Sage Green Heaven

Planning to add a side kitchen extension? Then we recommend you go for this retro style. Add the metal frame to support the glass door. You can also make it an indoor barbeque patio to enjoy afternoon tea.

14. The Vertical Elegance

Indoor plants look aesthetics in the cooking areas. Even though there is very minimal sage green accent has been used. But the fresh green leaves balance the overall appearance. The rustic brown open shelves give retro barn vibes.

15. Night And Dawn Appearance

In the mood for jet black interior? Then, look no further. This sage and the black combination is ideal for sure. If it is a bit overwhelming for you, then you can also go with the white hexagonal tiles.

16. Simply, Just Perfection

This is the hidden gem, or I must say, truly an eye treat. It has all the Earthy elements from soil to gold, and the patterned backsplash looks very refined. The black cabinet’s glass with interior light gives pure Scandinavia vibes.

17. A Cherry On Top

Details are very essential when it comes to styling your kitchen space. The metallic touch and dark island give a great look. While the marble backsplash and the wooden flooring enhance its beauty.

So far, we are done with our inspiration for the layout and designs. Now, it’s time when you should pick a suitable wallpaper that will showcase your artistic side.

5 Quirky Sage Green Kitchen Wall Ideas Worth Trying

Keeping the kitchen walls simple and plain is a very old trend now. Walls are the canvas. Through them, you can showcase your art and love for the craft.

1. The Lavender Bloom

You don’t have to redo your whole kitchen interior to follow a trend. If you have a grey kitchen unit, then you can add a sage green colour by using this patterned wallpaper. The white will blend both dark and light accents.

2. Minding Beauty Glow

Well, you are going to love it if your cooking zone is splashed with light shades. The dark colour will enhance your space more, while the basic sage patterns will keep the authentic feel alive.

3. For The Love Of Furry Friends

The best thing about this wall idea is that you can customise it. Whether you’re a cat or dog lover. You can make your friend’s paw on the wall. It will look stunning and unique. And I am sure you’ll smile whenever you see it.

4. Pine And Berries Forever

Pine and berries are considered a sign of blessing in Asia. So, why not be around the positive vibes all day by doing such wall paint? It is simple and easy. You can also do it without any professional help by just watching some tutorials.

5. The Old-School Triangular Design

The pattern and shape style wall paint usually goes best with black or plain white decor. The best part about such kitchen wall decor is that it is very easy to clean and doesn’t get sticky often.

5 Interesting Sage Green Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

When someone enters your kitchen, the first they notice is the cabinets. No matter how expensive your cooking unit is, if the cabinets are not stylish, they will ruin the overall look.

1. The Ocean Of Green

Light colours go well with the dark green shade. The calmness of the light accent will blend with the thrifty look of royal green, ensuring a perfect look. Keep the floor brown or white if you’re picking this style.

2. The Sunset Calmness

If you want relaxed settings, then you must go for this sage green kitchen cabinet idea. The metallic knobs and handles are matching ideals. I personally love how the sink is kept in an old-fashioned way.

3. Rustic Sage Green Kitchen Cabinets

Be ready to be inspired by this wood and brass beauty. Edges are done nicely, while the brass handles are simple yet an interesting choice. This style goes well with the Victorian era or classic open kitchens.

4. The Timeless Elegance

These farmhouse sage green-inspired cabinets are a perfect fit for small kitchens. The space is used wisely, utilising all the corners. The style is kept plain, while the metallic golden knobs give retro vibes.

5. Cabinets With Flairs

Well, these sage-green cupboards look great, but due to the flair in between, it will be a bit difficult to clean kitchen cabinets as the dirt will stick to the lines. So, we suggest you pick them only if you have a powerful venting hood.

5 Practical Modern Sage Green Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

The one that I adore about interior designing is that you can play with the textures and colours as you like it. The backsplash is essential, yet it gets dirty often. That’s why it is best to keep things simple.

1. The Crisp Bronte Mist

This style is great for giving a clean and crisp look to your wet kitchen area. The tiles are kept neat with clear edges. I love the way the tiles are used in two different accents to give a natural marble touch.

2. The Upside Down Inspired

The white backsplash is equally cool yet requires a lot of hard work. It can get dirty really quickly, but the fun part is you can clean it quickly by just using a dry paper towel. 

3. The Edge Of the Renaissance 

If your old kitchen is too dark and bloomy, then you can take inspiration from here to ignite some passion for life here. The white tile backsplash blends well with the country-style floor. 

4. A Pure Delicacy

Vertical backsplash has always been a hit among homeowners. It’s simple and easy to go with every type of kitchen furniture. If you have a direct light source, then you can play with the colours; otherwise, it is best to stick to basic shades.

5. Scandinavian Geometric Inspired

The geometric patterns are used if your living space is dull at a glance. It uplifts the mood and warmth instantly. Such types of backsplash go well with the focus or dim light and also help to create an illusion of wide space.

Now, we are almost done with designing a modern sage green kitchen. To add a bit of extra style, it’s time to go for cool accessories for double fun.

7 Eye Catchy Sage Green Kitchen Accessories

A fun fact about accessories is that no one is going to notice them unless they are prominent or a bit quirky. From oven gloves to utensil holders; we’ve got you covered.

1. Go For Quirky Kitchen Wall Art

Funky and quirky kitchen prints are currently in demand and are one of the hottest trends. If your cooking area has dark or white wall paint, then add the sage green art for a quick decor lift.

2. Praise The Nature

Nature has limitless colours, and all the shades are simply perfect. You can put some of the indoor plants and intently ensure a fresh airy feel.

Peace Lily, Bamboo Palm and English Ivy are some of the best indoor air-purifying plants.

3. Add A Hanging Pendant

A quick styling tip is that you can light up and dull space by adding a totally different pendant as a centrepiece. It is one of the best small space small kitchen lighting ideas that you can try while staying on budget.

4. A Splash Of Gold

The shimmer accents have the ability to light up any dull interior. If you already have a hanging pendant, then you can save a few bucks by painting it gold. For a royal appearance, use some wax candles too.

5. Go For Matching Utensils

It’s like the Brits are addicted to this hue now. There is a huge demand for sage green utensils and cup holders. So, why not you should bandwagon with it? You can easily get a China crockery set in the same colour.

6. A Stylish English High Tea table

It’s going to be a fun accessory as you can place it anywhere in your home. If you’re tight on a budget, then you can transform your old table in a quick DIY way. Match it with some gold ornaments, and don’t forget to style it using fresh green plants.

7. A Matching Air Fryer

Due to the soaring energy prices, the demand for air fryers has increased dramatically. Well, this gives you more options to pick a colour of your choice. You can easily get a small air fryer in the sage green shade to enhance your kitchen aesthetics. 

10 Things To Keep In Mind While Designing A Sage Green Kitchen

Even though this shade goes well with almost every colour. But a minor miscalculation can result in an utter disaster. That’s why follow the below-listed guidelines for a cool appearance.

  1. Don’t rush things, and ensure to keep things minimalistic.
  2. Keep the cabinet design as simple as possible.
  3. Ensure to make a refrigerator cupboard.
  4. Don’t go for a heavy ceiling pendant if your kitchen has enough direct sunlight.
  5. You should skip the red and dark pink with light hues.
  6. Consider indoor plants as the main essential.
  7. It is best to skip multiple kitchen accessories in the same colour.
  8. The wall paint and floor must be the same colour.
  9. A dark backsplash enhances the look of a white worktop and vice versa.
  10. The walls are your canvas through which you can express your artistic side.

Apart from it, you can also go for open kitchen shelving ideas. But don’t opt for multiple open shelves, as they will take up more space.

What colours go with the sage green kitchen?

Sage green kitchen blends well with ash grey, beige, navy, denim, white and muted violet colours. It is best to avoid black, red and hot pink using it.

A little splash of dark shades goes hand in hand, but if you go with the bright wall paints, the sage green accents will not look gloomy and great.

What colour tiles go with a sage green kitchen?

Basic white, brown and light navy tiles are a perfect fit for sage kitchen units. The rule of thumb is to keep the flooring simple with light accents, so it gives an airy and calm feeling.

If your cooking zone is narrow, then it is best to stick with brown floor tiles rather than any other type of flooring.

What colour walls go with sage green kitchen units?

Cream, grey and light navy goes with a sage kitchen unit. For a kitchen with direct sunlight and windows, you can also experiment with orange and tangy red.

Keep in mind that you can pick any colour as long as it is not overshading the cabinets and accessories.

Wrapping It Up!

No doubt, sage green is a calm and soothing colour. It goes well with most of the accents, but a bit of blend will ruin your Kitchen decor.

That’s why it is suggested to keep the colour scheme light rather than picking hot pink and red. Keep the wall paint light and style it with colourful patterns and quirky art.

We hope that we were able to give you the inspiration dose that you were looking for. Well, in the meantime, keep on enjoying your life!

I like to research and write about modern kitchen designs and kitchen appliances; Whether you are looking to design a perfect kitchen or want the best cooking experience, my writing will surely help you out!