Best Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas | Make Blank Walls Fun! (2023)

Let’s be honest; we often neglect the decor of our kitchen. Usually, we spend all of our energy decorating the hallway, lobby, or other corners of the home. 

Best Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

So, if you’re planning to renovate your kitchen or you are looking for ideas to decorate your cooking space, we got you covered.

Definitely, you just can’t put anything on the wall as it may look bad. So, that’s why we’ve hand-picked some exceptional decor ideas for you.

20 Best Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas That You’ll Love

There are limitless possibilities to decorate the kitchen. But, it is best to use the space wisely. The wall can also be used for storage or for hanging kitchenware. 

1. Go For 3D Wallpapers – Elegant And Budget Friendly.

3D Wallpapers

The 3D background wallpapers are amazing for aesthetics. They are pocket friendly and easy to clean. You can style them with any colour or pattern. 

  • Choose light shades and mix-match them with bright patterns.
  • It is best to pick a hexagonal design as it is easy to change.
  • Add a hanging shelf for placing essential utensils.

It is recommended to use a basic white shade for a small apartment kitchen. It is best to avoid red and shades of orange as it usually blends with the curry.

2. KitKat Loft Style – Edorese The Beauty Of Shapes!

KitKat Loft Style

Being a professional designer, I love the loft style. It’s catchy and edgy at the same time. You can spend a minimal amount and achieve the results you want.

  • Mix two totally different shades and give a hint of gold.
  • Hang small chandeliers and prefer to use golden light.
  • Use metal hinges for kitchen cabinets to enhance the sturdy look.

Even though you can blend any two colours. But I suggest using more black and blue for dark shades. Then, mix the interior with yellow, pink, or any other light colour.

3. Try Farm House Style – Nourish The Memories

Try Farm House Style

If you love to cook, then why not hang your favourite quote in your cooking zone? Certainly, you can also use pictures of your loved ones.

  • You can opt for the initials of your name.
  • A dream board will also work well if you’ve kids at home.
  • Balance the colour cluster with some natural plants.

You won’t have to spend a lot to change the wall decor a little bit. The best part of this idea, you can change the photos or quote anytime.

4. Metal Hanging For Recipes – Back To Future

Metal Hanging For Recipes

We all have ruined our favourite book or secret recipe written on paper by putting it on a wet shelf. So, why not fix it now? 

  • Hang a metal stand for recipes on a wall.
  • Soften the ending using sandpaper.
  • Put some indoor plants nearby for aesthetics.

Always keep some clippers on the metal stand. You can also use it to write down any idea that you might have while cooking. The hanging stand can be further enhanced using matt spray.

5. Hang A Black Board – Learning In Old School Way

Hang A Black Board

Let me assure you that your kids will adore this idea. You can also write the lunch or dinner menu on it like cafe style. 

  • Frame the blackboard and wall mount it.
  • Make a few sketches or write down the menu on them.
  • Keep the overall interior barn style.

Don’t get a too big board as nobody wants their kitchen to look like a classroom. Hang two or three lights for proper visuals.

6. Bring In Some Mirrors – Stay On Budget

Bring In Some Mirrors

Hanging mirrors on the kitchen wall is getting more and more trendy. Usually, it suits the most if you have a combined dining space.

  • Prefer round mirrors with thin bezel frames.
  • You can use multiple pieces. 
  • Keep the back wall clean and skip bright shades for more luminous. 

Mirrors will also reflect the glare that will double the light in your cooking space. Furthermore, you can also do a little touch-up after getting done with food.

7. A Small Book Shelf – Journey To Stars

A Small Book Shelf

We all spend around 4 hours at least every day in the kitchen. So, why not read something while you wait for curry to simmer? This will also motivate your kids to read more.

  • Place a bookshelf away from the wet or cooking zone.
  • Put a lamp nearby for a light source.
  • Bring in some plants for a natural feel.

The vibrant colours of books will also add style and life to your space. We strongly recommend you place a paper towel roll nearby to prevent any damage.

8. Embrace Some Ceramic Art – Let There Be Joy

Embrace Some Ceramic Art

Quirky art on plates is very common in south Asia and Northern Africa. These plates are filled with warm colours that look enchanting and mesmerising.

  • Use a maximum of 5 plates and intermix the pattern.
  • Keep the background plain and simple.
  • Ottoman flowers and Persian prints blend well together.

Keep in mind that these plates are expensive and easily breakable. Hang them away from your children’s reach.

9. Go Shaker Style – Minimalism Is Everything Now

Go Shaker Style

Shaker-style doors are extremely loved by Brits. The minimal design is the new approach. So, why not try the shaker style with walls?

  • Keep the cabinet door simple and plain.
  • Colour the wall in a pattern style with white and yellow.
  • It is best to keep plain wood floors.

You can also hang some lighting pendants. Ensure the colour of the pendant is in accordance with the overall interior.

10. Go For Open Shelving – Use Your Space More Conveniently

Open Shelving

Open shelving is mostly preferred in Central London apartments. But why not try it for your kitchen? The Scandinavian design and wood texture bring out the best of appearance.

  • Don’t use any patterns, and set two cupboards side by side.
  • Keep the worktop simple and hustle-free.
  • Put the spice rack and daily used crockery together.

It is best not to put heavy metal cooktops on the same shelf. While hustling, it can break the delicate glass crockery.

11. Add An Attic Touch – Brighten Up Your Space

Add An Attic Touch

Most kitchens are designed as open spaces. You can go for attic style with one wall and mix and match it with bright colours.

  • Add a kitchen extension and go for a glass roof.
  • Embrace the bare brick where you’ll set the sink.
  • Keep the interior black and white for a smooth view.

Keep in mind that the attic wall only suits a wide cooking space. Usually, the island also goes well with it. The silver freestanding gas cookers also go well with the bright yellow shade.

 12. Try Rustic Wall Interior – Everything In Control…

Try Rustic Wall Interior

While cooking, there are a lot of times when we forget where salt and pepper are. This rustic look will save you from all the trouble.

  • Adjust 6 shelves on the wall.
  • Put cooking boards, spice racks, and essentials on them.
  • Keep the racks at eye level.

We recommend you go for white colour. As it is more vibrant and blends with all the elements very well.

13. Combine Yellow And Brown – Modern Farmhouse Look

Combine Yellow And Brown

Why settle for the average when you can be exceptional? In restaurant kitchens, the yellow and brown combination is considered essential.

  • Paint the walls brown and turn the cabin a yellow shade.
  • Blend the curtain also to these two shades.
  • Place all the glass jars aligned on top of the cabins.

This setting works well with ceramic induction hobs. As hobs don’t create more heat. 

14. Try The Exotic Look – Experience Royalty!

Try The Exotic Look

In the Victorian era, Tiles were first introduced for kitchens. Since then, tiles have been everywhere. You can blend the patterns with Moroccan tiles.

  • Make the border of plain tiles and use Moroccan tiles in the middle.
  • For a more rugged look, use dull and bright paint together.
  • Use marble for the countertop and finish with LED strips.

With any exotic look, it is strongly recommended to add a few hanging pendants for a more royal experience.

15. Why Not Skip The Walls – Best For Outdoor Cooking Area

Why Not Skip The Walls

For the outdoor cooking zone, you can skip the walls entirely. For a fine dining experience, try this amazing decor idea.

  • Install the glass walls on three sides with a sunroof.
  • Embellish it with natural vines and hang barn pendants.
  • Give the countertop a rustic look and ensure a refined look.

You can enjoy your breakfast or afternoon tea there. Furthermore, you can add an extension at a minimal cost.

16. Christmas Wall Decoration – All-Year Feast!

Christmas Wall Decoration

I am entirely a fan of festivals. So, I believe that you must have a little celebration corner in your kitchen. So, here’s what you need to do:

  • Fix three aligned shelves at eye level.
  • Make a mini-Christmas tree and put it in the middle.
  • You can later change it with natural flowers.

The key point of shelves is you can use them at your convenience. During Halloween, you can do spooky little settings.

17. Indoor Green Wall – Recycle And Save Planet

Indoor Green Wall

Many homeowners worry about recycling. So, it is best to bring plants in and recycle peels. And with the nice decor, you can do it in style.

  • Fix a 6 feet wide iron rod on the wall.
  • Hang aluminium racks containers and add compost in them.
  • Put the indoor plant’s seed and water it properly.

You can also use the containers as storage boxes. Don’t use soil or any fertiliser, as it will bring bugs and insects inside.

18. Countertop Luminous Lights – Brighten Up Your Day!

Countertop Luminous Lights

This wall decor is extremely beautiful and particle. All you need to do is fix the LED light strips over the countertop. It will come in handy at night.

  • Use the golden luminous under shelves.
  • Keep the interior dull and matched.
  • Place some cotton mats or use a small board and write down anything.

This minimal style matches the shaker style more. Don’t over-mix the dark shades with this decor idea.

19. Try Iron Skillet Board – Skip The Formalities

Try Iron Skillet Board

Iron Skillets are used for every second dish. You can simply hang a board and adjust the cast iron skillet. Here’s how to enhance it more.

  • Use the natural wood board and smooth corners with sandpaper.
  • Take three clips and hang the pots using them.
  • You can also use bright paper flags and plants to balance the black shade.

This will also encourage your kids to bring out the hidden “artist” in them. So, give them the warmth of love while making memories together.

20. Go For Modern Bare Brick Style – Bring Back Country Feel

Modern Bare Brick Style

Many people adored this style in the early 1900s. So, why not bring it back? Leave the bricks as it is. Ensure to smooth them with sandpaper. 

  • Fix the spice rack and cabinets on the wall. 
  • Install the electric cooking plate in the middle.
  • For a more authentic feel, use metal kitchen baskets.

You won’t have to spend a lot of your hard-earned money. If you have wide windows, then the natural light will blend with them perfectly. 

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas FAQs

What should you put on kitchen walls?

Hang bold colour prints, large pots, or artwork on kitchen walls. Furthermore, you can also use neon lights for decoration. 

What is the most popular colour for a kitchen?

Usually, homeowners across the UK prefer to use light shades of navy, green and yellow. We strongly recommend sticking with white or off-white for a clear view.

What are the new colours for kitchens in 2022?

Yellow, Golden, Black, Grey, and Royal Green colours are the most used for kitchen furniture in 2022. Timeless White and Black are now preferred for walls.

Should you have art in your kitchen?

Yes, you must hang art on your kitchen wall. Ensure that the painting or quirky art is not made of oil colours. 

What type of painting is good in the kitchen?

It is best to hang textile paintings or artwork with a semi-gloss finish. Artworks with glass frames are also a good option.

How can you make your kitchen look beautiful?

Keep the cooking area clean. Use simple and plain colours in the interior. Don’t overuse red and orange. Keep the furniture clean and simple. 

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Wrapping It Up!

It is best to keep the interior of kitchen walls simple and plain. Use more light colours and metal hinges for a contemporary look.

Don’t hang any easily damageable painting and it is best to keep a few plants around your cooking zone.

We hope that our budget-friendly wall decor ideas will surely inspire you. So, in the meantime, keep on cooking with love!

I like to research and write about modern kitchen designs and kitchen appliances; Whether you are looking to design a perfect kitchen or want the best cooking experience, my writing will surely help you out!