Best Gas Cookers with Eye Level Grill in The UK 2022

Best Gas Cookers with Eye Level Grill in The UK 2021

Short on time? Well, here are our top three eye-level gas cookers. With a maximum capacity and instant heat, you’ll be cooking anything you want in no time.

Best Overall
Beko 50 cm gas cooker with grill
  • 62-litre capacity
  • rotary dials
  • faster cooking
Value For Money
Montpellier 60cm double cooker
  • side opening door
  • supports enamel pans
  • glass lid
Best Features
NEW WORLD 55 cm Eye Level Freestanding cooker
  • freestanding gas cooker
  • automatic ignition system
  • double-glazed viewing window

Eye-level grills and gas cookers are very convenient. As the rotary dials and multiple cooking zones make it easy to manage temperature swiftly. 

Furthermore, the removable grill and oven lights ensure A level of energy efficiency. That’s why gas cookers with eye-level grills are mostly preferred by professional chefs for baking. 

Unfortunately, finding a suitable grill gas cooker is not that easy, as most of them are suitable for professional use. If you’re planning to buy a new eye-level gas cooker, worry not. We got you covered with our detailed research.

In this article, we will give our honest opinion on the 7 best gas cookers with eye-level grills. Before jumping to products, have a quickie at how we pick these products.

How We Pick Our Products?

Our Kitchen Magician Team is comprised of professional chefs. We only write reviews about products that we have tested at least twice. 

You might be thinking about how it was possible to test all seven products. Well, luckily we don’t have to buy all the below-listed cookers. 

This was only possible with the help of our dearest colleagues and the former restaurants they’ve been working.

For the product selection process, we have to rely on our marketing team and personal shoppers. We also reach out to a few people who’re already using these eye-level cookers for a better overview.

Comparing Best Eye Level Grills In the UK

Best Minimalist Design
Indesit 50cm Double Cavity Gas Cooker

Indesit 50cm Double Cavity Gas Cooker

  •    Ideal For Large Families
  •    Comes With a Lid
  •    4-Zone Gas Hob
Best Lightweight
Montpellier MEL50W 50cm Single Oven Gas Cooker

Montpellier MEL50W 50cm Single Oven Gas Cooker

  •    Enamel Lining
  •    Removable Grill Pan and Wire Shelf
  •    Easy to Move
Best Durable
Indesit 60cm Double Oven Gas Cooker

Indesit 60cm Double Oven Gas Cooker

  •    Robust Construction
  •    Easy to Use
  •    Double Ovens
Best Instant Heat
Hotpoint Carrick Double Oven Gas Cooker

Hotpoint Carrick Double Oven Gas Cooker

  •    Instant Heat
  •    Saves Money
  •    Slow Cooking Function

Eye Level Grill Gas Cookers with 50cm width

These are perfect for your cosy kitchen. As they are freestanding and require less space for installation. Even with the compact size, large capacity is ensured. 

The oven light allows you to keep an eye on your dish without opening the door. Here’re our 3 best 50cm wide gas cookers with eye-level grills.

1. Beko KA52NEW Gas Cooker With Eye Level Grill- Editor’s Choice

Looking for durability and convenience together, the Beko gas cooker with grill is a perfect fit for your kitchen.


The 62 litres cooking capacity of the built-in single oven is enough to bake multiple dishes at once. The heating element is perfect and doesn’t burn food. 

The main highlight is its A-Rated Energy Efficiency. You get four burners that come with their distinctive rotary dials for swift temperature control.

Number of Zones4 | LPG CompatibilityYes | Oven Capacity62 Litres | Number of Grills1 | Number of Ovens1

Reasons to Buy
  • Energy efficiency rating ensures low energy consumption.
  • Comes with a large capacity and smooth rotary dials.
  • Grilling is easy, and the oven gets hot quickly.
  • The body of the cooker is prone to staining

2. Indesit Double Cavity Gas Cooker with Lid – Cutting Edge Technology!

The Double Cavity Gas Cooker from Indesit flaunts a minimalist design. It has an alluring appearance and large glass windows. 


It’s also one of the most affordable eye-level gas grill cookers in the market but still has excellent functionalities and capacities. With two distinctive cavities,  a four-zone gas hob and an included grill are suitable for multitasking. 

The oven and grill windows are double-glazed, meaning that no heat would be able to evacuate through the sides.

Number of Zones4 | LPG CompatibilityYes | Oven Capacity66 Litres | Number of Shelves2 wired | Hinge PositionBottom

Reasons to Buy
  • Four-zoned gas hob makes it perfect for large families.
  • It can achieve four heat zones with the help of four burners.
  • You get a double-glazed oven and a grill with clear windows.
  • It doesn’t contain a timer function.

3. Montpellier MEL50W Single Oven With Grill – Suitable for Large Family

The Montpellier MEL50W Single Oven Gas Cooker comes with a massive capacity, a dedicated grill, and a gas hob while still being light in weight. 


With its adjustable wire shelves, you can accommodate more dishes at once. The warranty on parts is enough to provide additional mind peace. 

Compared to its 62 litres, the weight is minimal. The cutting-edge design is suitable for rugged use. The grill is wide enough to fulfil all your midnight cravings and snack time.

Overall, if you’re looking for the best 50cm gas cooker with a lid, it is your way to go!

Number of Zones4 | LPG CompatibilityYes | Oven Capacity62 Litres | Number of Shelves2 | Hinge PositionBottom

Reasons to Buy
  • The lightweight model is suitable for small kitchens.
  • Comes with an adjustable wire shelf.
  • Enamel coating ensures swift exterior cleaning.
  • Flame protection function isn’t impressive.

Eye Level Grill Gas Cooker with 55cm width

If you’re a fan of multi-tasking, then a 55cm gas cooker with oven and grill is just right for you. With the wide grill, you also got a bigger oven capacity. 

Unfortunately, there are not many options available when it comes to a 55cm grill gas cooker.

4. NEW WORLD NW55THLG High Grill- Safest Eye Level Freestanding Gas Cooker

If you have kids around the house and need a safe gas cooker, then we recommend the NEW WORLD Eye Level Grill and Cooker. 


It comes with a flame safety device that efficiently turns the gas flow off whenever the fire gets extinguished accidentally.

With a 48-litre capacity, it accommodates entire meals for singles, couples, or even small families. The inner doors are removable, and the enamel exterior ensures quick oven cleaning.

Number of Zones4 | LPG CompatibilityYes | Oven Capacity48 Litres | Energy RatingA | Number of Grills1

Reasons to Buy
  • The removable inner glass doors are convenient.
  • Comes with a flame safety device.
  • It comes with a storage compartment for utensils.
  • The 48-liter capacity is relatively small compared to its size.

Eye Level Grill Gas Cooker with 60cm width

60cm wide grills are enough to host a BBQ party for all your friends and family. Mostly, such wide cookers come with double ovens. These ovens have more capacity and enamel exterior. 

5. Indesit 60cm Double Oven Gas Cooker- No Fuss While Cleaning!

If you want your unit to last for years without wearing out, we recommend getting the Indesit Double Oven Gas Cooker. 


Made with stainless steel, it comes with an enamel coating that prevents it from rusting and wearing off for years. The digital clock allows you to set a timer swiftly. Another feature that you’d like is its built-in double ovens, with the main one with 81 liters and the secondary with a 32-litre capacity.

Number of Zones4 | Number of Shelves2 | Oven CapacityMain: 81 Litres, Secondary: 32 Litres | Energy RatingA+ | Number of Grills1

Reasons to Buy
  • It comes with two ovens, making it ideal for large families.
  • The build quality is exceptional and suitable for rugged use.
  • With the digital clock, you can always keep track of perfect cooking times.
  • The knobs can get hot while cooking.

6. Montpellier MDG600LK 60cm Cooker – Best Freestanding Double Oven

The Montpellier MDG600LK is another great model to consider if you’re looking for a gas cooker that can cook several dishes on the go. 


With two extra-large ovens, the top oven has an integrated grill with a drop-down door for easier access to the food.

You can have four zones of heat with its four powerful burners, which also support enamel pans.

Number of Zones4 | Number of Ovens2 | Oven CapacityMain: 63 Litres, Secondary: 36 Litres | Energy RatingB | Number of Grills1

Reasons to Buy
  • It comes with a glass lid that shuts off the gas supply when you close it.
  • The burners are large enough to fit pots and pans of any size.
  • The integrated grill and drop-down door is easier to clean.
  • The knobs aren’t in a convenient position.
  • Require more gas energy to heat up properly.

7. Hotpoint Carrick 60cm Double Oven Gas Cooker- Instant Heat Assured!

The show stopper feature of this gas cooker with grill is its instant heat and catalytic liner interior. Catalytic liners use the oven’s heat to break down grease and fat.


It is specifically designed for large families as its ovens have 81 and 32-litre capacities. 

You can save a considerable fraction of time as this unit has been equipped with fast pre-heat technology.

Number of Zones4 | Number of Ovens2 | Oven CapacityMain: 81 Litres, Secondary: 32 Litres | Energy RatingA | Number of Grills1

Reasons to Buy
  • Provide instant heat and cut the preheating time.
  • Front-mounted controls are made of sturdy materials.
  • The slow cooking function works absolutely wonders.
  • The knobs aren’t in a convenient position.

Eye Level Grill Gas Cooker FAQs

What is an eye-level grill?

An eye-level grill is basically an additional accessory available with some gas cookers. 

It is placed on the cooker’s top, preventing you from bending down every time to check your food. This way, you can keep an eye on both the grill and the gas hob simultaneously.

Can you buy a separate grill?

Yes, you can buy a separate grill and attach it to your existing gas cooker. These grills serve many purposes, such as grilling cheese, sausages, or burger patties without having to start your outdoor barbecue grill.

What gap do you need for a 60cm cooker?

You need at least 60cm of space to install a 60cm cooker. Furthermore, it is recommended to ensure an additional 10cm space on each side.

Do you need a gap on either side of the gas cooker?

Yes, a gap of 10cm on either side is necessary. It allows you to clean the cooker exterior easily. 

Editor’s End Note

Eye-level grill gas cookers are convenient and energy efficient. You don’t have to use the main oven for a quick snack, as the top-shelf grill comes in handy. 

50cm gas cookers are suitable for household use. But, if you have a large family and want something more professional, then a 60cm wide grill is suitable for you.

We hope that with our expert opinion, you will be able to pick the right cooker for your kitchen. While in the meantime, keep on cooking all your heart out!

I like to research and write about modern kitchen designs and kitchen appliances; Whether you are looking to design a perfect kitchen or want the best cooking experience, my writing will surely help you out!