Can You Paint Kitchen Worktops? (Read This Before You Do)

Over time, the Kitchen worktop becomes rough and worn out. That looks bad and affects the overall appearance. So, how to bring back life to your dull cooking area?

Changing the worktops can be very expensive. So, what can you do to hide it? Should you paint it? Is painting the laminate worktop a good idea? 

Well, yes, you can paint the kitchen worktops. It is an inexpensive way to cover all the burnt marks, elbow grease, and chipped tiles or granite.

Painting a worktop is not easy. It can ruin your kitchen if not done properly. That’s why our expert designer has researched to guide you properly.

Should You Paint Your Kitchen Worktops?

Yes, you can paint your kitchen worktops. Usually, it depends on the material of your countertop. Wooden and laminate countertops should not be painted, as they are impermeable.

What Paint Is Best For Kitchen Worktops?

Acrylic or enamel-based paint is best for your worktops. It is best to avoid the shiny and gloss look worn out over time.

Can You Paint Your Kitchen Worktop

Latex paint is only suitable only for kitchen wall art. As you’ll place wet crockery on the countertop, it’ll eventually make latex bubbles.

The best solution is to use colour spray paints for an even smooth look. 

Can You Paint Laminate Worktops?        

Yes, you can paint the laminate countertop area. But, unfortunately, it won’t last long as laminate is not suitable for varnish and glue.

Recently, a viral trend on social media has been that people are painting their laminate worktop areas. But it will maximum last for 5 to 6 months.

How Long The Paint Will Last On Your Countertop?

Paint can only stay for a maximum of three years. It actually depends on several factors.  If you place wet utensils on it, it will have stains and wear off over time.

Painting Your Kitchen Worktop – Doing It Right!

So, if you have made up your mind to paint your worktop. Then here’s how to do it without creating any mess.

Things Required For Kitchen Worktop Painting:

  • Paint Brust
  • Paint or Spray Paint
  • Small Roller
  • Protective Tape
  • Gloves
  • Metal Sponge
  • Face Mask 
  • Primer
  • Gloss Varnish

5 Steps To Paint Your Worktop Perfectly 

1. Smooth The Surface

This is an essential step. Most people skip this step and end up with an uneven and goofy surface.

If you have a granite or marble worktop, use a regular sponge and smooth all the edges.

Don’t apply too much pressure on the laminate or wooden surfaces. As it can damage their delicacy.

2. Apply First Primer Coat

Applying primer requires technique and patience. Be very gentle while applying it, as you don’t want to create a thick layer of it.

Once the primer is properly dried, scrub any uneven layer and apply another thin layer of it using a soft brush.

3. Apply The Colour Coat

Once you’re done with the primer, wait for at least 30 minutes before applying the colour. 

If you have chosen a bright or dark shade, then it is best to apply it at least three times for a perfect and even result.

You can choose any colour you like, but we recommend you skip pastel and dark shades of blue and black. As burnt stains appear more prominent on them.

Can You Paint Your Kitchen Worktop

4. Add the Pattern Layer

Recently, there has been a huge trend of shiny glass marble worktops. So if you want to give it a little extra touch, here’s how to do it properly.

  • Make a thin line of black or dark blue colour
  • Spread it using a blow dryer or epoxy spreader
  • Let it set, and clear the edges using cotton buds

Then, give it proper rest. It is best if you leave it overnight for proper drying. If you already have a lavish kitchen wall decor, we suggest you choose a matching colour.

5. Finish It With Refine Acrylic Coat

Once you’re done with everything, then it’s time to end the process with the final clear acrylic coat.

While applying the last acrylic coat, make sure that you smooth it even and won’t use a lot of paint.

DIY Kitchen Worktop Paint

Being an interior designer, I am a fan of DIY Projects. They are eye catchy and easy on the pocket. 

So, if you are tight on budget, here’s our tested DIY project for you to try.

  • Brush out all the rugged surfaces of your countertop with a metal sponge.
  • Then, wipe all the dust with a wet paper towel.
  • Apply the first layer of your paint.
  • Make a design on it with a sponge or patterns with a fork.
  • Then, finish it by applying the acrylic layer.

It is highly recommended not to apply a lot of pressure on the sponge while making parents on the worktop surface. 

For best results, give the counter rest for at least 30 minutes between the final layers.

Tips To Paint Your Kitchen Worktop Evenly

  • Always smooth the countertop surface before applying any paint layer.
  • Wash the brush every time before you use it.
  • It is best to use light shades with bright walls.
  • Never apply a lot of paint at once.
  • Wait at least 40 minutes before you apply the second paint coat.
  • Always apply a very thin layer of acrylic while finishing.

Remember, even refined paint will further enhance your kitchen shelves decor.

Painting Kitchen Worktop FAQs

Can you spray paint kitchen worktops?

Yes, spray paint is a better option as compared to regular paint coating. While doing it, cover the sockets and corners with sticky tape. It is best to spray at least one foot above the top. 

How to paint countertops without a kit?

1) Take regular wall brush and gloves
2) Use sticky tape to cover all sockets and corners
3) Smooth out the rugged surface using a sponge
4) Apply a thin layer of paint a time
5) Let it set, and reapply the final coat
6) Finish the final look by applying an acrylic gloss coat

How do you paint countertops to look like granite?

For a granite look, you have to use light and dark shades altogether. Apply one light colour shade and then put a dark colour coat. 
For the best outcome, dry the dark shade using a commercial blow dryer.

Can You Paint Kitchen Worktops? Wrapping It Up!

Painting your worktop is not an easy task. It requires technique and especially patience. So, while doing it yourself, be very patient.

The Colour paint is very delicate. So, it is best to apply a thin layer at a time. To prevent any colour crystals and uneven shades, always apply a final second coat.

We hope that this guide will help you to transform your dull cooking area into an enchanting and lively space.

I like to research and write about modern kitchen designs and kitchen appliances; Whether you are looking to design a perfect kitchen or want the best cooking experience, my writing will surely help you out!