Kitchen Worktop Replacement Cost In 2023 | UK’s Best Guide

Over time, the kitchen worktop gets outdated and becomes rugged due to overuse. Eventually, it ruins your kitchen aesthetics.

Well, you can replace the kitchen countertop anytime. But the first that came into our mind is how much to replace kitchen worktops.

The short answer is it depends on the material and the length of your countertop. If you opt for laminate, it can be done on a budget of £500. 


While for wood and granite worktops, you’ll need to spend over £1200 to £1500. Quartz is another popular choice that usually costs £1000, excluding the fitting expenses.

But that’s not all. You’ll also need to pay the additional labor cost, which can be pretty confusing to understand.

But worry not; we’ve got you covered. Our editors have done detailed research to guide you thoroughly. So, sit back and keep on reading.

Kitchen Countertops Replacement Cost

In the UK, kitchen worktops are sold in square feet. And normally, a regular kitchen has 55 square feet of countertop, which comes at the expense of £800 to £2000. 

Worktop MaterialAverage CostLabour Cost
Laminate£200 – £850£40 per square meter
Quartz£700 – £1800£80 per square meter
Wood£650 – £2100£95 per square meter
Granite£900 – £1900£60 per square meter
Corian£950 – £2600£60 per square meter
Marble£1500 – £2500£80 per square meter
  • Overall, laminate is the cheapest material for replacing kitchen worktops. Even the high-end finishing comes at a budget of £1000, including labor costs.
  • Keep in mind that there is no fixed labor rate. You are expected to pay more if you live in big and central cities.

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Best Kitchen Worktop Material

Picking the right countertop can be confusing, and one small mistake ruins the overall look of your cooking zone. So, here’re the five best kitchen worktop materials with all of their pros and cons.

1. Laminate Worktops (Cost £120 per sqm)

Laminate is inexpensive and a quick-fix solution. It is easy to maintain, and the cherry on top is that you can install it yourself as a DIY project.

  • Affordable but give your kitchen a more expensive look
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • It blends well with every type of kitchen style

The other side of the picture is that it can burn and peel over very easily. Even though now there are several scratch-proof laminate sheets available, a small scratch can tear it down quickly.

2. Granite Kitchen Countertop (Cost £270 per sqm)

Granite gives your kitchen a royal and luxurious look. It is stylish and doesn’t wear off quickly.

  • Easy to clean and heat resistant
  • It doesn’t require any maintenance.
  • Enhances the cooking area aesthetics 

But the luxury comes with a heavy price tag. Also, it is quite heavy to fit, and a professional installation is required.

3. Hard Wood Kitchen Countertops (Cost £120 per sqm)

A classic choice that looks stunning and timeless. And the cherry on top is that it looks great with age.

  • Can be easily scratched or caught fire
  • There are multiple color and grain options available.
  • It requires daily maintenance and extra care.

Even though it gets better with age, it is best to avoid putting a hot pan and pot over it. As doing so will leave round burn marks.

4. Marble Kitchen Worktops (Cost £300 per sqm)

Marble is the most popular choice for worktops in the UK. It is stylish and looks stunning. Also, it is the best material to facelift your kitchen.

  • It is heat resistant but easily stainable. 
  • It can be scratched easily and is expensive to repair
  • It reacts with acid and leaves stains

So, due to its reactive nature with acid, you can’t use DIY cleaning hacks. It looks great, but a small scratch will eventually destroy the worktop within days.

5. Corian Kitchen Worktop (Cost £200 per sqm)

Corian has a nonporous and solid surface which makes it resistant to heat. Its surface doesn’t get any stains quickly. That’s why it is preferred by homeowners across the UK.

  • Can be fixed and repaired quickly
  • Seamless and stain resistant
  • Over 100 color options are available.

It is worth mentioning that water leakage can damage its joints. The other problem with Corian countertops is that they are not heat resistant and are easily flammable. 

How Long Does It Take To Install Kitchen Countertops?

Usually, it takes 3 to 7 hours to install a kitchen worktop. Its time frame mainly depends on the material and the number of cuts. Overall, fitting a worktop with more cuts can take over 10 hours.

Cost Of Replacing Kitchen Countertops UK FAQs

Can you replace kitchen worktops?

Yes, kitchen worktops can be replaced. You can do it by yourself, but it is best to hire a professional to do it.

How much to replace kitchen worktops?

Usually, the cost depends on the size, material, and quality. Typically, it can cost anywhere from £850 to £3000, with an additional £300 as labor cost.

How much to replace kitchen countertops with granite?

Replacing your old countertop with granite will cost between £900 to £2000, depending on the quality of the granite.

How long after the granite is installed can you use it?

Wait for 24 hours before using your granite worktop once you’re done with the installation. Give proper time to its porous surface for fitting and sealing.

How long after quartz is installed can you use it?

It is best to use quartz worktops after 24 hours. Give proper time to the silicon to make a strong sealing.

Can you paint your kitchen countertops?

Yes, you can paint kitchen countertops. It is a cheap DIY solution to cover all the burnt stains and facelift your kitchen.

Wrapping It Up!

Replacing your worktop will give your kitchen a new look at an affordable cost. Normally, replacing kitchen worktops costs around £850 to £3000, depending on the material and size.

You also have to pay the labor cost per square meter, which sums up to 30% of your total budget. 

Laminate is the cheapest and quick-fix solution, while Marble is the most expensive yet popular choice among homeowners across the UK.

We hope that this article helps you with an estimated cost of countertop replacement. Well, in the meantime, keep on winning your dreams. 

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