10 Best Small Kitchen Conservatory Extension Ideas To Try In 2023

Extending the kitchen into a conservatory is the best idea to bring natural light in and add value to your property. It adds a bit of space to your kitchen but eventually enhances the aesthetics.


Well, if you’re looking for small kitchen conservatory extension ideas, we’ve got some stunning and jaw-dropping ideas for you to be inspired.

So, sit back and keep reading to transform your old kitchen into a modern marvel.

10 Best Small Kitchen Conservatory Ideas 

Whether you’re looking for sunlight or want to build a conservatory dining space, we got you covered. The below-listed ideas are not only soothing for the eyes but are also practical.

1. Add Room For Extra Seating 

A kitchen island looks fancy and provides extra space.

Add Room For Extra Seating 

You can make an island in the added space. For a trendy and industrial touch, you can extend it to your dining table.

2. Go For Side Return Conservatory

Side return kitchen extension is the most popular and requires minimal construction work.

Go For Side Return Conservatory

Keep the modern glass look. It will bring essential light and heat to your place and also gives the illusion of a wide kitchen.

3. Choose the appropriate kitchen radiators for your kitchen

Choosing the appropriate kitchen radiators is an important decision when starting a kitchen conservatory extension. The selection of radiators can have a significant impact on the extended space’s functionality and aesthetics.

There are many options available, including more traditional designs that add a touch of traditional charm or sleek and contemporary radiators that go well with a modern kitchen conservatory.

By carefully selecting the appropriate radiators, you can achieve a harmonious blend of functionality and style, making your kitchen conservatory a comfortable and visually appealing space.

4. Design Open Space With Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are minimalistic and practical. You can combine your porch or garden with the kitchen.

Design Open Space With Bifold Doors

The cherry on top is that you can design two separate places and use them at your convenience.

5. Opt For A Flat Glass Roof

This idea is perfect if you love to enjoy the sunny summer.

Opt For A Flat Glass Roof

This theme will transform your kitchen into a modern luxury space. You can open up the glass roof when the weather is good and airy.

6. Room For Nifty Seating Nook

 Adding a nifty nook gives your kitchen a classic, timeless look.

Room For Nifty Seating Nook

You can build a conservatory extension in an arc style and adjust seating around it. It could be a nice spot for brunch and afternoon tea.

7. Bring Tons of Light By Extending Eaves

If you’re tight on budget, then this small kitchen conservatory idea is perfect for you.

Bring Tons of Light By Extending Eaves

All you need to do is add a pitched roof. Create a ceiling-to-floor window to give an illusion of extra space.

8. Modern Dining Room Conservatory

The direct light on the dining table looks stunning and beautiful.

Modern Dining Room Conservatory

You can blend your kitchen and dining room together. You can also go for a small coffee table if your cooking space is narrow.

9. Plan Open Space With Orangery

Whether you’re a fan of a conservatory or orangery, both are aesthetic.

Plan Open Space With Orangery

You can design an open-space kitchen combined with your living room. To prevent cooking smells, you can install sliding glass doors.

10. Add Room For Wall Decor

Show your artistic side and display your kitchen wall art under the side conservatory.

Add Room For Wall Decor

You can also add space by adding floating shelves. Don’t forget to add some green vines for additional beauty touch.

Conservatory Kitchen Extension Cost

Usually, a conservatory kitchen extension costs around £15,000. But you can cut the expense to half by opting for a flat glass roof.

If you can do some DIY plumbing and electrician work by yourself, then you can save an additional £1500 to £2000. 

It is worth mentioning that you’re expected to pay around £4000 to £6000 as labor costs for 3 – 4 weeks of construction.

Normally, the labor cost is more expensive in the city centers as compared to the rural areas. So, overall extending the kitchen into the conservatory will cost around £20,000.

Do I need planning permission for a conservatory?

The answer to this question is “it depends.” If you’re planning to add a conservatory that is going to be only 3m in height, then you don’t need any permission. 


But if you are planning to build a rear conservatory that will extend over 6 meters, then you’ll need planning permission. 

Taking permission from the UK Planning Department usually takes 8 to 13 weeks. Also, you have to pay a service and application processing fee.

5 Things To Consider While Planning Conservatory Extension

Here is some essential information you must know to avoid legal action or construction problems.

  1. You can only extend the conservatory up to the side wall of your house.
  2. It must not cover more than 50% of the land around your house.
  3. Its height or eaves cannot extend over the original roof of the property.
  4. A conservatory is always built on the back side of your house.
  5. You can’t extend over 4 meters in height while adding a single-story conservatory.

Also, it is worth mentioning that an extension doesn’t induce veranda or balconies. It is recommended to consult with an experienced contractor before you plan the layout.

Can You Put A Kitchen In A Conservatory?

As long as your conservatory extension has a pepper ventilation system, you can put your kitchen there.


For the sturdiness of glass and supportive material, it is recommended to invest in a quality kitchen extractor fan that vents outside. It will vent all the heat and cooking smells outside, keeping your place fresh.

Is A Conservatory Classed As An Extension?

It is classed as an extension if it exceeds the permitted planning rules. But if it’s within 2 meters of the property line and supported by glass dwarf walls, then the answer is no.

Wrapping It Up!

Modern conservatory ideas can transform your home into a stunning place and provide you with additional space.

Opting for the flat glass roof is the most popular conservatory extension idea in the UK. Usually, it costs around £15,000 to £18,000 to add it as an extension.

We hope that with our nine stunning and practical ideas, we were able to inspire you. Well, in the meantime, be happy and keep on renovating your home.

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