25 Best Quirky Kitchen Wall Art Ideas To Try – Cool & Inexpensive!

If you think your kitchen is dull and plain-sighted, then a colourful, quirky kitchen wall art piece can brighten up your cooking space.

The only problem is how to pick the right quirky prints. Usually, either the art is expensive or easily damageable.

Quirky Kitchen Wall Art

That’s why the interior designers of Kitchen Magicians have done detailed research. We have picked the best colourful decorative craft for your space. These textile prints are not only catchy but also inexpensive.

25 Best Kitchen Wall Art & Paintings 

A kitchen is a fun place. With the proper colours, you’ll enjoy making delicious food. 

Some people love botanic, while some prefer abstract. Speaking of myself, I am a fan of either black-and-white prints or sparkling rainbow shades.

That’s why we have picked the five best pieces of each category. So, you can pick the enchanted art piece for yourself.

Botanic Wall Art – Future Is Green!

From Lavender to banana leaves, eventually, the sky is the limit when it comes to botanic wall art.

Quirky Kitchen Wall Art

Vintage Lavender Canvas – Bring In Positive Vibes!


If you have an eye for art, then you’ll fall in love with this canvas. It’s modern and has vintage vibes at the same time. 

The purple shade blends well with the rustic background. The slight touch of green and yellow enhances its beauty even more.

Tropical Nature Decor – Mystic Talk


At first glance, you’ll sense the smoothness. The canvas is aesthetic, and you can give it to your friends as a warm house present.

This art poster is perfect for your kitchen. But it’s best to hang it away from any direct heat source.

Contemporary Art Piece – Lilies All The Way


This modern funky wall art is unique. Its dark appearance will blend well with any modern shaker kitchen.

The two panels can be hung together, or you can use them in different parts of your home. The size is 16×32 inches.

Indigo Blue Flowers – Botanical And Abstract Altogether!


Bring the welcome feel to your kitchen with this flower vase. The dull breeze and indigo-blue mix well and create a beautiful view.

The one feature that I love the most is the Earthy touch. The glass jar and water illusion blend to create a 3D appearance. The size of this painting is 12×16 inches.

Navy Gold Wall Art – Embrace The Silver Lining


Recently, there has been a huge trend in gold decor. The golden colour blends with green and other bright shades.

The set of three beautiful canvases has a size of 12×17 inches. The minimalist touch of pink feels fresh with other objects.

Colourful Abstract Wall Art – Exploring Other Dimensions

If you have a small kitchen, then abstract art will suit your space well. The best part of such canvases is that you can hang them in any direction.

Quirky Kitchen Wall Art

The Gold Glow – Make A Statement


Speaking of myself, I personally love this piece of art. This contemporary canvas is suitable for your dining room or any part of your home.

The rustic brown touch and bright orange shade intermix with your furniture. You can choose the right size from five different options.

Yellow Fireflies – Lost In LA LA Land 


This masterpiece is straight out of Alice in Wonderland. You’ll definitely fall in love with this luminous canvas. 

The grey and white shade balances out the dark touch of black. The subtle yellow hue will also match the colour of your furniture.

The Tree Of Life – Reignite The Passion!


If you have a small kitchen extension, then you might want to display it there. The mystic combination and abstract texture seem well together.

The odourless and smooth appearance will suit every type of cooking area. Yellow represents life, and red represents the beauty of life.

Modern Abstract Aesthetic – Fresh And Enchanting


Bring on your artistic sentiments with these six modern wall art decorations. The women’s drawing gives it a modern touch.

The three pieces have women’s impressions on them, while the other three have floral and vase prints. The size of each painting is 10×14 inches.

Go With The Patterns – Back To Future


Abstract craft is all about lines and patterns. Reclaim your heart by finding the perfect piece according to your preferences.

With the perfect balance of yellow, red, blue and orange, it has all primary colours. You can hang them without frames too.

Fruit Wall Art For Kitchen – Make Lemonade Out Of Lemons

Brits relate fruit art directly with the kitchen. The natural hues will brighten your cooking space. The colour-filled canvas will delight your eyes too.

Quirky Kitchen Wall Art

The Fruit Platter – Experience Luxury 


The exceptional colour mix and high quality will brighten up your day. It looks surprisingly realistic. The water drops shine over the black background.

The five mason jars are filled with enchanting shades. The red from watermelon and strawberries blend well with the yellow luminous of mango.

Indian Spices Aroma – A Colourful Affair


The colour of spices is elegant, and the mystic aroma surely takes you to another dimension. So, if you’re a fan of Indian spices, you’ll love this unusual wall art.

The perfect balance of white and other shades will lighten your cooking area. The best part is you can also hang it over your eye-level grill gas cooker.

For The Love Of Wine – Tipsy Around The Clock!


It is a perfect dining room wall art. The picture of modern decoration is also ideal for hanging small kitchens.

The frame material is sturdy, and the dark appearance blends well with the shining light of the windows. 

Lemons Everywhere – The Summer Fruit Style


The importance of Lemon is very vital in every age of art. So, why not give it a minimalist touch? The modern appearance looks simply great.

The white and blue strip suit with a lighter shade of yellow. The green leaf seems a little rustic, but overall the appearance is great.

Embrace Victorian Decor – Just As You Like It!


This cool wall art has every element in it. The rustic touch of old kitchens, the elegance of the Victorian era and the beauty of the English era.

So, why not hang it in your kitchen? I specifically love the flower element in the third canvas. The dimension of each frame is 12×12 inches.

Modern Kitchen Wall Art – Only The Iconic Moments

If you are a fan of modern art, then you’ll love these options. With the innovation of technology, art has reached the height of the renaissance.

Quirky Kitchen Wall Art

Lunch atop a Skyscraper – Handmade With Elegance


This iconic moment is known as a men-eating lunch. Charles Clyde Ebbets captured this photograph.

It represents courage and dignity. Hanging it on your wall will undoubtedly keep your morale high. 

Replica Of The Kiss – Multiple The Love!


The kiss by Gustav Klimt is one of the greatest masterpieces from the Nouveau era. The rich-coloured oil painting has every element in it.

Multiple shades and digitally printed canvas will bring positive vibes to your space. We recommend you use LED mood lights over it. 

The Starry Night – A Conversation With Imaginations


Starry Night by Van Gogh is the greatest art piece of all time. The conversation with imagination surely suits it well.

The dark brown and orange-yellow colours enrich the texture, and the modern touch looks soothing to the eyes.

The Pink Bubble – Madness Is Genius!


The sweetheart of Hollywood, Marilyn Monreo, was the most photographed celebrity at her career peak. 

The pink hue and her iconic resting eyes look incredible. It can be directly hung over hobs or under kitchen cabinets.

The Paris Of My Dreams – Happiness All The Way


The enchanting vibes of Paris are loved by everyone. So, why not bring Paris home? This abstract piece showcases the best of the World, i.e. happiness.

You can buy the right size according to your convenience. Due to the multiple colours, it will be suitable for every corner of your home.

Minimalist Wall Art For Your Kitchen – Less Is More Now

Metal and minimalist art is the new trend of this decade. That’s why most Brits use metal decoration pieces in their kitchens. The best part is you can also use it as a kitchen wall shelves divider. 

Quirky Kitchen Wall Art

Famous Landmarks – Travel Across World


If you spend most of your time in your kitchen. Then, you should hang amazing landmarks of some countries.

From the clock tower to the iconic Golden bridge, you can pick the famous landscapes you love. The 12×12 inches is very convenient.

One Kiss Is All It Takes – Metallic Art On Paper


The metallic art is trendy and minimalist. It represents love and the aura of the family. This will also remind you to cook with more love and care.

The hug and handshake represent empathy. The plain background is enough to add more colours of life to the canvas.

Spring In Fall – Love Can Heal Everything


The clock tower bridge is adored by everyone around the globe. I personally love this artwork. It is passionate and enchanting.

The red represents hope and passion. The tree shows that life goes on and on. So, for a delightful cooking experience, it is best to surround yourself with love.

Almond Blossom – High-Quality Framed Art


This beautiful digitally printed painting is a replica of the infamous 17th-century oil artwork. The real piece actually smells like almond blossoms.

According to Greek mythology, it represents courage, hope and purity. So, for positive vibes, you can also hang it in your dining room.

Daisies And Poppies Vase – Bring Life To Your Kitchen


Personally, I love this replica artwork by Van Gogh. It actually hangs in my cooking space. Its key feature is the classic touch.

The white and rustic orange mix well with a light green shade. You can pick the right size from four different options.

Quirky Kitchen Wall Art FAQs

How Can You Add Art To Your Kitchen?

There are several ways to express your artistic touch. Here’re some of the common styles:
1) Hanging Textile Prints
2) Using Decoration Pieces
3) Using Printed Stickers
4) Showcasing Metallic Art
5) Utilising Corners with Abstract prints
6) Large Pictures Above Wet Area

Where Should You Put Pictures In Your Kitchen?

It is best to hang pictures away from the direct heat source. The heat or severe direct sunlight can damage the shiner of artworks.
Don’t put any expensive art near wet areas. We strongly recommend keeping metallic decorative pieces away from electricity sources.

How Do You Arrange 3 Pictures On A Wall?

1) Align all three pictures using thread.
2) Keep them 1 inch away from each other.
3) Put nails into the wall.
4) Hang the picture horizontally.

Can You Hang An Acrylic Painting In The Kitchen?

It is best to avoid hanging the acrylic painting in your kitchen area. Heat can damage the outer surface of the paint and canvas layer. 

Can You Hang Art Above Stove?

We strongly recommend you not hang any artwork above the stove. The heatwave will not only damage it, but it can also lead to a fire.

Wrapping It Up!

Quirky wall art is not only impressive but also inexpensive. You don’t have to spend a fortune to show your artistic passion.

It is best to avoid large pictures as they can hide or intermix other kitchen wall decor. Our team recommends sticking with small three-canvas art.

Quirky Kitchen Wall Art

Don’t put oil painting without glass frames as heat can melt the paint. In the same way, it is best to avoid putting textile prints over hobs.

We hope that you’ll find the inspiration for your kitchen craftwork. Well, in the meantime, we suggest you stick to art for peace and love.

I like to research and write about modern kitchen designs and kitchen appliances; Whether you are looking to design a perfect kitchen or want the best cooking experience, my writing will surely help you out!