Small Kitchen Extension Ideas To Add Space (2022 Guide)

Do you have a small kitchen? And now, looking for Ideas to extend your kitchen? Well, we got you covered with the unique small kitchen extension ideas. In this article, we will provide complete kitchen renovation legal information and how much does the kitchen extension cost in the U.K?

There are three main kitchen extension types, i.e., rear, side return, and wrap-around extension. Modern glass boxes and open floor plans are the most common small kitchen extension ideas in the U.K. It costs around £10,000 to build a modest kitchen extension in the U.K.

Small Kitchen Extensions Ideas

Before expanding your kitchen, look at other essential things you should know.

Type Of Kitchen Extension In U.K – All You Need To Know!

For more space, you can expand your kitchen in 5 different ways. Usually, people add 2×2 extensions to their small kitchens.

Kitchen Extension TypeFeatures Average Cost

Extended to backside
Blend of indoor and outdoor space
A small rear extension doesn’t require permission

(2×2 m)

Side Return
Extend to side length
You can extend it to the fence of your home
Need planning and permission

£6000 – £8000
(2×2 m)

Wrap Around
Rear and side return combined
Indoor and outdoor spaces blended
Planning and permission

£10,000 to £12,000

Double Storey
Expand to two floors
Double Space

Dormer Flat roof
Natural light from the roof
Need planning and permission

For more natural light, you can use glass on the top. Overall, you can use and link the extra space with a kitchen extension.

15 Small Kitchen Extension Ideas – Chic And Classy

For many homeowners, a kitchen showcases delicacy and an area for family time. According to Dailymail, the average kitchen size has been reduced to ⅓ since the 1960s. 

So, if you have no place in your pantry or own a small kitchen, get inspiration to expand it from our timeless ideas.

1. Balance The Kitchen With Side Return – Bring In The Light

 Side return mostly suits the owners with a kitchen on the one side of the home. It can provide more space and be used for a home office.

  • It blends well with an angled glass roof
  • Comfort and relaxed feel
  • Aesthetic look mixed with an island worktop

The central part of renovating any kitchen is direct sunlight assessability. With a side extension, it may be impossible to have a window. So, the glass roof works well here.

2. Kitchen Rear Extension – A Green Revolution

Expand your kitchen to the garden and love the blossoming beauty daily. For an enclosed area, it will feel just suitable for your property.

Along with garden access, you’ll feel happiness while cooking. And with the serene view, you can enjoy your afternoon tea too!

3. Mix And Match – The Best Of Both Worlds

Add a small attachment to your kitchen by removing the wall. The living room space will mix well with the open counter cooking zone. 

  • Use space under the shelf and cabinets
  • Mix and match blends perfectly with bright colours
  • It will bring an airy overall feel

With this multifunctional space, you can cook and watch television simultaneously. Or, if you have kids, you can keep an eye on them while cooking.

4. L-Shaped – Social Retreat Space

Enchant your cooking experience with an L-shaped small extension. With chic decor and luscious rugs, upgrade your kitchen while staying on budget.

  • You can use the additional space as a breakfast bar
  • With a natural light source, it can be chicer
  • It blends well with the garden or corner view

The primary purpose of an extension is storage. With this idea, you’ll have tons of room to store everything you need.

5. Abstract Layout – The Beauty Lies Within!

Do you want a large kitchen in your tiny home? Well, go with abstract settings. Bring life to your dull-coloured area by adding patterns and lamps.

  • Suitable for small homes
  • Create additional area for storage
  • The open floor plan gives a multi-purpose look

To enrich the decore, you can also place Victorian-era cookware on display. You can also adjust the kitchen worktop height, keeping the abstract theme in mind.

6. Use Every Space By Going Long Narrow – Lighting Is Everything!

Get inspired by our banquette seating kitchen layout. It can be handy with more cabinets and a little place for a fridge installation.

  • It is the finest opinion if you like to maintain things simple
  • With a shaker kitchen, the area can be maximized
  • An angled glass roof blends well to create a relaxed environment

With this idea, you can have two kitchen units—one for dirty or messy dishes and another for dining tables or seating.

7. Use The Supporting Wall Or Beam – Best Idea For Maximum Storage

Want to have a kitchen extension while staying on budget? Then, here is your quick solution. If you have a beam or supporting pillar on the side, you can use it. Here’re some ideas:

  • Use a hanging storage bin to hold cups and pots
  • Put some pictures on the beam and make it a celebration corner
  • Add a shelf to it with the help of plain wood and some steel screws

Most of the houses have a supporting wall beside the basin or sink. It is very thoughtful as it prevents water from splashing and messing the floor.

8. Glass Box – The Sip Of Life

The bay window or glass box is perfect if you want to impress your partner. By overlooking the blue sky and listening to the bird’s chirp, this excellent idea will surely bring a soothing change to your life.

  • Fall in love with nature and double the storage capacity
  • Enjoy the family dinners in the modern glass box and enrich the floor plan
  • It will also bring warmth to your heaven, and you can save on energy bills

It may sound exaggerated to you, but you can also have a place for office work with it. The bay or garden view will ease all worries. 

9. Blend Barebrick With Indoor Plants – Be Bold With Design

If you already have bifold doors installed, you can add a small extension at minimal or no cost. Add the glass panels on the open roof to align your kitchen. 

  • With bifold doors and open space, you can extend your unit anytime
  • The glass roof will protect your brick tinting 
  • Indoor plants will give an artistic touch to your home

The place will be ideal for social gatherings. You can also enjoy the Sunday brunch with the essential vitamin D dose.

10. Victorian Style – The Historic Landmark

 You can enlarge your space with a period vibe. The additional space can serve its purpose from an attic to a chimney.

  • Add high-end furniture to give your unit a royal look
  • Use vibrant colours and arrange cabinets like an oversized dresser
  • For natural light, you can renovate the roof of your unit

Victorian terrace side return is famous mainly in London. You may need to renovate the whole kitchen for this extension.

11. Semi-Detached – Use The Loft!

Back in the 1930s, most of the homes in London were built with the loft. The loft was often used as additional storage. 

  • Demolish the wall that separates the loft and your home
  • You can install a glass roof or even a fibre wall around
  • Install a new worktop, or you can even fit a new kitchen separately there

Additional unit is the right fit for grilling outside or even cooking greasy food.

12. Diner Extension – Wine And Dine

Fancy a diner under the stars? If you want an outside space for social gatherings, be ready to fall in love with our idea of an external dinner.

  • Remove the wall between your house and the rear side
  • Install bifold doors and place the dining table outside
  • Place some plants, specifically jade, for a more aesthetic look

An outdoor unit is perfect to have your candlelight diner. And be ready to fall in love all over again.

13. Kitchen Conservatory – Mesmerising And Beautiful

This small kitchen extension will give a glazed look. Advancements in appliances can provide a congested look, but the natural light coming from the roof will add more room.

  • Remove the already installed brick roof.
  • A conservatory extension will ventilate your home.
  • Install the glass roof for a more practical and comfortable look

For more air and an open floor plan, it is highly advised to keep things as minimal as possible. A conservatory extension is the best solution if you are looking for kitchen lighting ideas.

14. Invest In Sliding Doors – Double The Size

Repurpose the side return by opening the sliding doors adjoining your living and outdoor space. It is the most budget-friendly small kitchen extension. 

  • Enjoy the rainy days while sitting beside the glass door
  • The glass will work as an insulator during the winter season, keeping the home warm
  • It will create a more comfortable living arrangement and a sense of openness

With sliding doors, you can also keep the original brick tinting. The tinting will provide a vintage look to a modern-designed space.

15. Double Storey Kitchen Extension – Sky Is The Limit!

When they say that sky is the limit for happiness, They mean to extend your smaller kitchen to the upper level. 

  • Install the steel staircase that leads to the upper portion
  • Build a side wall, or you can install the glass box
  • With a double-story extension, you’ll have a separate messy kitchen

For a double extension, you need permission from your city management office. But, the additional space is worth all the fuss. 

Adding an extension to your kitchen in the U.K is not as simple as you may think. The rule of thumb is to know your limits, rights, and how far you can extend the exterior.

Do You Require Permission For A Kitchen Extension In The U.K?

It varies from case to case.

You don’t need permission if the extension is small and classified as permitted development.

If your home is near the highway or there is a threat of demolishing during the renovation, then you need special permission from the planning and development department.

Kitchen Extension Laws In The U.K – How Far you Can Extend?

Rules protect your rights and measure your safety. Considered the below listed laws before extending your kitchen.

Single Storey Home

  1. Side
  • It can max extended up to four meters.
  • Only for single-story houses.
  • It can be up to half of the width of the actual property size.
  1. Rear 
  • It can’t be extended to the original boundary of the house.
  • It can extend up to four meters in case of a detached house.
  • It can’t be developed three meters from any other home.

Double Storey Extension

  • Within seven meters of the original boundary.
  • Don’t extend up to seven meters of the rear wall.
  • Must install a window on the upper floor.
  • The side elevation window must be obscurely glazed.

Kitchen Extension Cost In The U.K – Budget, And Expenditure

The cost depends on you and the type of changes you need. Renovating with an extension can cost up to £25,000.

Double-StoreyUp To £25,000

A modest-rear extension with sliding doors can cost £10,000. While, in general, more renovation will cost more.

A modest-rear extension with sliding doors can cost £10,000. While, in general, more renovation will cost more.

Tips To Remember – Journey To Enchanted Experience

  1. Make a plan and design a layout.
  2. Pick the type of architect you want.
  3. Considered the planning regulations.
  4. Choose the flooring space and material.
  5. Stick to the initial budget.

Small Kitchen Extension Ideas – Conclusion

Before constructing, always plan the kitchen extension’s type, material, and size. Adding the glass sliding panes is a great idea for lighting up the space.

You can extend up to 4×4 meters. For building a double-story kitchen extension, you need planning permission. Mixing the outdoor and indoor space is the best small kitchen extension idea.

I like to research and write about modern kitchen designs and kitchen appliances; Whether you are looking to design a perfect kitchen or want the best cooking experience, my writing will surely help you out!