Kitchen Shelving Ideas – Easy & Under Budget (2023)

Kitchen shelving is an additional storage space that comes in handy every day. You can place decorative items or showcase your impressive crockery collection on it.

The easiest way to upgrade your kitchen is to replace the shelves. A small change can add a wow factor to your cooking space.

Whether you want to use your shelving unit for extra space or for aesthetics, our ideas will surely inspire you.

15 Best Kitchen Shelving Ideas To Try For Airy Feel

The purpose of kitchen shelves is to ensure a fresh and comfortable feel. Speaking of personal experience, usually, there is a lot of mess in the cabinets. 

That’s why shelves are considered ideal for everyday crockery.

1. Modern Wall Hanging Shelf

Modern Wall Hanging Shelf

The wall-hanging style looks great and minimalist. The idea is unique and catchy. All you need to do is balance the wooden shelf on the rope.

You can place any utensils or pots on it. It is best to avoid putting so much glass crockery. You can also use rope for floating shelves for better grip.

2. Embrace Rustic Style Modern Shelving

Rustic Style Modern Shelving

With minimal art movements, people now love to embrace the rustic touch. You can wall-mount three or four floating shelves right over the sink.

Usually, the sink is right in the middle of the kitchen. This idea will also enhance the interior design and also be practical.

How far apart should shelves be hung?

Keep shelves at least 15 to 18 inches away from each other. If you only need to put some plates or glasses on them, then you can reduce the distance by 12 inches.

3. Combine Glass And Wood

Combine Glass And Wood

The storage capacity of cabinets always seems less. You’ll always run out of space for pots and pans. But with this idea, you can solve this problem.

Adjust a small glass shelf between two wooden shelves of your cabinets. This will allow you to put in coffee cups, glasses, and pretty tins. After the additional glass shelf, you also don’t have to worry about loose cabinet doors

4. Try Symmetrical Look

Symmetrical Look

Remember, shelving is not only for enhancing the overall look. The main purpose of it is storage.

For maximum capacity, try the modern symmetrical style. You can use metal hinges and a plain 8-inch wide wood log. You can also use a metal rod to hang tongs or plants.

How much weight can floating shelves hold?

50lbs is the limit that you put on a floating shelf. Surely, you can put on a few extra pounds, but it is not safe and practical.

5. Use Country Shelving Style

Country Shelving Style

The beauty of country style is its simplicity. With very little embellishment, this idea is purely practical. This shelf is also ideal to use as a wine cellar for the home.

The country style usually suits small kitchens more. Keeping the shelves 20cm apart is best to double up your extra storage.

6. Restyle Open Shelving With Glass

Restyle Open Shelving With Glass

For a more luxurious touch, you can replace the old shelf design with glass. You can style it in any geometrical shape. Lately, there has been quite a buzz about using glass shelves.

The only downside is you can’t put heavy weight on it. To prevent any threat of sudden cracking, it is best to use a 1/4″ thickness for a 4 feet shelf. 

How wide should kitchen shelves be?

A kitchen shelf must be at least 12 inches wide and a minimum of 4 inches of thickness. Use metal support in the middle to prevent any cracking.

7. Reuse Old Shelf With Elegance

Reuse Old Shelf With Elegance

Usually, even a small kitchen renovation costs around a monthly budget sometimes. So, to cut the high cost, you can reuse old furniture logs or cabinet doors as a shelf.

Prefer to use an old wooden log for a cool appearance. Smooth the edges with sandpaper. For a natural look, wall-mount log as it is. 

8. Combine Cabinet And Metallic Shelf

Combine Cabinet And Metallic Shelf

This unique idea is budget friendly and perfect for rugged use. Mostly, such cabinets are installed directly above the wet area.

You can also install LED lights underneath it. It is best to go for cabinets that open upward. The aluminium rack will go a long way for 10 to 12 years.

What kind of wood should I use for kitchen shelves?

Plywood is best to use for kitchen shelves if you’re on a small budget. Oak and pine wood are suitable options for carved shelves and cabinets.

9. Divide Living Room And Kitchen 

Divide Living Room And Kitchen

If you have an open kitchen, then you’ll love this idea. Skip shelves and use the open styling as a separator.

You can go for an abstract spacing level for aesthetics. Generally, it is considered best to choose a metal frame for rugged use.

10. Go For Scandinavian Open Shelving

Go For Scandinavian Open Shelving

For large families and to double your shelf space, try the Scandinavian style. For a decorative feel, use light interior shade.

You can also convert your shaker-style cabinet by ditching doors. With the wide space, you can also put indoor plants and multiple dinner sets, just as you like it.

How thick should floating shelves be?

A floating shelf must be at least 4 inches thick. If you want to place heavy things on it, ensure a minimum of 6 inches.

11. Save Space With a Pantry Shelf

Save Space With a Pantry Shelf

Pantry shelves are famous for saving space, and you won’t go broke while upgrading them.

Take ¼ thick hardboard and cut it into a U-shape keeping the width 5 inches. It’s best to store mason jars, plastic boxes, and glassware. 

12. Long-Narrow Side Design

Long-Narrow Side Design

A long narrow shelf goes with any interior design. You can use it for almost everything. You can enhance the style more with dark shades.

Don’t use glass to separate kitchen cabinets. Add instant character by using a dark colour and LED strip light.

What height should shelves be hung?

A shelf must be hung at least 5 feet above the ground. Usually, it depends on the number of shelves, your height, and furniture style.

13. Ensure To Use Every Corner

Ensure To Use Every Corner

Normally, homeowners waste tons of space while adjusting the cabinets. That’s why it is vital not to skip corners.

Use metal hinges to support the shelf. Keep the shelf width at least 10 inches. You can’t place heavy plates or glass crockery. So, it’s best to stick to light cookware.

14. Metal Stand Shelf

Metal Stand Shelf

Metal shelf stands are mostly preferred in Northern Finland and Germany. For a small kitchen, it is best to utilise space more wisely.

You can put decoration pieces or vases on it. You can also place fake vines to balance all shades.

15. Explore Abstract Art Open Shelving

Explore Abstract Art Open Shelving

If you already have a lot of shelves but still want to add a little more, then this idea is best for you. It can also be used for decorative purposes.

You can add cup holders and or place little decorative pieces on them. If you love to read, then you can also place books on the lower shelf.

Kitchen Shelving Ideas FAQs

What should I put on my kitchen shelf?

You can put anything you want on the kitchen shelf. It is best to mix-match mugs, bowls and quirky artwork. Furthermore, you can place some recipe books too.

How do you make open kitchen shelves look good?

Try our tested ways to make your open shelves look great:

1. Use colour wisely.
2. Go for abstract settings.
3. Keep the symmetrical spaces.
4. Place an art piece on the shelf.
5. Don’t overuse dark shades often.

How do you space a shelf evenly?

For even spacing, you should use a measuring tape. You can also use thread to measure the exact difference from one shelf to another.

Are floating shelves outdated?

No, floating shelves are not outdated. They are still in demand as the rustic floating appearance ensures a beautiful feel. 

Kitchen Shelving ideas

Wrapping It Up!

Kitchen shelves are essential and come in handy for storage. You can also use it as kitchen wall decor and put some decorative pots on it.

Floating shelves are the most common and easy to install. You don’t need any professional help for them.

A shelf must be at least 5 feet above the ground. Keep the thickness at 4 inches to ensure no cracks in the middle.

Don’t put excessive weight in the middle. If the shelf is wall-mounted, use at least 4 nails to balance the weight on it.

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