Can I Install My Own Electric Cooker? – [DIY Guide 2022]

Congratulation to you for upgrading your old cooker. The first thing that comes to mind after buying the new electric cooker is, can I install it by myself? So, if you’ve decided to install an electric cooker by yourself, here’s how to do it:

  1. Cut the main power supply before you start to wire your electric cooker.
  2. Find the terminal outlet and unscrew it. The terminal outlet is mainly located at the back of the cooker. 
  3. Connect the wires to their appropriate slots. 
  4. Then, attach your electric cooker to the cooker control unit. Be very careful while attaching the wires.

Once you peel the main cooker cable, underneath will be three more wires. The live wire is brown, and you need to connect it to the “right corner” of the terminal outlet. The “blue” coloured wire is neutral and goes to the left. The third wire goes to the centre and has a green or yellow colour.


To keep you safe and away from all fuss, our technical team of Kitchen Magician has done detailed research. So, read on to start cooking with your brand new electric cooker!

Can You Install Your Own Electric Cooker In The UK?

Yes, you can install your own electric cooker. But, it is considered a best practice to hire a professional Part P electrician

It is strongly recommended to know UK installation regulations before tying your DIY way to install a cooker. 

Electric Cooker Installation Regulations UK

Before starting the installation process, you need to know the requirements and regulations. Keep in mind that cookers require more power than regular 50cm gas cookers

  • You must have a 13-amp fuse. Some new models require a 32 amp fuse. So, read the product’s specification to check what exactly is its amp rating.
  • Mostly, a cooker comes with 6mm T&E wire, but we recommend you replace it with a 10mm cable. 
  • Ensure that there is no easily combustion material near or behind your cooker installation spot.
  • You need to buy a double pole isolating switch to prevent sudden shock.

You can’t use standard plug sockets and 6mm cables. The 6mm wire can be used, but it gets hot very quickly. 

Why Do You Need A Double Pole Isolating Switch?

Using a double pole isolating switch is a matter of your safety. A cooker oven uses so much power during an electrical circuit that the neutral wire may still be carrying some current. 

Double pole switches will also power down the neutral wire and thus removes the risk of residual electrical shocks. 

Quick Guide To Electric Cooker Installation 

Once you are satisfied with all the regulations, then you can proceed to the next “installation” process. Remember, cut the power supply completely before dealing with any kind of electric appliance. 

How To Install Electric Cooker?

Make sure to install an electric cooker control unit within two meters of the cooker but never directly below or above it.


It should be supported with a thick cable to ensure the correct amount of electricity your oven will need to one side. 

All you need to do is connect the cables to the terminal box, which is located at the back of your appliance.

How To Wire An Electric Cooker?

Before you wire an electric cooker, you should first switch off the main power source.

  • After you find the terminal outlet on the back of the cooker, unscrew the plate.
  • Connect the wires live, neutral, and earth into their correct positions.
  • Tighten screws to secure the wires completely, then put the back plate back on the appliance.

Most cookers need to be wired only. You can use the same steps to fit a freestanding electric cooker without any professional help. 

Cooker Wiring Colours

There are three wires that you need to connect to terminal sockets.

Wire TypeWire Colour
EarthYellow or Green

The wire placement is always like Neutral>>Earth>>Live. The rule of thumb is to place earth wire in between always. 

Can You Plug An Electric Cooker Into A Normal Socket UK?

Yes, you can plug in an electric cooker to a regular 13 amp socket. But, first, you need to ensure that it consumes power of less than 3kW. 

Usually, the built-in oven in cookers consumes most of the electricity. So, it is recommended to know how much electricity an oven uses by reading the manual.  

How Far Does A Socket Have To Be From A Cooker?

It is strongly recommended to keep the socket at least 150mm or a half foot away from the cooking area. 

Don’t fix the socket directly above or behind the built-in or built-under electric cookers.

Does An Electric Cooker Need Its Own Circuit UK?

Yes, your electric cooker needs its own separate circuit. Sharing a circuit with other major appliances that consume a lot of power can result in fire and damaged wires. 

6mm Or 10mm Cable For Cooker  

10mm cable is best to use for an electric cooker. It is safer and prevents any sudden electrical fire eruption or circuit break. You can also use a 6mm twin and earth cable, but it might not be suitable for a cooker that uses over 3kWh power.

In a nutshell, the best to figure out what type of cable you need is to read the product specification and decide as per the buyer’s manual. 

Do Electric Cookers Need To Be Hardwired?

Not all cookers need to be hardwired. Freestanding cookers that require more than 3kWh need to be hardwired. 

Generally, it is best to hardwire your cooker oven as it is safer and more reliable. 

What Power Supply Does An Electric Cooker Need?

At least a 32amp power supply is required. But, It generally varies depending on which type of hob you use. 

Induction hobs need 30amp power for a 60cm cooktop. A 91 cm induction cooktop requires 45 or 48amp to work smoothly.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Installing Your Electric Cooker

So far, we are done with the half process. Now, have a quick look at what you need to consider before even thinking of installing an electric or freestanding cooker by yourself.

  • Ensure that cables are properly connected to designated slots. Double-check that wires are not touching each other. 
  • Turn on the double pole isolator switch to de-energize your cooker.
  • Make sure that the cooker control unit is entirely dead using a voltage tester. 
  • Connect wires live, neutral, and earth into the correct position.
  • Ensure that the wires are tightened enough, close the outlet box, and finish all remaining connections to the cooker control unit.

If you have any wooden flooring, then we recommend placing the vinyl or cloth to prevent any damage.

Electric Stove Power Requirements

Most electric stoves are considered suitable for 250 volts. But, usually requires a power supply of 240 volts split into two 120v legs.

How Long Does It Take To Install An Electric Cooker?

It takes only an hour to install an electric oven by yourself.  Usually, you need a little more than 1 hour while installing a double cooker. The time can be extended if there is any issue with the socket, power supply or wires. 

How Much Does It Cost to Install An Electric Cooker In the UK?

Normally, if you hire an electrician, then you need to pay up to £50 to £150. Usually, the cost varies depending on the type of electric cookers. 

Cooker TypeAverage Labour Cost
Freestanding Cooker£40 – £60
Double Electric£60 – £100
Built-In Cooker£80 – £100
Built Under£100 – £120
Electric Range Cooker£120 – £150

No doubt, you can do the “installation” process by yourself. But, it is best to hire a professional to protect your new electric cooker from any damage.

Wrapping It Up!

Suppose you follow all instructions carefully, then probably you have already installed your electric cooker. Doing little research and preparing beforehand for installation will save you time and energy as it is doable and achievable with the right mindset.

However, if you think this is out of your comfort zone, there is no harm in hiring a certified professional electrician to do the job for you with safety.

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