How To Hide Cooker Hood Ducting? (Quick & Easy Ways)

Kitchen vents extractor fans are necessary to keep the stale smell out of your cooking area. But, the visible cooker hood ducting can ruin the overall appearance of your space.

So, what to do? Can you hide it in some way? And most importantly, Should you hide it?

If you’re searching for quick solutions to this problem. Then, we got you covered with our best hacks. Here’s the information we don’t want you to miss:

How To Hide Cooker Hood Ducting?

You can hide the cooker hood ducting by installing a false cabinet around it. Or, you can use a plastic pipe to hold it. But ensure that the colour of the pipe is the same as the wall paint.

But does this one-step solution fits every type of cooker hood? Unfortunately, it is only suitable for wall-mounted hoods. 

But don’t worry; in this article, we will guide you in detail so you can showcase your quirky kitchen wall art without any fuss.

6 Best Ways To Hide A Cooker Hood Ducting

Hiding a cooker hood is an easy task. It is roughly installed a maximum of 800mm above the range. 

So, most of the time, all you need to cover is its hood rather than the duct itself. Here’re the five best hacks that you can try.

1. Install A Cabinet – Best For Wall Mounted Ducting

Most people have a wall-mounted cooker hood installed. It takes minimal space and works wonderfully.

So, the best solution is to install a false kitchen wood cabinet around it. You can also use that as decoration or store some of the spare crockeries in it.

This idea is also suitable for downdraft hoods. You can install a spice rack around it. It will look sleek and provide additional storage.

2. Try Mix Match Paint – Best For Canopy Hoods

Professional chefs are the biggest fans of canopy hoods. As they are versatile and suck smoke and cooking fumes effectively.

You can paint its exterior surface some bright and shiny colour. It will mix and match your kitchen paint and give an overall look of cool vibes.

We suggest you skip the black or light shades. As they can get dirty easily and you have to clean them often.

Lately, the growing chia seed trend at random places has been viral on social media. So I also tested that too. Unfortunately, the enamel surface of the hood makes it very hard for the chia to stick. Also, you need to water the plant, which can wear out the metal. So, it is best to skip this viral trend.

3. Use A PVC Pipe – Best For Visor Hoods

There is very minimal visible ducting when it comes to visor cooker hoods. In such cases, you can rely on PVC pipe.

Take a wide PVC pipe and cut it into half vertically. Adjust the foam at both ends. Place it over the ducting pipe. 

You can hang some fake green leaves around it. Or you could bring the real artist out of yourself and draw some patterns on it.

Hide Cooker Hood Ducting

4. Use Mable Sheets – Editor’s Choice

Being a fan of Kitchen interiors, I do wonder why to hide the miss-perfections when you can bring beauty out of them.

Lately, there has been a huge trend in marble sheets. So, why not use this idea here? Eventually, you need to use a PVC pipe first.

Install the pipe around ducting. Then, stick the marble sheet cover around it. This will look aesthetic and royal. You can pick any pattern of your choice.

5. Install The Mirror Around It – Best Of All

The mirror idea may sound crazy, but this one works wonders. All you need is some old cardboard and fancy mirror sheets.

Make a three-sided cabinet out of cardboard. Smooth the edges using a cutter. Adjust mirror sheets on it.

Then, fix the foam log on both sides vertically and adjust it around the cooker hood ducting.

Remember, it is not a legal requirement for a range hood to vent outside. So, if you have a recirculating range hood, then it is best to hide it using some fake flowers or plants.

6. Lighten It Up – Best For Festive Celebrations!

Being a fan of celebrations, I adore this idea. Brits normally spend 7 hours in their kitchen every week. So, why not fill your space with joy and love?

Hang some fairy lights around your cooker hood ducting. If your kitchen already has natural white light, then you can opt for golden or rainbow lights.

This is a great way of killing two birds with one stone. It is a great kitchen lighting idea; in the meantime, you can gracefully hide the duct.

Should You Hide The Cooker Hood Ducting?

Hide Cooker Hood Ducting

Yes, it is entirely safe to use DIY hacks to hide your cooker hood duct. There is no law that prohibits it. You can hang some kitchen wall shelves along it and place some seasonal pans and pots there.

Should There Be A Gap Between Cooker Hood And Cupboards?

Yes, there must be a gap between the hood and the adjacent cupboard. Hoods pump out the stale air and moisture from your cooking area.

If there would be no gap, moisture can damage the cabinet doors and spices stored inside them.

Wrapping It Up!

Hiding your cooker duct can be tricky. It is best to consider your overall interior before picking any of the above-described solutions.

If your cooking area is constructed in a modern contemporary style, then it is best to go for mirror sheet hacks.

On the contrary, for old-style cooking zones, a false cabinet suits more. We hope that our pocket-friendly hacks will help you to hide the extractor hood effectively. 

I like to research and write about modern kitchen designs and kitchen appliances; Whether you are looking to design a perfect kitchen or want the best cooking experience, my writing will surely help you out!