What is the Induction Hob Symbol? Complete Guide on Icon and Symbols

In the past two years, 5500 home fires have been reported in the U.K alone. Electric hobs and other kitchen appliances caused about 98% of these fires.

Professional chefs are the biggest fan of induction hobs. Induction cookware works magic and goes hand to hand with safety. Cleaning an induction hob is easy and swift due to its flat surface.  

The symbol of introduction hobs resembles four loops of wires. Most induction-compatible cookware comes with the word “Induction” on the bottom. The wire symbol on the induction hob represents the copper coil underneath the glass surface. It uses the magnetic field to produce heat.

If you have or planning to buy induction-ready cookware, we have gathered your complete guide. But first, let’s have a look at some of the essential things you should know.

What is the symbol for induction cooking?

The induction symbol resembles “four loops of wire.” Generally, most induction-capable cookware comes as marked with the word “induction” on the bottom. 

Are Induction Hobs Safe?

The induction plate is very safe. With no consumption of gas or heat, they are the most efficient for cooking.

With it, the food is cooked by magnetic fields. There is no threat of fire or burning as the heat directly transfers into the pan.

Induction Hob Symbol – A Complete User Guide.

After successfully buying the induction hob in the U.K, you may be looking for the big question “How to use Electrolux or Beko Induction cooktops”…Don’t worry, we got you. 

Usually, they are simple to use. Sometimes they flash various symbols that can be tricky to understand. Here’s what your hob is trying to tell you:

What does H mean on an induction hob?

Not every induction cooktop is the same. So, check from the table and know why your hob is flashing H.

Induction Hob BrandH Symbol Mean
SmegHot Plate
BoschHot Surface
BekoDon’t Touch Cooking Zone
CapleStill Hot

The H symbol represents heat. Usually, these hobs don’t get too hot, but it is crucial to take notice of this H symbol. Don’t try to clean induction hob with the H symbol still on. 

Why does my induction hob flash F?

F – Non Compatible Cookware.

The F symbol on the hob indicates that there is no compatible cookware in the cooking zone. Or, the induction rings are not suitable.

F means the same for Smeg, Bosch, Neff, Beko, and Caple induction cooktops. There is unsuitable cookware in the cooking zone. 

Why does my induction hob say E?

E symbol – Insufficient Power.

Don’t mix E with the E2 symbol. E means insufficient power, while E2 means overheated cooking zone.

Why Is one ring on the induction hob not working?

If one ring on your induction-compatible plate is not working, then there is a problem with the internal wires. You need a professional to sort it out. You can also try to set the heating element. 

Induction Hob Control Panel – An instruction manual.

If you have bought a single pan induction capable hob or multi pan induction cooktop, the cookware will be the same.

Control panel and Detailed Symbols.

***This information has been taken from Beko Induction Hob Manual.***

1>> On/Standby – Power Sign.

The number 1 symbol on the control panel is directed toward the power button.

How to On the induction hob?

Place the flat base or regular pots on the induction ring. After the magnet clicks, press the power button for 5 seconds. It will be on after 4-5 seconds.

Why Is my induction hob not turning on? 

The heating element of your induction hob might be broken. But, there could be many reasons if your cooking zone is not turning on.

  • The issue with the heating element
  • Crack on the glass surface
  • The cookware is not suitable

2>> Pause – A great way to a sudden stop.

This symbol is for your convenience. Want to stop cooking immediately? Simply press the pause button on the panel glass.

3>> Power regulating control – Tracking with fingertips.

Set the right temperature or electric current for heating the pot. The Higher the number goes (#. 8), the food will be cooked early. 

You can always change the power or temperature on the Caple Induction hob, Induction Hob Electrolux, or any magnetic cooking hob in the U.K.

4>> Timer – Sufficient Luxury.

Set the right time according to your needs. With the right temperature, you also set a timer. A thanksgiving feast or Christmas dinner will be served on time – Simply perfect.

5>> Child Lock – Reliability and Protection. 

This is the best feature of the Induction compatible hob. A child lock is convenient to prevent any burn or kitchen fire. Press the Child lock symbol (#5) and set a lock. 

Can you touch an induction Hob?

Yes, Induction Hobs are safe to touch. Designed in such a way that they directly transfer heat to the pan rather than heat the surface.

The surface of hobs can be mild-warm due to being in contact with a hot pan. Safety precautions are always advised.

6>> Boost – Spice up a little.

Worrying about the time or dinner serving…!. You can boost your cooking with more power or a specific temperature by pressing the boost button (#6 symbol direction).

7>> Deep Fry – Cooking was never so easy.

Induction Hobs are top chosen by many for this sole reason. Set the hob on Deep fry mode, and your food will be ready in no time. 

Cooking without mess is a match made in Heaven.

8>> Fry – Fish and Chips…

By pressing the “Fry symbol #8, you can easily change the mode. Be it fish and chips for kids or the need to saute any food.

9>> Boil – Beans and Borth.

Need to boil pasta, rice, or beans. No worries. All you need to do is place any cast iron pan and add water to them for boiling purposes.

You can also make tea in the cast kettle while doing other things—no need to keep an eye on morning tea anymore.

10>> Simmer – For a perfect Gravy consistency.

If you are a fan of gravies, this hob symbol is for you. Simmer your sauce to perfect consistency by adjusting power and pressing the #10.

11>> Keep Warm – Warm Food and Warm Happiness.

Keep your food warm with the #11 symbol on the glass induction hob. It amazingly consumes low electricity to keep food warm.

Remember, if you’re facing any induction hob problems, check the compatibility of cookware in the first place.

Done with symbols and signs! have a quickie on Further important information.

What pans are suitable for Induction Hobs?

Here is the list of Induction compatible cookware:

  1. Cast iron cookware.
  2. Magnetic stainless steel.
  3. Any Traditional Metal pots that can bear much higher temperatures.
  4. Non-Stick pans. (That sticks to a magnet)
  5. Mixed Aluminum pans work efficiently.

You can use any induction plate-built pots, and cast iron material pans to cook. 100% copper, Aluminum core, and non-magnetic silver materials cannot be used for induction cooking.

A Quick Tip: Any current cookware that sticks to a kitchen magnet can be used for cooking on the hob.

Final Words.

Induction Hobs are a remarkable invention of technology. It does not require any extractor fans, unlike the conventional hobs. 

Rather than electrical current magnetic wave heat transfer technology is used in induction-ready cookware to cook or heat food. Its unique four times wire loop symbol and coil can easily be recognized.

Easy to use with its multi-function control panel. A perfect choice for energy-efficient cooking. The only issue is you can’t use normal pans on induction hob. But, the effectiveness and quick cooking are worth all the hustle!

I like to research and write about modern kitchen designs and kitchen appliances; Whether you are looking to design a perfect kitchen or want the best cooking experience, my writing will surely help you out!