How To Build A Pizza Oven? Easy & Quick Way (2023)

We Brits love pizza. On average, a regular person munches down 937 pizzas during a lifetime. But nothing can compete with the taste of pizza baked in a traditional outdoor oven.

Most people love to build a DIY pizza oven in the backyard. It may seem easy to make it, as all you need to do is fix some bricks. Well, not exactly.

Wood-fired pizza oven requires technique and focus. If you don’t make it perfect, you may end up with the burnt dough.

Here is an easy guide to building an outdoor clay pizza oven.

Things Required To Build A DIY Pizza Oven

Frankly speaking, you need many things to make it. Eventually, it requires hard work, but it is inexpensive compared to buying a pizza oven kit.

  1. Around 250 Bricks
  2. 40 Arch Bricks
  3. Heat Proof Screed
  4. Cement
  5. Sand
  6. Wire Mesh
  7. Fiber Board
  8. Heat Trap Blanket
  9. Adhesive
  10. Newspapers, Wood Chunks for Fire
  11. Clay
  12. Spray Paint

The quantity may vary depending on the size. Eventually, arch bricks are very delicate to handle.

How To Build An Outdoor Pizza Oven Step By Step 

Before you start your budget friendly DIY project, ensure to pick a suitable spot. If you have an open plan Kitchen extension, it could be the best place. Here’s how to build it without any fuss.

1. Start With The Base

The base is the most important part of your outdoor oven. It must be sturdy. Before you start building the base, choose the right spot for it.

The spot must be away from direct water or any excessive moisture. After that, you need to make concrete keeping the perfect ratio of 1:2:4.

  • 1 Part Cement
  • 2 Parts Sharp Sand
  • 4 Parts of Sand

Mix them well and make a thick mixture. Don’t add too much water at the start but keep on adding it relatively.

Things To Keep In Mind While Building Base

  • Use wood pellets or old cardboard.
  • Adjust chipboards at all four sides to keep the concrete intact.
  • Smooth out the surface by sprinkling water over the top layer.

2. Arrange The Bricks

Once the base is ready, It’s time to shape your brick oven. It strongly recommends making a rough layout before you permanently fix bricks.

After that, it is best to leave it for 24 hours. Then, use sandpaper to soften up the rugged edges.

There are many ways to make an outdoor pizza oven. But, it is best to keep the original arch shape, as it is easy to handle for DIY homemade projects.

How to Build Pizza Oven

Can You Use Normal Bricks?

Yes, you can use regular clay bricks. There is no need to opt for hollow blocks or tiles. You can also reuse, demolish, or leftover rugged bricks.

3. Time For Building Arch

For many Brits, an arch may seem tough to make. But, with our easy hack, you can make it without any fuss.

  • Take a foam and make an arch shape.
  • Place arch bricks on it and cover the cracks with concrete.
  • Put some bricks vertically under the arch as support.

Once the concrete is completely dry, use sandpaper to form a proper round shape for your brick oven.

Pizza oven temperature can reach up to 500-degree celsius. The round shape will eventually distribute the heat evenly.

4. Don’t Forget The Chimney Hole

Without a chimney, your backyard pizza oven is good for nothing. It won’t light properly, and you’ll end up with a burnt smell only.

  • Use a metal sheet or fiberboard to make a round chimney.
  • Adjust it over the top layer just 10 cm away from the chimney.
  • Then, cover the side cracks with cement.

It is very important to cover the cracks properly. Any tiny hole can damage the structure entirely. 

Should A Pizza Oven Have Chimney? 

Yes, a chimney is necessary. Your oven needs to be ventilated properly. Without the proper airflow, you can’t ignite the fire.

5. Create The Outer Layer

This step is relatively easy. If you want a traditional Italian pizza oven, then you should apply the ground soil layer.

The only problem with soil is it can wash out with rain, but on the contrary, it is ideal for enjoying a pure delicacy.

Apply a thin layer of soil or cement. Then, sprinkle some dry sand on it. After that, apply the second coat of the outer layer. 

While applying the cement, keep the quantity minimal. Don’t apply it to the supports as you need to remove them afterward.

6. Take Out All Supports

Once you are all done with the outer layer, you must remove all support bricks and foam.

We suggest you give your brick oven rest for at least 2 days before you proceed to this step.

It is best to cut the foam rather than push or pull it with force. While removing the side and arch support bricks, be very gentle.

7. Ignite The Fire

How to Build Pizza Oven

This is the one last step before you use your oven. All you need to do is put some wood, old newspapers, or anything that can catch fire easily.

Ignite the fire and let it burn for several hours. This will also help to strengthen your brick oven structure.

Once everything turns to ash, cleaning your oven entirely before you put something in it for baking is recommended.

8. Give It A Test Try

Now your brick pizza oven is ready, and you can use it for baking anything you want.

We suggest you start with a small pizza. First, clean your pizza stone before you use it. Then, simply put some dough on it.

This step is recommended but not essential. By doing so, you can test the outcome and redo any little adjustments.

Our Chef’s Tip

We suggest using any metal stand to place your pizza tone. Start with preheating your stone slightly for 5 minutes and then put it on the stand. This will bake your pizza perfectly and evenly.

Is It Worth Building A Pizza Oven?

If you want to enjoy deliciously cooked oven meals and pizza, then building it is worth all the hard work.

Furthermore, you can also save your hard-earned money. As it is cheap to build your oven instead of buying the new one.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Pizza Oven?

It will cost around 280 pounds to build an outdoor clay pizza oven. The cost actually depends on the material and size.

A small backyard concrete oven costs only 250 pounds in a DIY self-building project. 

What Is The Best Material To Make An Outdoor Pizza Oven?

Clay and brick structure is considered the best material to make an outdoor pizza oven. 

Clay can bear high temperatures and enhance the Earthy flavours and textures. It is best to use a thin concrete layer at the top of the clay.

What Is The Ideal Height For A Pizza Oven?

The ideal height is four feet. The mouth of your wood-fired pizza oven must be large enough, so you drag the pan inside easily.

The average oven’s height must be three feet. The width may vary. But it is best to have it at least eight feet wide.

How To Build A Pizza Oven FAQs

How thick does the slab need to be for a pizza oven?

If you want to use the slab in your oven, then it must be at least 10mm thick. A thin slab will burn the crust, while the thick surface will take time to heat up properly.

Should you use metal or stone in the pizza oven?

Stone takes time to heat up. But, metal transfers the heat energy rapidly. But, overall, it is best to use a pizza stone for baking.

Do you grease a stone for pizza?

No, you should not grease the surface of your pizza oven or stone. The grease will burn and create smoke. It will eventually burn your food within no time.

Wrapping It Up!

You can build a pizza oven in the backyard of your home. With a little effort, you can enjoy the fresh Earthy texture for a prolonged period.

Be very gentle and use minimal pressure while building your oven. Always use foam support while making the arch.

It is best to keep the size around 4×4 feet. As it will take time and more wood to heat up a large pizza oven.

Once you’re done with the baking and broiling, it is recommended to clean the ash as soon as possible.

We hope that this article helps you with your outdoor DIY oven project. Well, in the meantime, keep on baking and fulfilling your dreams!

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