What is Best Wood For Pizza Oven in UK? Get your ANSWER!

According to the independent UK, an average Brit enjoys 731 pizzas during a lifetime. Well, certainly that proves our love for this delicate treat. Invented in the late 18th century, traditionally, pizza was baked in a brick oven using beech wood.

Ovens come in different size shapes and prices. Each has its pros and cons, but when it comes to making a pizza, most professionals recommend using wood in a pizza oven as it can reach the desired temperature swiftly. But what is the best wood for pizza oven? Or, what difference does it make while using pizza oven wood pallets?

Well, here is your quick answer.

Wood enhances the aroma and adds additional texture to the pizza. Pizzerias across the UK prefer hardwood as it lasts longer. Usually, oak is the most commonly used hardwood. You can also use beech, ash, birch, sycamore and apple tree wood pallets for outdoor pizza stoves.

In a nutshell, there is no exact answer for the best pizza oven wood. It depends on many factors, including wood moisture, surrounding environment and moisture content. So, buckle up and read all the essential information you should know!

What’s The Best Wood For Pizza Oven?

Oak is considered the best pizza oven wood. It is clean and lasts longer compared to other pallets.

Oak wood can reach the desired temperature. It traps the dough’s moisture and makes the shiny crust look like toppings.

What Wood Do Italian Use For Pizza?

Italians prefer beechwood for outdoor pizza ovens. Typically, it is used in backyards or pizza stoves.

It can reach very high temperatures and is best for the long run.

Well, so far, we know the Italians love beechwood, and professionals prefer oak. But what about the common best pizza oven wood used across the UK?

Best Wood For Pizza Oven UK – 5 Most Used Types

Picking suitable wood is an essential part of a wood-fired pizza stove. The hardwood’s quality and moisture content contribute much to trapping the softness in the dough. High temperatures provide basic crust outside.

Here are the most commonly used types of woods for pizza ovens. 

  1. Oak Wood For Pizza Oven

For a perfect earthy flavour, oak is the preferred hardwood. Chefs across the UK use it with fruitwood to enrich and pronounce taste.

It is heavy and dense. The denseness makes it suitable for high heat. Many pizzerias across Europe use oak daily.

Mostly preferred due to high-temperature stability. 

  1. Maple Wood For Pizza Oven

Maple is an inconvenient yet pocket-friendly option for your backyard oven. Sweet maple wood is often regarded as the best pizza oven wood pellets.

It has a sweet and mild flavour. When burned, the sweet smoke enriches the meat toppings with a delicate earthy flavour. 

Mostly preferred due to even heating.

  1. Apple Wood For Pizza Oven

Applewood is the best substitute for oak hardwood. For an authentic and traditional taste, many people use applewood pallets.

The fruity flavours enrich the spices, and high-temperature resistance makes it a top pick for many pizzaiolos.

When thrown directly to high temperatures, it pops up almost instantly. Due to this, you may end up with little ash and toppings.

  1. Hickory Wood For Pizza Oven

Chefs prefer hickory wood while baking pizza with a lot of bacon and cheddar cheese. It has an intense flavour. 

The clean-burning pallet makes less mess, making it very convenient to use with a pizza stone. You don’t have to try harder while cleaning the pizza stone afterwards. 

The taste resembles oakwood but with a little bitter smoke. It works absolute wonders with oak or fruitwood.

  1. Pecan Wood For Pizza Oven

Pecan wood is mainly used in high-end Central London cafes for an exotic flavour with a bit of nuttiness.

It is resistant to high temperatures but not suitable for long hours of burning. The way to use a pecan pallet is to combine it with oak.

For texture, delicacy and longevity, it is used with oak pallets.

Do You Need Special Wood For Pizza Oven?

Yes, dried hardwood is preferred for pizza ovens. Broadly wood is divided into categories, i.e. hardwood and fruitwood.

Fruitwood is not resistant to high temperatures and can pop up in no time, leaving ash on pizza dough.  

What Type Of Wood Is Used For Neapolitan Pizza?

Neapolitan pizza needs a high temperature and is only cooked for 50 to 60 seconds. So, only oak and beechwood are considered best for it.

The traditional brick floor oven is kept warm with oak, while beechwood cooks its thin crust quickly.

What Type Of Wood Is Used For OONI Pizza?

You can use any chunk of wood combined with maple and hickory pallets. Ooni pizza pans work as a conventional oven, and only a certain amount of wood is used.

Hickory chunks provide essential temperature, while the small wood chunks are necessary for the earthy flavour.

Can You Use Wood Chunks In Pizza Oven?

Yes, you can use small wood chunks in the pizza oven. Ensure that chunks are made of hardwood and dried.

To keep the quality, it is highly recommended not to use any chunks with high sap or moisture.

What Kind Of Wood Should You Use In Your Outdoor Pizza Oven?

Hardwood is best to use in a pizza oven.

Long pallets of clean hardwoods are suitable for oven cooking as it mainly is long and contains leaves. 

Contrary to hardwoods, fruitwood is unsuitable as it has high moisture levels and cones that can explode.

Things To Consider Before Picking The Wood For Pizza Oven 

We all want to enjoy the delicious pizza. But no one wants to end with a smoky taste and mess all around. 

If you want to use a pizza oven for the long run, it is very important to pick suitable wood. Here’re some tips you should consider:

  1. Moisture Content

Ensure that the wood you use is properly dry. If there is a lot of moisture on the inside surface, the wood would soon crack and spread ash.

The other downside of high moisture is that green wood won’t burn and resist the high temperatures.

  1. Ensure Low Sap

 The sap causes a lot of smoke and dust. It will also attract incest and spread toxins to your attic and outdoor pizza oven.

While buying, ensure that it is not sticky and that there is no sap leakage from the wood.

  1. Proper Stored Wood

It may sound exaggerated, but proper stored dried hardwood enriches the texture. Such pallets will provide an essential earthy flavour and keep the dough soft.

If the wood is not stored correctly, there will be a sap and high moisture threat.

  1. Right Size 

Never buy either too large pallets or small pieces of wood chunks. The ideal size of oven wood is 3-inch diameter.

Pallets with three inches diameter will last longer and burn efficiently.

There is another trick to drying green wood quickly. You can put it into your kitchen gas oven and let it sit for thirty minutes at medium temperature.

Best Wood for Pizza Oven – Wrapping It Up!

Pizzerias across the UK most prefer Oakwood. It is suitable for high temperatures and lasts longer than other fruit woods.

Apart from it, you can also use maple, beech, and birch wood for baking delicious pizza at ease. Remember, fruitwood pops up quickly and leaves more ash than hardwood.

Small chunks will create smoke, and you may find your dish full of smoke or ash. Sap can fill your oven with dust and ash.

Last but not least, it is crucial to check the moisture level of wood before putting it into a pizza oven. I hope my tips will help you pick the right wood so you can make delicious pizza every time. 

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