What Is A Warming Drawer? Which one is Best? (2023 Guide)

Lately, there has been a buzz among professional chefs about warming drawers. In eateries and cafes, they are known as the “best-kept secret.”

But what exactly is a warming drawer? How do they work? And most importantly, are they worth your hard-earned money?

If you don’t know much about it, then here’s your quick answer:

Warming drawers are used in baking to raise bread dough early. They are widely used to keep food and plates warm. 

The temperature range of baking drawers is 15 °C to 93 °C (60 °F – 200 °F). Mostly all freestanding gas stoves come with an installed drawer at the bottom.

But do all cookers and ovens already have it? If not, then should you buy it? Well, in this article, we will guide you in detail. So sit back and keep on reading.

What Is A Warming Drawer?

A warming drawer is the “baking drawer”, which is located at the bottom of your oven.

It is used to keep your cooked meal hot. People also store their crockery in northern parts to keep utensils warm.

What Is A Warming Drawer?

What Are Warming Drawers Used For?

Warming drawers are used for keeping the Indian spices. Furthermore, you can also use it to raise your dough fast. 

Additionally, it is a perfect substitute for a slow cooker. They have the same temperature as slow cookers in medium settings.

Warming Drawer Temperature

The temperature of the warming drawer can reach up to 93°C (200°F) at high settings. At low settings, it remains at 15 °C (60 °F).

You can turn it by moving the control knob. It has two settings i.e. high and low.

How Long Can A Warming Drawer Stay On?

It can stay on for a maximum of 80 minutes. In general, the duration varies depending on the model and size. 

What Is A Warming Drawer On A Stove?

Gas and some electric oven ranges have pre-installed warming drawers. They are located at the bottom of the stove. 

Some of the baking drawers have racks and boxes in them. You can use them to keep your food warm or slow cooking.

How To Use a Warming Drawer? 

For our research, we test the Bosch warming drawer. We keep the marinated meat to age and dough in it. Here’s how to use it properly.

  1. Open the drawer by pressing in the middle and place your food in it.
  2. Set the right setting by moving the control knob from 1 – 4.
  3. Shut the door for the designated time.

The best part is you can also use it for thawing frozen food. If your appliance has racks, you can use them simultaneously.

About Bosch Warming Drawers

The Boshe baking draw has no handle. So, you need to press in the middle to open it. There is a separate heating element and operating indicator. Furthermore, there is a control knob that has 4 settings.

  • Point 1 = Best for proving yeast dough
  • Point 2 = Keeping bread and plates warm
  • Point 3 = Warming your food
  • Point 4 = Preheating your crockery
  • When the knob is at zero, it is turned off. 

The cherry on top is that it has 2 separate racks and a 25 kg storage capacity. 

Do All Ovens Have A Warming Drawer?

No, not all ovens have a built-in warming drawer. Most of the cookers do come with it. But some range cookers don’t have them pre-installed. So you may need to buy it separately. 

How Does A Warming Drawer Work?

Warming drawers have a fan heating element that distributes steady heat. It reaches 93-degree celsius within the span of 45 minutes. The working principle is the same as the regular oven. 

Warming Drawer vs Microwave

Being a home chef, I prefer to keep my dough in a microwave oven. But is warming draw any good compared to a microwave?

A microwave oven can reach up to 100 °C (212 °F), while a baking drawer can reach up to 93 °C (200 °F).

When it comes to microwave energy consumption, it uses 0.7kWh to 1.2kWh per hour. On the contrary, warming appliances only use 0.5kWh of energy per hour.

Can A Warming Drawer Replace A Microwave?

No, they can’t replace the microwave. A warming drawer is not suitable for reheating your food. While a microwave oven can reheat your meal within minutes.

Warming Drawer vs Oven

There are two main differences between both. An oven can handle more food, and some have double heating elements. 

The capacity of ovens varies between 30 kg to 65 kg. While you can only fit either 8 dinner plates, 3 espresso cups, or two small bowls in the drawer.

An oven temperature range is 230 °C (446 °F) which is much higher compared to the 93 °C of the heating drawer.

Is Warming Drawer More Effective Than An Oven?

No, warming drawers are not more effective compared to a regular oven. They can only keep your food warm without drying it out. While an oven can bake, broil, or cook your food.

Pros And Cons Of Warming Drawers

When it comes to kitchen appliances, there are no one size fits. So, here are some of its advantages and disadvantages.

  • They are power efficient as they only use 0.5kWh of energy.
  • You can adjust the temperature at your convenience.
  • Perfect for keeping your baked goods for a prolonged time.
  • At high heat settings, they can burn your skin.
  • There is no child lock.
  • It is expensive to buy them separately.

Are Warming Drawers Worth It?

Overall, a warming drawer could be a nice addition to your kitchen if you love to enjoy warm food.

Most of the ovens already have built-in drawers, so you don’t have to spend additional money. But you can also buy them separately.

5 Best Oven Warming Drawers In the UK

Planning to buy an oven warmer drawer? Then, here are our top 5 picks for you. These products are not only sturdy but will also help you to cook food.

1. Cookology 22L Drawer

Overall Best
  • The cookology warming drawer has 22 litre capacity with LED display controls. To ensure your swift cooking experience, it comes with proofing, defrosting and food soften settings.

It can hold 25kg of weight, and you can set its temperature from 40 °C to 80 °C. The adjustable heat settings make it suitable for keeping your crockery warm. 

The key feature is you can install it with any electric or gas cooker. The installation process is pretty straightforward. It requires a regular 13amp switch for the power source. 

2. Whirlpool Built-In Warming Drawer

Best For Families
  • Being a home chef, I love the idea of warming drawers. You can easily install them with your pre-existing oven without any fuss.

The silver enamel body is suitable for rugged use. Its “push to open” function works perfectly. As you have to apply minimal pressure. With its 25 kg storage capacity, it’ll fulfil all your kitchen needs.

As you open it, there is a rotary dial by which you can set its thermostat temperature up to 85 °C. 

3. Bosch Warming Drawer BIC630NS1B

Best Precooking
  • Bosch warming drawers are inspired by modern minimalist design. Their plain black glass surface looks aesthetic and unique.

Even with its 20 litres capacity, its weight is only 16 kg, which is remarkably low compared to its Boshch warming drawers series 8. Due to its compact size, you can also install it under the coffee maker. 

The temperature settings are suitable for keeping the steak warm without drying it out. Even though you may find it expensive compared to Neff drawers, but it is worth every single penny.

4. Neff N17HH20N0B

Best in 29cm
  • Neff is the trusted brand when it comes to sturdy Kitchen appliances. It is the right fit for you if you’re looking for a 29cm warming cabinet with a 13amp power supply.

The 25 KG, maximum load capacity, makes it the hot seller. With its adjustable heat settings, you can keep your utensils warm. The low power supply requirement ensures fewer electricity bills.

Furthermore, the 2 years warranty ensures your mind peace. The push-and-pull door works perfectly. 

5. Siemens BI630DNS1

Easy To Install
  • The best part of the Siemens warming drawer is that it comes with a locking mechanism. Its heating element is the best available right now in the market.

Unfortunately, its glass door is not built for rough use. Some users are complaining about the door not closing properly. 

It has a nice capacity of 25 litres. The temperature setting is also handy. As you can, adjust the heat up to 80-degree celsius.

Oven Warmer Drawer  – Wrapping It Up!

Warming drawers are versatile and useful. They are easy to control and keep your food hot till you serve. 

They are very energy-friendly and easy to use design, making them a hot appliance for your kitchen.

I like to research and write about modern kitchen designs and kitchen appliances; Whether you are looking to design a perfect kitchen or want the best cooking experience, my writing will surely help you out!