How Much Electricity Does an Oven Use per Hour UK? (2022)

The sudden price hike in energy bills is shocking for everyone across the UK. As per the OFGEM, the tariff price cap will rise to a whopping 12% by the end of 2022. When it comes to electricity consumption, Brits spend almost 2 hours using the oven. So, with the rising electricity bills, now is the right time to know how much electricity does an oven use?

Well, to save you from all the fuss, our technical team of Kitchen Magicians has done detailed research. If you’re in a hurry, here is your quick answer for electric oven cost per hour UK.

Currently, the price cap in the UK is 52p per kWh. On average, an electric range oven consumes 0.8kWh of energy every hour. So, it costs around 40p to run an electric oven per hour. Generally, it depends on several factors, including oven wattage, heat settings and size. 

But, is every electric oven using the same energy consumption per hour? How many watts does an oven use? And what about a mini-oven with a grill and an oven with a self-cleaning feature? Well, we’re here to help you with our detailed guide. So, sit back and let’s start reading.

Electric Oven Cost Per Hour UK

There are six types of electric ovens. And, not each type consumes the same electricity. So, take a quick look at the table below and know the cost of running an oven per hour in the UK.

TypeEnergy Usage Per HourElectricity Costs Per Hour
Microwave0.7 kWh36p
Single Oven2.0 – 2.2 kWh£1.04 – £1.14
Double Oven 4kWh – 8.5kWh£2.08 – £4.42
Fan Oven0.87kWh45p
Mini-Oven 0.3kWh30p
Toaster Oven 0.9kWh – 1.4kWh93p – £1.46
  • The best option is a microwave oven, which uses less electricity and saves you from hefty electric bills. Furthermore, you’ll be using it mostly for several minutes per day. 
  • Mini ovens use lower wattage and cost only 30p per hour. 
  • An electric oven with a fan uses less energy as the fan evenly distributes heat in minutes.
  • Built-in Double ovens consume the most power. The power range settings and high heat settings cost over £1 per hour. 
How much Electricity does an Oven Use Per Hour UK?

The “price” may seem minimal at the moment. But, in a nutshell, if you use a 1000 watts electric oven, you’ll be consuming £6 worth of energy every week. This equals £24 per month if you use your oven every day for two hours.

The electricity consumption is mostly measured in KiloWatt. So, before scrolling down any further, it is essential to understand KiloWatt.

What is Kilowatt Hour?

It is a unit of energy. You will notice a value in W or kW on the electrical goods you purchase. This is the power demand of the item, which tells how much energy is required to run that product. Energy supplier companies measure electricity consumption in a kilowatt hour. So, that’s why it is important to know how much energy your appliance uses in kilowatts per hour.

Do Oven Use A Lot Of Electricity? 

Well, the answer is not that simple to explain. It generally depends on how many kilowatts your oven uses per hour. 

Usually, the convection oven doesn’t use a lot of electricity. The double ovens mostly consume more electricity as their heating elements run at high temperatures. But, mostly, they are for commercial use. 

The average household undercounter oven uses less power and saves electricity. 

So, it is safe to conclude that ovens don’t use a lot of electricity.

Kitchen Magician Tip!

Many Brits prefer self-cleaning electric ovens to save themself from all the fuss of cleaning burnt oven trays. But is it worth it? Well, the short answer is yes. Self-cleaning ovens don’t use a lot of kWh of electricity. In general, they run a cycle under 50p. So, worry not; you won’t be paying any hefty energy bills.

Oven Electricity Consumption FAQs

How Much Electricity Does A Fan Oven Use?

A fan oven uses 23% less electricity than a double and single under-counter oven. 

On average, a fan oven uses 0.87kWh power, costing around 45p.

How Much Electricity Does An Electric Oven Use?

Regular kitchen ovens are energy efficient, consuming around 2000 watts to 2200 watts per hour. So, in a nutshell, running an electric oven will cost 40p per hour.

Wrapping It Up!

As there is no one size fits all. So, the electricity usage of an oven depends on its type and heating power. 

A typical electric oven consumes 0.87kWh power in one hour. This cost’s around 40p for sixty minutes of non-stop usage.

So, start baking cakes without any fuss because you won’t get broke while running the oven!

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