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Best Built in Double Ovens in the UK
Best Built in Double Ovens in the UK

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Best Overall
Cookology CDO900BK 90cm Built-in Double Oven
  • Glossy Black Appearance
  • Key Lock
  • Removable Glass Doors
Best Energy Saving
Hotpoint Class 2 DD2 540 BL Built-in Oven
  • Best Energy Efficiency
  • Instant Heat Circulation
  • Catalytic Liners
Best Features
Indesit IDD 6340 IX 74L Built-In Oven
  • Huge Cooking Capacity
  • Electronic Programmable Timer
  • LED Display

Whether you want to prepare delicious meals for your family or want to host a perfect dinner for a special occasion, a built-in double oven will meet all your cooking needs. These double ovens are renowned for their excellent efficiency and huge cooking capacity, which is twice the size of a regular oven.

Double ovens are also very easy to clean as they come with advanced cleaning features and are quite easy to use.

Like all the other appliances, these ovens come in different forms and have different build qualities, features, and capacities. Therefore, it can be hard to look for a suitable model as there are so many choices in the market.

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In this article, we’ve researched and compared the best built-in double ovens in the UK for you so you won’t have to go through the hassle yourself. We’ve also added a buying guide to choose the right product according to your preferences.

Hotpoint Built-In Double Ovens: Comparing The Two

Regarding double ovens, Hotpoint is one of the leading manufacturers of these kinds of ovens. Following are the two best options if you want to go for a Hotpoint oven. If we compare the two, the major difference is the capacity and looks of these two ovens.

Best Energy Saving
Hotpoint Class 2 DD2 540 BL Built-in Oven
  • Item Weight: 47.7kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Capacity: ‎74 litres
Best Defrost Function
Hotpoint DU2540IX Built-In Double Oven
  • Item Weight: 46kg
  • Colour: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: ‎59 litres

Comparing Best Built-in Double Ovens

Best Quiet Option
ZANUSSI ZOD35802XK Electric Double Oven

ZANUSSI ZOD35802XK Electric Double Oven

  •   Build Quality is Good
  •   Easy-to-see Dial Markers
  •   Low Noise Technology
Best Easy Cleaning
NEFF N50 U1ACE5HN0B Electric Double Oven

NEFF N50 U1ACE5HN0B Electric Double Oven

  •    CircoTherm Technology
  •    Telescopic Rails
  •    Easiest Cleaning
Best Defrost Function
Hotpoint DU2540IX Built-Under Double Oven

Hotpoint DU2540IX Built-Under Double Oven

  •    Digital Display
  •    Defrost Function
  •    Slow Cook Function

1. Cookology CDO900BK 90cm Black Glass Built-in Electric Double Oven- Best Overall

Cookology CDO900BK 90cm Black Glass Built-in Electric Double Oven

If you’re more into a stylish kitchen with lavish appliances, then the Cookology CDO900BK Built-in Electric Double Oven is perfect. This model has an entire black glass body and silver trimming that adds more detail to your appliance, making it an ideal addition to your stylish kitchen.

You get a spacious cooking capacity of 106 Litres with 72 Litres in the main oven and 34 in the secondary. This capacity makes this model ideal for people with large families with more than five members and those who like hosting family gatherings.

You can prepare your favourite dish in the main oven, while in the single oven at the top, you can make snacks by grilling or cooking. Between these two ovens, you get seven heat functions and eight shelf positions, so you can have versatile cooking and prepare your food anywhere you like.

There are clearly labelled rotary dial buttons to conveniently set the temperature according to your preference or the food’s requirement. You also get a digital panel to control the settings of the two timers; the first is to set the duration, while the second is to program your cooking.

The only drawbacks are that it doesn’t come with any grill pan or handle. Also, there isn’t any plug with it, so you’ll need a professional electrician to connect your appliance to a power supply.

Item Dimensions: 96.5 x 69.3 x 71.8 cm | Weight: 48.35kg | Oven Capacity72 Litres (Main) | Material: Glass | Wattage: 5100 watts

Reasons to Buy
  • The overall body is sleek and has a glossy black appearance with silver trimming.
  • It has been explicitly designed to fit a standard gap at eye level.
  • There are rotary controls to set the temperature and touch controls to set the timer.
  • It doesn’t come with a grill pan or handle
  • This oven can’t be plugged in and needs to be connected by a professional

2. HOTPOINT Class 2 DD2 540 BL Electric Double Oven Energy Saving


If you’re tired of your heavy electricity bills because of the appliances in the home, then the Hotpoint Class 2 Electric Double Oven will consume the lowest of all. Firstly, it has an energy efficiency rating of A which reduces energy consumption. Secondly, the windows have been double-glazed, so there’s no energy wastage, thus, quicker cooking times.

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The company has equipped their model with easy-to-use knob controls and a push-button with an LED display, keeping beginners in mind. The LED is clear even if you’re using the oven in bright lights.

This electric double oven offers an electronic timer that you can program according to your cooking needs for accurate cooking results. Once the oven has cooked your food, it will automatically switch off, and you won’t experience any burnt food.

The oven has interior lights for convenience, so you can conveniently monitor what’s going on inside the oven. It also comes with a dedicated defrost function which effectively thaws any frozen food you put inside the oven.

Another highlight of this oven is the slow-cooking feature, which is ideal for cooking tender foods such as vegetables. In addition, you can grill your favourite snacks inside the secondary oven, which contains an additional grill.

Item Dimensions: 88.2 x 59.7 x 57.7 cm | Weight: 55kg | Oven Capacity74 Litres (Main) | Material: Stainless Steel | Wattage: 4400 watts

Reasons to Buy
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain.
  • The energy efficiency technology reduces electricity bills.
  • Even temperature is maintained whether you’re roasting or baking.
  • Requires a professional for installation

3. INDESIT Aria IDD 6340 IX Electric Double Oven- Additional Features


If you’ve got a large family to feed and have to cook the meals in shifts inside your regular oven, you won’t regret buying the INDESIT Aria Electric Double Oven. With its massive capacity of main 71 litres and 39 litres secondary, you can even host gatherings for special occasions as the entire meal would be ready in one go.

The oven itself isn’t that heavy and provides an instructions guide so you can conveniently install it with the help of one other person. Also, you won’t have to worry about increasing your electricity bills as this oven has an energy efficiency rating of A.

The built-in design of this oven comes with a fan that efficiently circulates heat around the cooking area so you can relish even cooking results. Also, there’s a twin grill to prepare your snacks while the main course is getting ready in the central cavity.

Thanks to the buttons, dial controls, and an LED display, this double oven is relatively easy to use, even for beginners. You also get the feature of an electronic programmable timer by which you can program the time, and the oven will automatically start the cooking process.

Another highlight of this oven is the hassle-free cleaning you’ll experience after using it. The entire interior has been made of enamel, a grease-proof material that only needs to be wiped to clean off any dirt or debris. Additionally, you can remove the glass door to clean the oven thoroughly.

Item Dimensions: 57.5 x 59.7 x 89.2 cm | Weight: 46kg | Oven Capacity71 Litres (Main) | Material:  Stainless Steel | Wattage: 4800 watts

Reasons to Buy
  • It has an energy efficiency rating of A, thus reducing energy consumption.
  • The enamel lining inside the oven makes it grease-proof.
  • The defrosting feature will melt any frozen food items in no time
  • Some reviews have claimed the fan to
  • get faulty after some months
    The knobs feel plasticy

4. ZANUSSI ZOD35802XK Electric Double Oven- Quiet Option


The ZOD35802XK Electric Double Oven is quite a popular model from Zanussi, having a sleek look with robust construction and great functionalities. This model has been constructed using stainless steel, meaning that you can be assured of durability for extended periods, and the appliance won’t get any rust.

The main oven is perfect for baking as it has an efficient fan that circulates hot air and keeps a consistent temperature throughout the appliance. At the same time, the second oven features conventional convection heating and a grill that can be used as additional cooking space.

The electronic timer allows you to set the time you want to cook your meal and the time duration. This feature helps when you’d like cooked food for a later time or when you’re not in the mood for constantly checking your food’s progression. 

The ovens’ fans are designed to stay quiet, so you won’t have to worry about oven noises even late at night. In addition, if you’re tired of the difficult cleaning, this model comes with a catalytic lining, which burns fat, grease and spills inside the oven so you can easily wipe it off.

So overall, this oven isn’t the most expensive nor the cheapest in the market, but it still is an excellent mid-priced choice that provides superior durability and functionalities. That’s the main reason for its popularity which makes the buyers extremely satisfied.

Item Dimensions: 88.8 x 59.4 x 54.8 cm | Weight: 51.5kg | Oven Capacity61 Litres (Main) | Material: Stainless Steel | Wattage: 5300 watts

Reasons to Buy
  • Stainless steel construction ensures durability and longevity.
  • A digital timer allows you to program how long you want to cook your food.
  • The secondary oven features conventional convection heating.
  • Shelves aren’t easily removable.

5. NEFF N50 U1ACE5HN0B Electric Double Oven- Easy Cleaning

NEFF N50 U1ACE5HN0B Electric Double Oven

We know that cleaning a double oven can be quite a complicated process after you’re done cooking, as the food spills get stuck to the surface. Therefore, we’ve included NEFF N50 U1ACE5HN0B in our list of the best double ovens as it offers the most straightforward cleaning out of all the other models.

This appliance has been lined with EcoClean Direct Catalytic liners, a ceramic layer that catches all the food splatters and grease. This layer doesn’t allow any debris to get burnt or stuck, so you only need a damp cloth to wipe off the entire interior.

Besides cleaning, this model offers a vast cooking capacity with a 71-litre main and 34-litre secondary oven. In addition, it boasts CircoTherm technology, which allows you to roast your beef and bake the apple pie for dessert, all at once.

Getting the food out won’t be a problem as you have clip-on telescopic rails. These rails allow you to glide the entire baking tray to reach your food conveniently. Also, they’re removable, meaning that they can even accommodate larger dishes inside the main oven.

Lastly, this model is ideal for beginners as you won’t need any expertise to run this appliance. It comes with clearly labelled dials and an LCD that lets you see the temperature, cooking functions, and the time duration in which your food will be cooking.

Item Dimensions: 88.8 x 59.4 x 55 cm | Weight: 61kg | Oven Capacity71 Litres (Main) | Material: Stainless Steel | Wattage: 5900 watts

Reasons to Buy
  • The CircoTherm technology lets you roast and bakes simultaneously.
  • The telescopic rails ensure that you safely get your food out.
  • With the EcoClean Direct catalytic liners, wipe all the food spills.
  • The timer beep is not that loud

Honourable Mentions: Beko BRDF21000X Built-In Electric Double Oven

Beko BRDF21000X Built In Electric Double Oven

If you have a large family but are still a bit tight on budget, Beko BRDF21000X Built-in Electric Double Oven might be the best option for you. Despite its cost-effective price, it has been equipped with great functionalities and has a minimalist design that will go perfectly with all kitchen styles.

It offers a whooping cooking capacity of 74 litres in the main oven and 42 litres in the secondary. It means that you can cook entire meals for your family and even when you’ve got guests coming over for dinner.

The main oven fan circulates an exceptionally even heat throughout the cooking area, so it doesn’t matter on which shelf the food is placed; you can be assured of perfectly cooked meals. This heat circulation cooks pizzas, deep dishes, and some snacks on the go with perfect precision.

Inside the second conventional oven, you’ll find a grill which means that you can also grill bacon or beef patties for burgers while the main oven is cooking your main dish. Also, it has a clear viewing window so you can efficiently monitor the progress of your food without opening the door.

There are adjustable shelves inside both the ovens so that you can put your food wherever you want. In addition, both ovens have enamel lining, which makes them grease-proof for easy cleaning.

Item Dimensions:  55 x 54 x 177.5 cm | Weight: 63kg | Oven Capacity74 Litres (Main) | Material:  Stainless Steel | Wattage: 4400 watts

Reasons to Buy
  • A cost-effective model that offers an enormous cooking area.
  • Adjustable shelves make it easy to change the positions of the food.
  • Both ovens are coated with enamel lining to make them grease-proof.
  • Doesn’t come with a programmable timer

Things to consider when Buying A Built-in Double Oven

Oven Type

Before buying a double oven, you should first consider whether you want a range or a wall-mounted oven. A range isn’t that big to install under your countertops, but it still provides an adequate cooking capacity.

On the other hand, a wall oven can be installed at eye level and is more spacious than a range. However, it can be challenging to install it all by yourself without using any professional help.

Oven Size & Capacity

It would be best to consider the dimensions of the double oven you will buy and compare it with the available space in your kitchen. This way, you won’t be wasting money on a big model that won’t even fit in your kitchen.

Also, the capacity will determine how much food you can grill, bake, roast, or cook inside your oven simultaneously. Therefore, always remember to buy the product that will be suitable according to the size of your family.

If you’re just a couple, a model with a standard capacity of 30 inches and two cubic feet would be more than enough to cook an entire meal. Whereas, if you’re a family of 4 people, you should go for a model with four cubic feet of capacity and 40 to 50 inches.


People get confused about choosing between a convection oven and a fan-assisted oven. Let’s see how these two differ:

A convection oven consists of a single heating element at the back of your appliance that’s responsible for circulating heat. This heat circulation process makes sure that this hot air circulates evenly around the central cavity for even cooking outcomes.

Whereas, in a fan-assisted oven, there are heating elements at both the top and bottom of your appliance. These heating element placements ensure that heat reaches your food from all sides to cook it perfectly.

Cooking Features

When you’re paying a hefty amount of money on a double oven, some additional features won’t hurt, such as added modes and cooking functions. Many best double ovens would offer features, including pizza, defrost, programmable timers, baking, and even self-cleaning.


After cooking something in it, cleaning an appliance can be as hard as it can get if your model hasn’t been equipped with easy-to-clean features. It would be best to buy a double oven with a smooth surface so you can easily wipe it off. Also, the doors can be removable, and the interior can be enamel-lining for added convenience in cleaning.


How to fit a built-in double oven?

Installing a built-in double oven all by yourself can be a bit tricky, but if you’ve decided to do so, here’s what needs to be done:

-A double oven is installed between two units, leaving a gap of 600mm wide and 720mm tall.

-Make sure there’s an electrical power outlet nearby.

-Connect the appliance to the power outlet and ensure it works correctly before installing it.

-Now, carefully place the oven inside the gap without scratching it to the sides.

-Open the oven’s lid and fix it by the marked points without harming the enamel.

-Now start the oven and let it run at maximum heat for about 40 minutes to clean the oven before first use.

Are all built-in double ovens the same size?

In terms of width and depth, all the double ovens come with the exact measurements of 59.7cm in width and 56cm in depth. There may be a slight difference of a few millimetres in different products. At the same time, the height is the main thing that can be different concerning the oven’s type.

Conclusion: Our Top Pick

We’re optimistic that you’ve now decided which product is the best suitable for you through our article on the best built-in double ovens. Also, you now know about all the factors you must consider before purchasing to avoid wasting money.

However, if you’re still not that sure but need a temporary alternative for your broken oven, you should consider buying a mini oven until you decide. Haste isn’t always good, so take your time and thoroughly study the model ,before buying it.

By any chance if you are still cofused to make a decision after reading the compile guide. By our editor’s choice, you can purchase the following built-in double oven:

Cookology CDO900BK 90cm Built-in Double Oven
Cookology CDO900BK 90cm Built-in Double Oven
Cookology CDO900BK 90cm Built-in Double Oven
Our Score

Cookology CDO900BK is our top pick for a built-in double oven. With 110 litre capacity and a wide temperature range from 50 degrees Celcius to 250 degrees Celcius, you can cook any dish you want. The end time setting ensures no overcooked or burnt food. The 5 shelves in the main bottom oven are perfect for baking.

On the contrary, the defrost and light function is best for frozen pizza and stored food. It is an energy-efficient oven with a sleek and cutting-edge design. The glass door makes it perfect for eye-level installation. The 12 months guarantee provide additional relief to the mind. Overall it comes in handy in family gatherings or just cooking for two!

I like to research and write about modern kitchen designs and kitchen appliances; Whether you are looking to design a perfect kitchen or want the best cooking experience, my writing will surely help you out!