How To Dispose of Kitchen Knives Safely: Here is your Answer!

Disposing of your kitchen items may not seem like a huge deal. Some things like kitchen knives get rusty or dented, making them not worth using.

Sharp objects like kitchen knives cannot be just thrown away in the garbage. At that point, you wonder how to get rid of kitchen knives.


Even the master-quality knives made in the UK may be worn out after everyday use.

You can throw your kitchen knives in the garbage. But since knives are sharp objects, it is recommended to wrap or cover them adequately to avoid injuries.

If you’re looking at how to dispose of knives legally, look no further. This article will feature the easiest and safest methods to throw away kitchen knives with a few simple techniques.

How to dispose of kitchen knives in the UK?

It is essential to know how to safely dispose of knives as they can be hazardous for garbage disposal staff. It can rip off the bag or damage the container they are thrown. To avoid any severe damage, follow these steps:

1. Wrap knives with bubble sheet:

Bubble sheets can be found in the packaging of any delicate item like crockery. Following a similar concept, bubble sheets can be used to prevent sharp objects from cutting or damaging any stuff on the outside.

Take a bubble sheet and adequately cover the blade of the knife. Secure the bubble sheet by covering it with tape to avoid coming off.

2. Wrap knives with newspaper:

Probably the cheapest way to wrap anything is by using some newspaper. You may find plenty of newspapers as they come in daily, and they’re only good for a day or two. However, newspapers are thin, so you may need many newspapers to cover sharp knives. 


Wrap the knife blade entirely until the edge is not visible anymore. Leave the handle uncovered so you can easily hold the wrapped knife. Use tape to store the wrapped newspaper in place securely.

3. Wrap knives with cardboard:

The safest method is to cover the knives with cardboard. We’re not talking about putting the knives in a cardboard box. Take a big piece of cardboard and fold it properly to give it a pocket-like structure.

Make sure the blade end of the knife fits in firmly. Put the knife in and use tape to hold the cardboard in position correctly.

4. Wrap knives with cloth:

Wrapping knives in a cloth may not cover the blade structure entirely, but at least it will prevent the sharp edges from causing damage.

Just like the newspaper, wrap the knife’s blade with a cloth and adequately cover it with tape. This method should be your last resort if you can’t find anything else to wrap your knife.

Alternative Methods of disposal

  • Waste Collection Site:

If you think it is not safe to throw knives in the garbage, you can take them to a waste collection site. Quite often, you may find a dedicated area for collecting metal objects. You can throw the knives there, but make sure to keep them wrapped.

  • Donate the knives:

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Yet another option is to donate your knives to become useful for someone else. You can make a few stops for donating your blades like shelter homes, kitchen schools, or blacksmiths.

  • Sale the knives:

If you’re looking for kitchen items upgrade or right-sized knives, you can sell your knives online. But there is a regulation for selling knives by the UK Government which should be followed.

You can also sell kitchen knives as scrap metal, which may not pay much, but you’ll get rid of them.

If your knives are like something antique that holds history with it, they can be worth a lot. Many collectors at the auctions are looking for antique stuff. Antique sharp objects like knives may earn a decent amount of money.

Recycling Old Knives

If you’re living in the UK and wondering how to dispose of kitchen knives? You’re in luck because you may find various scrap metal recyclers within the region that accept old knives.


The scrap metal recyclers can be found at a disposal site with a dedicated section for old metal. It’s the safest and most straightforward way of getting rid of old knives.

Dispose Of Kitchen Knives FAQs

Can you throw knives in the bin in the UK?

It is legal to throw knives in the bin within the UK region. Although to avoid any hazardous incidents, it is suitable to wrap them before disposing of them.

Can you recycle kitchen knives?

Kitchen knives can be recycled by disposing of them at a scrap metal recycler. It depends if there is a scrap metal disposal or recycler in your area so go out searching for one.


Disposing of sharp objects like knives can be more dangerous than you think. It may seem simple to toss your old knives in the bin.

But if these knives get into the wrong hands, they can be dangerous to the community. Even in a container or a garbage bag, knives can cause damage like cuts without being in any hands.

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