How To Measure A Frying Pan? (Quick Guide to Measure Size)

Planning to buy glass lids for your frying pans but don’t know the right size? Or, you’re cooking a dish that requires a specific frying pan, But you don’t know how to measure a frying pan? Well, then we are here to help you with our detailed guide.

Here’s a quick answer on how to measure a frying pan:

Place the frying pan on a plain surface. Take the measurement tape. Start measuring from one point to the other horizontally to measure the width. Then, measure vertically from one end to the other for height. To know the depth of the frying pan, place the measuring tape of a ruler inside.

Remember, the size is always measured with the pan sitting on its base. Don’t calculate from the base.

Never place the ruler outside while calculating the depth of the pan. As the material thickness can lead to incorrect measurements.

How Do You Measure A Frying Pan Size? Step By Step Guide

  • Before measuring the size, placing the pan on a plain surface is crucial. 
  • Take a ruler or tape and place it vertically in the centre of the upper inner diameter.
  • First, measure the length by placing the ruler from one end to the other.
  • Then, place the ruler or tape horizontally and measure the width.

How Are Frying Pans Measured Top Or Bottom?

The size of frying pans is always measured from the top. When it comes to the skillet cast iron pan, measure from the upper top by rotating the ruler away from the curve.

Standard Frying Pan Sizes In the UK

Across the UK, frypans come in all shapes and sizes. But usually, they are broadly characterized into three types:

  1. Small: 20cm to 24cm
  2. Medium: 26cm to 28cm
  3. Large: 30cm

Aluminium utensils are slightly thinner than cast iron pans. Don’t include the thickness of metal   

Diameter Of Frying Pan

As I mentioned earlier, pans do come in all shapes and sizes. And, when someone says “take a 28cm” pan, they mean the diameter of the frying pan.

How To Measure The Diameter Of Frying Pan?


To determine the diameter, you need a ruler or tape. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Upper Diameter

Place the pan in a normal position. Start measuring from one side to the other from any corner. The diameter will be half of the total size of the pan or pot.

  • Base Diameter

Place the pan on a flat surface downward, keeping the base up. Start measuring the base with tape, excluding the cure. 

What About Other Shapes – Square And Oval Shaped Frying Pans

Square-shaped pans are very common. So, if you need to buy the glass lids for them, worry, not here’s how to measure them.

How To Measure A Square Frying Pan?

Take the square pan and place it on the flat surface. Measure the vertically from one side to the other, keeping the ruler in the middle. 

Then, rotate the pan and measure horizontally for width from the middle to one side.

How To Measure A Oval Frying Pan?

Keep the oval frying pan on a flat surface. Using the measuring tape, measure the length from one side to the other, keeping the tape in the middle. 


Keep the tape in the upper-middle part and measure the width. In oval pans, length and width vary from each other.

Need To Buy Lids – We heard You.

Usually, pans don’t come with glass lids. And, if you’ve broken the glass cover and need to buy a new one. Here’s how to get the exact size.

How To Measure A Frying Pan Lid?

You can measure the lid of the Tefal frying pan easily by following these three steps.

  • Place the pan on a flat surface.
  • Measure the diameter of the pot or pan by keeping the measuring tape at the inner rim.
  • Before purchasing the lid, make sure it is according to the circumference of the pan.

Make sure the lid is clean or not wet for accurate measurements. 

Measure A Frying Pan – Wrapping It Up!

Before measuring a Tefal frying pan, ensure it is placed on a flat surface. Usually, the diameter is considered the size of a pan.

For cooking and recipes, measure the base to calculator the amount of butter or oil. But, the size is always measured from the top.

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