Gas or Electric Oven – Which One is Best for You?

Buying a new oven can be a little tricky and time-consuming. Whats even more confusing is deciding between a gas or an electric oven. So like many if you want to know which one will be best for you, this guide will help you make your decide easily.

Both gas and electric cookers can have their perks and cons. According to research conducted by the Propane Education and Research Council, about 96% of professional chefs in the U.K prefer gas ovens over electric ovens.

Electric ovens tend to have even heat. The electric hobs evenly distribute heat which makes the food more crispy and texture full. Gas hobs provide instant heat and more control over cooking.

Gas stoves are cheaper as compared to electric ovens. On the other hand, an electric oven is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. According to statistics, the number of people using gas stoves in the U.K dropped to 38% in 2017 compared to 54% in 2007. 

Before diving into the hot debate of electric and gas ovens and which is better than whom, Let’s have a look at some of the other essential things you should know.

Is it cheaper to cook with gas or electric cookers?

The average cost of gas in the U.K is 6p per kWh, while electricity is 12p per kilowatt-hour. Gas ranges and stoves are more pocket-friendly.

If you use your oven more than 5 hours a week, then on average electric cooking will cost you about five times more as compared to cooking or baking with a gas cooktop.

Are gas cookers slowly phased out in the U.K?

Currently, there is no proposal or any ban on the usage of gas stoves in the U.K. In the past, the climate change advisory body proposed back in 2019 to replace all gas hobs slowly.

According to “The Times,” To fight greenhouse gasses, the gas cookers will eventually be pushed out from the U.K till 2025.  

Now let’s find out the answer to the big debate “Gas or electric oven – Which one is best.”.

Cooking with a Gas Oven – All you need to know.

Indeed, most chefs love cooking with gas burners. But, some overused natural gas hobs can emit Carbon Monoxide (CO), which is a health hazard. In such situations, a kitchen vent or extractor fans can save the day.

Let’s dig in more deeply and look at all the pros and cons of a gas oven.


  1. Temperature Control.

With gas stoves, you can quickly cook food in mild temperatures. This balanced gas traps the moisture in the food and keeps it nutritious.

  1. Speed cooking.

Gas ovens are suitable for speed cooking. With high flames, you can easily adjust the pan and prepare food within no time.

  1. Easy to Maintain.

Hobs with natural gas connections are easy to maintain. They don’t require any special care. You can also wash them with water.

  1. Cookware Conundrum.

Any type of cookware can go with gas cooktops. You don’t need to rush to buy a pan or pot. From fish and chips to baked potatoes, you can cook them in just a single pan.

  1. Moisture Trap.

While you cook on high flames, the food’s moisture is trapped within the food, which keeps the dinner soft and healthy. 

On the contrary, Baking at high temperatures with an electric oven can dry out the food.

  1. Affordable.

Gas range ovens are pocket-friendly. A gas stove comes to an affordable price tag between £180 to £500.

  1. Easy to Use.

Overall, gas ovens are cheap, and the maintenance cost is also low. They can be used quickly and smoothly.


  1. Hard to Clean.

Cleaning any gas cooktop is the worst nightmare. However, you can wash it easily. But, if you drop a sauce at the cooking range, be ready to spend an hour trying to clean it.

  1. Bad for the environment.

After using them for a long time, some gas stoves can emit Carbon Monoxide (CO). This gas is hazardous. Inhaling it can cause death.

  1. Fire Threat.

There is always a gas leakage or fire threat. Playing with high flames can burn an entire unit. In the past two years, 5500 home fires were reported in the U.K alone.

Cooking with Electric Cooktops or Electric Hob – Your Complete Guide.

An electric oven is the best equipment for any kitchen. Electric model hobs are good for health and friendly for the environment. With a more even heat distribution, an electric cooker can bear higher temperatures.


  1. Easy to Clean.

With a flat cooking range, electric cooktops are very easy to clean. Just rubbing a cloth on its surface will work wonders. 

  1. High Temperature resistant.

An electric oven can quickly go to high temperatures with a single click. The coils are always equally heated. Electric Induction hobs transfer heat directly to the pan.

  1. Go Green Initiative.

Induction Hobs and Electric ranges are environmentally friendly. No greenhouse gas is emitted while cooking with such stoves.

  1. Fast and Efficient.

Want to cook fast or in a rush? No need to worry. You can set a timer for the cooking duration. You can easily bake with an electric oven, and you don’t have to worry about time.

  1. Perform well on Low Heat.

Unlike gas ovens, an eclectic cooker comes in handy on low heat too. Simmer your sauce to perfect consistency even on low heat – just perfect.

  1. No Need to Pre-heat.

One thing we all hate about gas ovens is preheating before using them. But this is not the case while baking cakes or boiling potatoes with an electric oven. 

Setting the right temperature is at your fingertips.

  1. Modern and Easy to Use.

Electric Induction Hobs are a remarkable invention of technology. They are super easy to use. They work efficiently and go hand to hand with safety.


  1. Little Expensive.

As compared to gas hobs, electric or induction cooktops are a little expensive. On average, cooking with an electric range costs you five times more.

  1. Go well only with plane bottom cookware.

You may need to repurchase a whole pan set just for your electric cooker. You can only cook food with plain cookware.

  1. It won’t work in a power cut.

In any power cut, you won’t be able to make delicious food if you have chosen the option of electric cooking. 

Final Verdict – Which one you should choose

It depends on you. Both gas and electric cookers have their perks and benefits. Gas ovens are pocket-friendly but can cause damage to the environment. 

Cooking with gas cookware is easy and efficient, but fire and CO gas are constantly threatened.

Electric ranges are the stylish and intelligent initiative of technology. They are resistant to high temperatures, but it can be expensive buying and using an eclectic oven.

I like to research and write about modern kitchen designs and kitchen appliances; Whether you are looking to design a perfect kitchen or want the best cooking experience, my writing will surely help you out!