Oven Not Heating Up? [Common Issues & Fix] – SOLVED

An oven is the heart of the cooking process. Cooking with ovens is convenient and quick. Gas or electric ovens are often used, and things can go wrong.

A faulty igniter in gas ovens and a dull heating element in the electric oven range can slow down the heating process. Heating elements are located inside, while an igniter can be accessed underneath.

A blown internal fuse, broken temperature sensor and the broken gas line can also be the reason if your gas oven is not heating up properly.

Most conventional ovens have two heating elements(upper and lower). If one of them is not functional, your electric oven won’t cook properly.

Now let’s have a detailed look at which part is causing this issue and how you can detect, prevent and fix this.

Why is my oven not heating up?

These problems can cause your oven to stop working.

  1. Faulty Temperature Sensor.
  2. Broken Fuse.
  3. A defective gas igniter in gas ovens can also slow down the heating.
  4. One or Both heating elements are dull.
  5. A Burn out Coil.

Why won’t my electric oven heat up quickly?

There is an issue with the bake element if your eclectic oven is not heating up quickly.

If the food is overcooked or undercooked, there is a problem with the thermostat or electronic heating element.

How do you know if your oven element is broken?

There are five indications of a broken element.

  1. The colour of the element is not bright orange.
  2. Your electricity bill has increased noticeably.
  3. Undercooked or partially cooked food.
  4. Your oven is taking a lot of time to heat up.
  5. There are signs of burns, cracks, or blisters on the heating element in electric ranges.

If you are not cleaning the grill after baking or cooking, It may cause damage to the heating element.

A complete guide on the oven problems and their solution.

An oven is a must-have appliance. Overusing them or not handling them with care can cause some problems. Here is your complete step by step guide to fix common oven problems.

1. The oven is not heating up to the right temperature.

Reason: There could be a problem with the temperature sensor, ignitor or cooking element.

How to fix an oven that won’t heat up to the right temperature quickly?

Before calling the professional, consider following these steps.

  1. Check the temperature sensor.
  2. A temperature sensor should never be in touch with the inside wall.
  3. Check oven sensors with an ohmmeter.
  4. If the resistance increases with a high temperature, the sensors are operating.
  5. Have a close look at the gas igniter or heating element.
  6. Gradually heat the oven at 350 F. if sensors and grills are correctly working.
  7. Check the inside temperature after every 20 minutes for two hours.
  8. Add the sum of readings and divide it by the number of readings to know the average temperature.
  9. Adjust the temperature dial as per obtained average.

2. The oven is not heating up.

Reason: Faulty gas igniter, A burnout heating sensor. Problem with a gas pipeline.

How to fix the oven that won’t heat up?

If your oven is not warming up, you can adjust this issue by following these actions.

  1. Turn off the power.
  2. Remove old igniter or faulty heating element by using a screwdriver.
  3. If the igniter is located underneath, you may need to eliminate the storage drawer.
  4. Try to clean it gently if possible.
  5. Consider replacing them if the fuse is blown or the gas igniter is burned.

3. A faulty gas igniter.

Always check the bake ignitor first if your oven is not heating up correctly or not at all.

How to fix a faulty gas igniter of the oven?

  1. Shut off the gas.
  2. Pullover the oven away from the wall.
  3. At the back compartment, an igniter will be located.
  4. Check the gas valve.
  5. With a multimeter, check the power.
  6. The oven igniter is dead if the power is not between 0-1100 ohms. It would be best if you replaced it then.

4. The oven needs to be calibrated.

Consider calibrating the oven if it is getting too hot or taking much time to heat up evenly.

  1. Find the calibration dial.
  2. An adjustment screw must be visible on the screw.
  3. Temperature can be changed by adjusting the screw.
  4. Turn the screw anti-clockwise to raise the oven temperature.
  5. To decrease the temperature, turn it clockwise.
  6. In most ovens, a half-turn increases or reduces the oven’s temperature by 25 degrees. 

5. Bad Relays.

Typically an oven has two relays. With time, they get burned out. If your range has two heating elements, there might be a possibility that one of the upper relays is dull.

Always consider hiring a professional to deal with this issue. 

Why isn’t my wall oven at the temperature I set?

If your relay is stuck on the relay control board, it can prevent your oven from baking. An electric relay board panel controls oven elements or igniters.

If the range relays are bad or stuck, your wall oven does not cook properly or reach the desired temperature. 

Final Words.

If your cooking range or oven is not heating up properly, a faulty igniter is your culprit. While fixing the common oven problems, always consider the safety precautions first.

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