Best Mini Ovens With Hobs In The UK – Which is Best in 2023?

Best Mini Oven With Hob

Everyone loves mini ovens as they are energy efficient. Furthermore, their compact size makes them suitable for every type of Kitchen.

Recently, there has been a buzz of mini ovens with hobs. Many people find them amazing. Financially, it is also better to buy them as you can use them for multipurpose.

That’s why our team of researchers looked for every possible way to determine whether a mini oven with a cooktop is worth your hard-earned money.

How We Research for The Best Products?

We always prefer to provide our honest opinion to our readers. But, testing every best mini oven with a hob was impossible.

But, thanks to the internet and informational guides, we were able to research and find out the best products for you. We also looked at user reviews and appliance manuals for technical details. 

*We like to tell you that we may earn a small commission from every purchase you make. But let us ensure that this doesn’t affect our test quality and honest review.

Editor’s Top Picks and Why We Choose These?

Budget Friendly
Igenix Mini Oven With Double Hotplate
  • Within 20 minutes, it can reach up to 220-degree celsius.
  • It is beautifully designed to be suitable for small kitchens.
Most Features
Turbo Tonic Oven With Hob
  • The dial controls are very convenient for home chefs
  • You can use the hob when the oven is on
Very Convenient
Russell Hobbs Mini Oven With Grill And Double Hob
  • The thermostat control feature works very well.
  • A+ energy efficiency ensures fewer power bills.

5 Best Mini Ovens With Hobs For Your Kitchen

After searching a lot and going through multiple reviews, we have handpicked the best Mini Ovens With Hobs in the UK.

These mini ovens with hobs are not only functional but also pocket friendly. So, you can bake your favourite food without giving the price a second thought.

1. Igenix Mini Oven With Double Hotplate – Budget Friendly

Budget Friendly
  • With Igenix, you won’t have to worry about high costs. It comes with all essential features and 30 litres cooking capacity.

Its temperature can increase from 100-degree celsius to 220 within 20 minutes. Made with aluminium, its exterior is very easy to clean.

The best feature is it comes with double hotplates, which have separate controls. As you turn on the hobs, there is a “red light” indication to prevent any accidental burns.

Its compact size makes it a right fit for a Kitchen worktop. But, the small size can also be an issue for many.

The only that I really don’t like you can either use the oven or cooktop at once. Mostly, it is one of the major drawbacks of mini ovens.

Capacity30 Litres | Power1500 Watts | Hotplates2 Hobs | Size16.1D x 22W x 15.2H centimetres

What I Like:

  • It is beautifully designed to be suitable for small kitchens.
  • Within 20 minutes, it can reach up to 220-degree celsius.
  • The red light indication is perfect for parents with kids.
  • Compared to its minimum price, the capacity is pretty great.

What Else Could Be Better:

  • Not suitable for multitasking as the cook plate and oven can’t be used simultaneously.
  • Its temperature is difficult to manage.

Is It A Right Fit For You?

Due to its relatively small size, it can’t help you to bake for family feasts. The manufacturers have given safety the first preference. And the minimal price tag is just a cherry on top.

It is best for small families who love to cook. Furthermore, it can also be a perfect home-warming gift.

2. Turbo Tonic Oven With Hob – Most Features

Most Features
  • If you are looking for a mini-oven with dial controls, then it is the best fit for you. The alloy steel body is perfect for rugged use.
  • Its one cooking zone is slightly small than to other, which our professional chefs notice in no time.

The control light while baking allows you to check your dish without opening its glass door. So you don’t have to worry about any heat loss.

Its heating element cooks the food from all four directions and rotates the heat evenly. That’s why you can enjoy the perfect food every time.

During my research, I found out that that one plate doesn’t get hot quickly. That’s why there is a slight chance that you may end up with raw or burnt food.

Capacity35 Litres | Power3200 Watts | Auto TimerUp To 60 Minutes | Maximum Temperature230 Degrees Celcius

What I Like:

  • The dial controls are very convenient for home chefs.
  • You can use the hob when the oven is on.
  • Double-glazed enamel coating prevents the body from rusting.
  • It is perfect for quick yet delicious grilling

What I Don’t Like:

  • The plates don’t get hot enough, and quickly.
  • It consumes 3200 watts which is a lot.

Should You Buy It?

Truth to tell, there are many show-stopper features in it. Especially the dial controls are easy and work perfectly fine. Also, the price is only $159, which is very reasonable compared to other brands.

The one thing that I really like is you can use both oven and hobs at the same time. So, overall, it is the best alternative for your built-in double oven.

3. Russell Hobbs Mini Oven With Grill And Double Hob – Very Convenient!

Very Convenient
  • Russell Hobs is surely a trusted Kitchen appliances brand across the UK. There was quite a buzz of their oven with stovetop years back.

It has everything to fulfil your baking and grilling needs. The 30L capacity seems a little disappointing, though.

The best feature is the 120 minutes auto-stop time with smart heating technology. It is very convenient to use due to its rotatory dials.

Its adjustable temperature traps moisture and essential nutrients. Overall, it seems a perfect appliance.

The only bad feature is you can run the oven and the hob at the same time, which is very irritating.

Power / Wattage1920 Watts | Weight10.3 kg | Energy EfficiencyA+ | Auto ShutoffNo (stop baking after 120 mins)

What I Like:

  • The thermostat control feature works very well.
  • A+ energy efficiency ensures fewer power bills.
  • You can set a timer for plates too
  • It is wide enough to bake 12 inches in it

What Else Could Be Better:

  • Don’t expect both oven and hobs to work together
  • Its exterior can get hot often

Is It Worth Your Money?

No doubt, it has the most convenient features, but honestly, my expectations were a little high. The major drawback is you can only use one side at a time.

On the plus side, the price is also budget-friendly with wide capacity. It ranks among the top 10 cooking appliances at Amazon. So, it’s worth a shot.

4. Tower Mini Oven With Hob – Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient
  • The tower mini hob is loved by professional chefs. They have everything that you need while baking, grilling and cooking.

Its two hotplates come in 600 watts and 1000 watts. Manufacturers keep the size of one plate a bit bigger. So, you can put saucepans more effectively. 

The adjustable temperature dial is rotatory and easy to move. It comes with the pre-settings of 90 to 230 degrees Celsius. 

With a wide 32 litre capacity and 90 minutes auto stop timer, you can cook anything you want in it.

Even though you can use the hot plates with the mini oven, keep in mind that both run at the same temperature. That’s a major drawback.

Dimensions13.98 x 20.08 x 12.8 cm | Capacity‎32 Litres | Wattage1000 Watts | MaterialStainless Steel

Pros Of Tower Mini Oven With Hobs:

  • The enamel body is suitable for rugged use.
  • It works well at high temperatures. 
  • Both hotplates have different levels of energy consumption.
  • You can place three grills in it simultaneously

What I Don’t Like:

  • High heat can burn your food
  • You can control the temperature of the cooktop.

Does Tower Mini Oven With Hob Justifies All Buzz?

After my research, I can safely conclude that the Tower grill and oven are not worth it at all. There are several features that don’t work very well.

You can control the heat of the cooktop, which often results in burnt food. Unfortunately, the user manual is also misleading and not clear at all.

The New Tower T14045 Mini Oven – What’s New In It?

After getting backlash and negative reviews from users, New Tower manufacturers have launched a new and better version of their mini oven with a hob. 

The only new thing in T14045 is its 42-litre capacity compared to the 32-litre of T14044.

Based on the user reviews, it’s still an awful product that doesn’t heat up the pan properly. Ironically, the user manual is still not very clear this time too.

5. Geepas Mini Oven With Double Hot Plate – Your One Cooking Solution

One Cooking Solution
  • Geepas mini oven with grill and hot plate is rated A+ in energy efficiency. Compared to regular gas cookers, it is cheaper to cook in it.

The sleek and minimal look ensures to blend in your every type of cooking and dining area. A 35-litre capacity is enough to feed your entire family.

The temperature control is great and auto shut-off after sixty minutes with the bell is a great feature for home chefs.

For testing, I broil a chicken piece. The end result was absolutely great. It cooks the meat while trapping all the juices and texture.

Alike all appliances, it also has the same issue in that you can either use a cooking plate or an oven at once.

Dimensions41D x 57.5W x 38H cm | Capacity‎35 Litres | Wattage1600 Watts | Power sourceCorded Electric

What I Like The Most: 

  • The shutoff with the bell is a great feature while cooking
  • Its heating element bakes the dish evenly
  • A+ energy efficiency rating ensures low electricity bills
  • You can place up to 4 racks in it

What Else Could Be Better:

  • The oven light doesn’t work properly
  • Its grilling feature is not great as the oven reaches too high a heat.

What Our Experts Have To Say?

Indeed it is a one cooking solution for you. There are several eye-catching features that stand it out from other ovens with hobs.

The capacity is wide enough, and the small size makes it perfect for countertop installation. Its only drawback is that you can use both oven and plate together.

Mini Oven With Hobs FAQS

Can you use an oven and a hob at the same time as a mini oven?

Unfortunately, this feature is not available in most of the mini ovens with hobs. It’s either you can cook with a plate or use the oven for baking.
Currently, there is only one Turbo Tonic Oven With Hob appliance that has this essential feature. 

Can you plug a mini oven with a hob into a normal socket?

Yes, you can plug it into a normal socket. The rule of thumb is any appliance with or less than 3000 watts is suitable for plugging into the normal socket.

Are mini ovens with hobs consume a lot of electricity?

No, mini ovens with hobs do not consume excessive electricity. Keeping the current soring energy cap of the UK in mind, the cost of running a mini oven is around 15p to run it for an hour.

Are Mini Ovens With Hobs Safe?

Yes, they are safe to use. Mostly, you can either use a hob or oven at a time. That’s why you can use the oven without getting any accidental burns from the cooktop. 

Wrapping It Up!

Mini ovens with hobs are convenient, energy-friendly, and one cooking solution for your kitchen.

You can clean your mini oven safely without damaging its exterior. The only problem that may bother you is you can’t use the oven and cooktop at the same time.

Overall, they have a nice capacity. And the plus point is you can save money by buying the mini oven with a hob combo.

I like to research and write about modern kitchen designs and kitchen appliances; Whether you are looking to design a perfect kitchen or want the best cooking experience, my writing will surely help you out!