Induction Hob Problems and Quick Solutions

Induction hobs are energy efficient and cook your food quickly. Home chefs love them as it is easy to clean induction cooktop.

There are several problems that you might face while using them. Firstly, you can only use induction compatible cookware on them.

If you’re facing some heating problems with your plate. Then, we got you covered. Here’s the information we don’t want you to miss:

If your hob is not turning on, there are chances that either there is an issue with the power cord. Or, you are not placing the pan in the cooking zone.

It is common for an induction hob to make a little noise. But, if you experience a loud noise, then you need to use the cookware with a heavy base.

Induction plate uses magnetic energy to make heat. Usually, they are not suitable for rugged use. Unlike the other different hob types, they are irreparable. 


5 Common Induction Hob Problems & How To Fix Them

Based on several reviews, I can safely conclude that most people complain about their hob not turning on. Sometimes, the cooking zone won’t work.

Well, we have done our detailed research and here’s how you can find and fix the hob issue.

1. Induction Hob Not Turning On

First things first, you need to check the power supply if your hob is properly plugged in with a socket? Is the current flowing? you can test the socket terminal. 

You should make sure to get a reading of 230 volts, not less and higher than that. 

In order to work properly your induction hob needs a constant and stable stream of power supply.

The possible causes can be 

  • Problem with electrical installation
  • The terminal block on hob is damaged
  • The cable on the terminal block are not connected
  • Defective power board

2. Induction Hob Making Clicking Noise 

If hob is making cracking or clicking sounds don’t bother these sounds are produced by two things

First the plate or ring control must stay at required temperature, as circuit board produce electronic impulses as soon as pan is detected this goes off

Second is the quality of cookware you use for cooking. These noises can be louder with some types of pan, and they can be quiet with others. It totally depends upon the actual quality of cookware.

The possible causes can be 

  • The touch panel is locked
  • Some substance activates the touch sensitivity
  • Hob is making a cracking sound
  • Hob makes clicking sound at the time of cooking

3. Induction Hob Not Heating Up

It might be possible that you have been using the wrong pans on a hob. This indicates the cookware is not compatible. 

An induction cooker can only heat up if cookware is made with compatible magnetic material.

You can look at the induction symbol on cookware. You can also use any simple magnet on the bottom of the pan to check if it sticks, the pan is compatible. 

The possible causes can be 

  • Incompatible pans are being used
  • The induction ring doesn’t have enough power
  • The terminal block is not properly tightened
  • Incorrectly configured hob
  • The main circuit is not suitable

4. Induction Hob Not Working On One Side

If your induction cooktop is not working on one side, then there is an issue with the electric supply.

Unfortunately, it is very expensive to repair them. There is no DIY project that you can repair by yourself.

You must rely on professional help. Furthermore, incorrect installation could also be one potential cause.

The possible causes can be 

  • Fault in induction ring
  • Issue with magnetic circuit
  • Problem with terminal and power supply

5. Induction Buttons And Panel Not Working

During my research, I went through a lot of reviews and induction hobs user manuals. 

Mostly, people experience the induction on and off problem. It is solely because of a faulty power circuit.

If the child safety protection is on, then you need to turn off the safety locks for using the buttons and panel.

The possible causes can be 

  • The child safety lock is on
  • Wet or oily fingers
  • The issue with control panel

Induction Hob Problems FAQs

Why do induction hobs stop working?

If your hob is not turning on then there is an issue with the power supply. If you won’t use the right cookware on it, the hob won’t turn on.

Can an induction hob be repaired?

Yes, induction hobs can be repaired. But, it is very expensive to repair them. Furthermore, you need professional assistance to repair them.

What to do if the induction button is not working?

If your induction plate is not working properly, then you need to do a full factory reset. You can also try to cut the power supply for several minutes and then plug-in back.

How long should induction hobs last?

Induction hobs can last up to 8 years. It depends on how you use them. Rugged use minimizes its shelf life of it 3 to 4 years.

Are Induction hobs unreliable? 

No, induction cooktops are not unreliable. They are designed for delicate use. Furthermore, they transfer the 90% heat directly to the food which is very convenient and reliable.

Can you use all 4 rings on an induction hob?

Most induction plates have two cooking zones. Some new cooktops are coming with 4 rings. You can use all cooking rings at the same time without any problem.

Wrapping It Up!

We hope this list of problems has helped you understand some of the induction issues and possible causes of induction hob. 

You can enjoy the quiet cooking experience to an extent on induction. 

Be assured these noises are part of induction functionality and are harmless. Try playing your favorite music to cover the noises.

I like to research and write about modern kitchen designs and kitchen appliances; Whether you are looking to design a perfect kitchen or want the best cooking experience, my writing will surely help you out!