What Is A Multifunction Oven?

Ever wonder how it would be better to cook separate dishes in an oven at the same time? Well, a multifunction oven makes it possible. 

You can bake crispy pizza and tender roast simultaneously without ruining any taste of both. But what exactly is a multifunctional oven? How does it work? Our kitchen expert team has done detailed research to answer all your concerns. 

Short on time? Well, here is your quick answer:


A multifunctional oven has two or more compartments for baking different dishes at different heat settings. Usually, a multifunction oven is a mixture of a convection oven and a fan oven. These ovens offer various cooking settings, including roasting, grilling, baking, and defrosting. 

At the moment, these ovens are the most preferred across the UK. Well, it’s better because you be cooking all your heart out with its wide capacity. Also, these ovens are available on freestanding electric cookers and built-in ones. 

So, let’s look at every aspect of a multifunctional oven for a better understanding! 

What Does Multifunction Mean In An Oven?

A multi-function oven comes with two or more cooking styles to adapt the heating style as per your food’s requirements. 

The standard multi-function ovens in the market can provide both conventional and fan-forced cooking.

Key Features Of A Multifunctional Oven

Being a foodie, I am the biggest fan of multifunctional ovens. You got the best of both convection and fan cooking. To provide you with versatile options, it offers:

  1. Multiple Heating Elements – Futuristic Technology!

There are multiple heating elements all around it. 

The main benefit of these elements is that you can manually select whether you want heat coming from the top, bottom, or sides.

It simultaneously ensures juicy, tender meat, perfect pie crust, and well-done creme brulee. So, eventually, this saves you a lot of time. 

  1. Fan-assisted Heating Elements – As You Like It

You get the option to either use conventional heating elements or fan-assisted ones. This way, you can use the perfect method required for your food.

  1. Defrost, Grill, And Base Heat – Everything You Need

Some multifunction ovens also have many additional features and functions to suit your every cooking need. These may include:

  • A defrost function is the most common feature of most multifunction ovens. The fan distributes unheated air so that your food won’t cook accidentally.
  • It also offers an integrated grill on which you can sear snacks perfectly while your main course is getting ready.
  • As evident from the name, this feature is used to perfectly brown your dishes. For example, you can have perfectly crisped toast for breakfast every time you use it for toasting.
  • The base heat feature utilizes only the lower element to have a slow cooking style required for some specific dishes. Also, this feature is ideal for adding a perfect crisp to your pizza base.
  1. Rapid Response – Quick Cooking

With the Rapid Response feature, the oven heats up much faster than regular gas ovens. 

It means you won’t have to wait extended periods to get your oven preheated.

Multifunction Oven Symbols

Multioven has everything you need. Form a fan grill option to blend a convection oven with heating elements all around. The multifunctional oven is commonly recognizable due to its “zigzag line with the fan symbol in the square.” 

Are Multifunction Ovens any good?

A multi-function oven is definitely a good choice if you want to relish any cooking style for your meals. 

It provides you with excellent control over the cooking as you can manually select whether you want heat coming from the top, bottom, or sides, according to your food’s requirements.

With its multi-function capabilities, you can use your oven for various baking methods. 


Some models in the market also come with a 3D feature that simultaneously enables all the heating elements. It reduces cooking times and provides even results.

What is the difference between a multifunction oven and a fan-assisted oven?

The main difference between a multifunction oven and a fan-assisted one lies in its design and technology. 

A fan-assisted oven has a fan at the back, while some additional heating elements are at the oven’s top and bottom. 

On the other hand, a multifunction oven has a heating element and a fan behind this heating element which evenly distributes the heat being generated. In these ovens, the heat temperature is about 20  ̊F less than that of the built-in gas double ovens and conventional ranges.

Pros And Cons Of Multifunction Ovens

If you’re considering getting a range cooker with a multi-function oven, it would be best to consider the advantages and disadvantages. This way, you’ll know whether it’s worth spending a fortune or not.

Pros Of Multifunction Oven

  • You can choose either fan-assisted heating or conventional heating for your food. 
  • Fan-assisted heat is ideal for baking, whereas conventional heat is best for cooking foods evenly and also for broiling.
  • Some of these ovens also come with a self-cleaning option. So, you don’t need to worry about cleaning enamel oven trays
  • You can manually select which heating element you want your heat from, either top, bottom, or sides.
  • The top heating element can also be utilized as a grill to prepare snacks or give your lasagne the perfect brown colour.

Cons Of Multifunction Oven

  • The first drawback is that the heat output isn’t really that high. It offers heat with a temperature of about 20  ̊F less than the conventional ranges.
  • For some people, it may be a bit overpriced. But the high price tag is justified by its versatile cooking options.

Editor’s End Note

I am not expatriating, but having a multifunctional oven is better than buying the best single electric oven. It may feel overpriced, but the versatility is worth every penny you spend.

So, if you’re always short on time, it is a perfect pick for you as you can cook multiple dishes at the same time. 

I like to research and write about modern kitchen designs and kitchen appliances; Whether you are looking to design a perfect kitchen or want the best cooking experience, my writing will surely help you out!