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Kitchen Doors

We are able to offer the most extensive range of doors,from long lasting laminate doors to hand made solid wood , which can be hand painted to a colour of your choice. Then there are high gloss vinyls and acrylics. The choice is endless.

Classic Doors

Modern Doors

  • Auckland Medium Walnut

  • Belfast Shaker Sienna Calvados

  • Calcutta Sandy Birch

  • Cologne Beech

  • Ottowa Ontario Maple

  • Stockholm Ivory

  • Syerla Ivory

  • Quebec Sandy Birch

  • Reymondo Square Vanilla

  • Ribbed Shaker Sandy Birch

  • Paris Plain Cream

  • Brisbane Medium Walnut

  • Prague Ivory

  • Vancouver Lancelot Oak

  • Hereford Celtic Birch

  • Westbury Ontario Maple

  • Melbourne Cream Ash

  • Slab Beech

  • Classic Square Loire Ash

  • Dallas Celtic Birch

  • Hourglass Horns White

  • Monza Maple

  • Rossapenna Medium Walnut

  • Saxon Square Light Oak

  • Sophia Light Walnut

  • Normandy Teak

  • Tuscany Ivory

  • Tuscany Light Tiepolo Slip A

  • Tuscany Light Tiepolog

  • Tuscany Lissa Oak

  • Tuscany Beech

  • Tuscany Medium Tiepolo

  • Tuscany Natural Oak

  • Tuscany Light Tiepolo Slip B

  • Ashford Winchester Oak

  • Duleek Letterbox Ivory

  • Scoop Fino Bronze

  • Florida Loire Ash

  • Duleek Sand Beige High Gloss

  • Modena Ivory Gloss

  • Mona Loire Ash

  • Ryandale Red Alder

  • Scoop Soft Touch Oak

  • Derwent Sienna Calvados

  • Canberra Lancelot Oak

  • Cairo Medium Walnut

  • Chamfered & Groove Vanilla

  • Chamfered Montana Oak

  • Valencia Winchester Oak

  • Duleek Brown Drift Oak

  • Duleek Gloss Zebrano

  • Duleek Grey Drift Oak

  • Duleek Lime Green

  • Duleek Rosalis

  • Euroline Brushed Steel

  • Gallo Medium Tiepolo

  • Gallo White Gloss