How to Disconnect Gas Cooker [Safe & Easy Way]

Disconnecting your gas cooker seems a pretty simple task. But, one wrong step can be hazardous for both your life and other kitchen equipment. 

There were 152,608 fires in the UK till august 2022. While disconnecting a gas cooker, ensure that nothing goes wrong to prevent any sudden fire eruption. So, in case you’re thinking of how I can disconnect my gas cooker, here’s your quick answer:

Push your gas cooker from its place and remove the safety chain carefully. Push up the bayonet fitting and move it anti-clockwise. You can disconnect the bayonet mount from the main gas supply by doing so. As per UK Gas Safety Regulations 1998, you can only disconnect your gas stove for a temporary purpose.

Many people prefer to fit a gas cooker by themself. Legally, you’re bound to hire a Safe Gas engineer for a final inspection. However, you can do it yourself when you want to remove a bayonet connector. We are here to help you with the expert guidance of our kitchen renovating team. So, let’s begin:

Can you disconnect a gas cooker yourself?

Yes, you can disconnect a gas cooker yourself. But, you can only remove the safety chain and bayonet mount. 

If you want to disconnect a gas stove, you must hire a professional Gas Safe Engineer. 

Disconnecting A Gas Cooker Bayonet Fitting UK

The bayonet consists of two parts; a male fitting and a female fitting. The male fitting has been attached to the end of the gas cooker hose, while the female fitting is the one you connect to the floor or the wall.

Removing the bayonet fitting is the easiest task. Most people struggle to understand whether you need to push up or down the valve. At kitchen magicians, we prefer to guide our readers with detailed information. So, here’s how our kitchen experts do it. 

Remember to cut off the main gas supply before. Even though manufacturers carefully kept the users’ convenience in mind. As the bayonet cap can be either closed or open, but when you disconnect the hose, a valve placed inside closes and doesn’t let any gas leak.

How to disconnect a bayonet gas cooker?

Here’s what you need to do to disconnect your gas cooker in the UK effectively:

  • With extreme caution, slide the oven away from the wall so that you can reach its brass.
  • Put slight pressure on the hose connector and twist it in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • The hose connector will start getting loose and eventually be removed from the bayonet fitting.

There will be a safety chain, preventing the oven from getting too far away from the wall. It would be best to be careful while dealing with it to avoid damaging it.

Who Can Disconnect A Gas Cooker?

You need to hire a professional Gas Safe Engineer to disconnect a gas cooker permanently. But, as per 1998 gas safety regulations, you can temporally.

Most people prefer to use a free-standing gas cooker with eye-level grill. And it is expensive. Surely, you don’t want to damage your appliance and yourself. So, we strongly recommend you hire a professional. 

How Much To Disconnect A Gas Cooker UK

Usually, a safe gas engineer charges around £30 to £50 to disconnect a gas cooker. Bayonet connections in gas cooktops are designed for DIY use, so you can efficiently disconnect them yourself. If you prefer getting it done by a professional, it can cost you around £50. 

Disconnecting Gas Cooker FAQs

Can I just disconnect my gas cooker?

Yes, you can disconnect your gas cooker bayonet. For cleaning or relocating your gas stove, it is not illegal to remove your cooker from the gas supply.

Can you change a gas cooker yourself?

No, you can install a gas cooker by yourself. It is dangerous and illegal if there is any gas leak. You need to hire a safety engineer for a final inspection. 

Can you leave a gas bayonet fitting?

Yes, you can leave a gas bayonet fitting. When you disconnect the hose, a valve inside closes and ensures no gas leaks.

How do I know if my gas bayonet is leaking?

Mix detergent into the water. Pour it over the bayonet. If there is any bubble formation, then you have a leak. 

Wrapping It Up!

You can remove the cooker bayonet by yourself to deep clean your gas cooker. But, if you’re adding a small kitchen extension and want to relocate your gas stove. Then, you need to hire a professional. 

Remember, with the loose bayonet or gas leak, you’re putting yourself and your family in danger. So, it is best to leave the “disconnecting gas cooker” to the safety engineer. 

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